Daily Blog - Thursday August 20th

The “Who Will Win the Conference” Contest will expire tomorrow at noon, so today I’ll shift my attention to the Non-Conference Poll. I find this poll fascinating because there are some intriguing non-conference games that can make or break a season. To name a few, I think the Virginia Tech/Alabama, Georgia/Oklahoma St, Oklahoma/Miami, FL and USC/Ohio St games are definitely ones that will make or break a season for either team. I am going to give you a head start on voting in the Non-Conference Poll if you CLICK HERE. To see where you rank against other voters, as soon as your vote is entered in, you will see the % stacked with or against you.

Tomorrow the Non-Conference Poll will replace the Who Will Win the Conference Contest on the front page. Make sure you’ve signed up and picked your Conference Winners by tomorrow at noon ET for your votes to be counted and to be eligible for the prizes (a legitimate email address must be entered also).

The Non-Conference Poll will run until Sunday, Aug 30th. On Monday the 31st, look for the Weekly Polls to start. In the first week there are 40 games (FCS games will not be included), you vote on who will win. Weekly prizes will be awarded throughout the season.