Daily Blog - Thursday, August 6th

Over last weekend I put up the College injury blog which updated all the players to circle in the magazine. With most teams opening camps this week there has been a large influx of players to be circled in the magazine. I just wanted to remind you that we do update this list daily! It is right in the blue tab on the left. For today you can CLICK HERE and get the updated injury list.

This year we have produced what I believe is the finest NFL magazine on the market today. The NFL magazine also has a two deep in it for each position. Today we will start the NFL injury file which has all the players you need to circle for your magazine that are either on IR or have been cut since we published. Since players can move from team to team in the NFL and still play this year (unlike college) we will also have a list of additions since the magazine was published. CLICK HERE FOR NFL INJURY.

A couple of additional notes here. We will be updating the injuries on a daily basis so check back often and click on the tabs in the blue column on the left. Also this year we have published 136 pages on FCS or 1AA football which is in the Big East/ACC Regional. We will be updating that injury list for you as well and it will be up early next week.

The final note is that if you see any player that is out for the year that is not circled, please send an e-mail to jcarter@philsteele.com, with the subject player injury. I want to have a 100% up to date list and I appreciate any help you provide.