Phil Steele's Daily Blog - Weekend July 18th-19th

I always say July is my fun month as I have no magazine deadlines, no weekly football deadlines and I mostly do radio shows (6 to 10 per day) and get to talk football with fans across the country. Check out my radio show list to see where I will be doing upcoming shows. is making that a little more difficult as I am scrambling to get every bit of information onto the website to make the ONE place for all of you football info..

I will have 4 of my sets of power rankings updated weekly with current ratings and projections for that weeks games.

My Monday and Tuesday blogs will have all the information from the past weeks games that you did not know. I go thru the play by play of every FBS game on those days and find all kinds of interesting facts that do not make the general recaps of the games.

We update the injuries to starters on a weekly basis and will keep a running tab of the teams that are the healthiest and those that are the most banged up during the season and keep a up to date start chart for every team.

The team pages will have up to date schedules with start times and TV, all of the box scores at your fingertips for games that were already played and the last 12 years matchups at your fingertips for all upcoming games with not only the scores over the last 12 years but a complete box score for each game between the two teams.

You will also be able to get the recap of each game played in the last 8 years. The team pages also give you the Individual Player stats for each game from 2009 and you can also go back to 2008 and 2007 and see how the players performed against their current opponents.

We will have the best Pass Efficiency defense rankings updated weekly as mine include the strength of opponent.

I will of course have my midseason and postseason All-Conference teams.

Every week I will break down the matchups of all the teams in the top 25 and predict the winners in each game including the final score. I will also have my upsets of the week which have done quite well.

We will have the latest projected standings updated every Monday which my computer takes a look at the upcoming conference games and projects out the final standings.

We update the special teams rankings on a weekly basis.

The conference pages will show how the conferences are doing in non conference games, individual leaders for the conferences and much more.

I will update the Bowl Projections on a weekly basis once we get to the final month of the year.

We will break down every bowl game in depth once the match ups are announced.

We will expand our NFL previews each week and give you some stats you normally do not find on the NFL.

We will have an FCS section (1AA) where we keep track of all the teams and you can get the logs (showing schedules and scores) updated weekly as well as all the rushing passing leaders, etc. We will also predict the games involving the Top 25 FCS teams this year on a weekly basis.

They tell me that the website has an unlimited amount of pages and I am looking to fill each and every one of those.

I do have two requests on this weekends blog. First of all I want to know if there is something you want to see on this upcoming season that I did not mention. I am always looking for great ideas. If there is something you want to see email

The second is that once the team pages are up we will have a section for bloggers for each team. We did receive a great response to my first request for bloggers and I will repeat the request for those that did not see it when we posted it over a month ago.

We have team pages for each of the 120 FBS or 1A teams and this year I would like to include a weekly blog from someone that follows each team closely. As opposed to just having a link to a site that covers a team I would like a weekly blog or during the summer a biweekly blog posted. Throughout the season I would like a recap blog on Monday for the previous weeks games and then another posted Thursday or Friday with all the latest information for that week on possible lineup changes, injuries and other pertinent info to the upcoming game. If you are a blogger and you already a fan of your team it would not be any extra work and we would feature you on our teams page. If you have an interest in being the blogger for your favorite team contact

Have a great weekend everyone!