Daily Blog - Thursday August 13th

I was doing a Tennessee radio show last week and a caller asked how big an underdog I thought the Volunteers would be against Florida on Sept 19th vs Florida. All I did was go to PhilSteele.com and click on my Daily Blog for Thursday July 9th. To get past blogs just scroll down to the bottom of this page and the blogs are archieved. We have the odds updated as of today on that blog. I answered the called by saying that at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas right now Florida was a 25’ point favorite. Question answered via PhilSteele.com

The host of the show then made the comment “Wow, I wonder when the last time Tennessee was that big of an underdog?” All I had to do was go to PhilSteele.com and click on the “Team Pages” in the left blue column of the front page. Once in the Team pages section, I clicked on Tennessee. These team pages are loaded with information and in the right column of EVERY team page is a “Last 20 Years – Yr By Yr Results.”

Here is what you get when you click on that for Tennessee....(click on image below for a PDF of Tennessee)


As you can see Tennessee has not been that level of underdog in 20 years. In fact they have only been an underdog of 11 points or more 6 times in TWENTY YEARS! Interestingly Tennessee has pulled 4 outright upsets I this role. They beat #6 UCLA 24-6 on the road in 1989, upset #2 Florida in 2001 34-32, upset #6 Miami Florida 10-6 in 2003 and upset #3 Georgia 19-14 in 2004. 4 outright upsets in 6 tries as a large underdog in 20 years is an outstanding record and each upset came from a team that was ranked in the Top 6!

I would like to take credit for pulling that information out of my head but that is impossible to remember every score over the past 20 years. I am putting up all of the information that I use on daily basis up on philsteele.com and now you have access to it also! Click on the team pages and start looking around. There is a TON of information on this site. You now have access to the last 20 years results for EVERY FBS team (120 of them) and it is at the click of your mouse! Check out the rest of the features on the team pages and everything will be updated weekly during the season!