Weekend Blog - Saturday August 1st - Sunday 2nd

The magazine is printed as late as possible and we send it off to the press in the middle of May. 95% of what is written is still completely accurate come August. There are some players who have left the program for one reason or another during the summer and we will have those players updated in the 2009 Injuries section. What I do in my personal magazine is circle the players and that way you can tell at a glance which teams suffer the most attrition and those that do not lose anybody. Remember when Oklahoma won their National Title in 2000, not a single starter missed a single start due to injury. This list will be updated DAILY so check it often. Also during the season we will provide an updated starts lost list for each school so you can see which schools are banged up and which fall into the zero starts lost category. This section will also update late additions.

We will update players as they go so check back Daily to make adjustments to your 2009 College Preview Magazine.
Click here to see the complete list of 2009 players that are out for one reason or another (this list is as of August 1st).