Phil Steele's Daily Blog - Thursday July 16th

Questions and Answers with Phil Steele

The last two years I have had a Questions and Answers section on the website where readers ask me specific questions on specific teams. This is great in theory but I have done a poor job with it. During the football season and during magazine season (combined 10 months) I am usually trying to cram 100 or 120 hours worth of work into an 80 or 100 hour work week and that means I have to come up with 20 hours of work that I don’t get to and the Questions and Answers is usually the first in that category to be put on my “Get to later list.”

My goal on the Questions and Answers on the website was to answer 100% of the questions. As it turns out over the last two years I have answered only about 30% of the questions. You can still ask me a question right here on the site, just email and she will forward them to me. Once again as I have learned you have about a 30-50% chance of your question being answered on this site as once the email gets a couple of days old I rarely refer to it.

The best way to ask me a question is to become a Fan of Phil Steele on Facebook. I look at the Fans of Phil Steele Facebook site about 3 to 4 times a day and my goal is at the end of the week to have every question answered. Whenever I answer a question or pick a team to finish higher or lower than most I usually give a LOT of reasons why and my answers tend to be very information packed and long. On Facebook I have to keep my answers short as there is a limit of the amount of words that can be used and that helps me answer more questions. If you have a question try me on the Fans of Phil Steele Facebook site or if you do not use Facebook, you can to email here.