Phil Steele's Daily Blog - Tuesday July 21st

It is finally here and ready for the 2009 season. Phil Steele’s Pro Preview magazine is out. This is the very first year that I have produced a full color NFL magazine with SIX full pages on all 32 NFL teams.

This year I set the target of 6 pages for each NFL team. With all my attention on the College Magazine from December 1 thru the middle of May when we sent that magazine off to the presses I had no idea what these 6 pages would look like.

Our original goal was to get the NFL magazine to the presses by mid June or late June at the latest. As it was it went into July and we kept adding information and fine tuning the pages. Unlike the College magazine where I write each of the 120 team previews myself, the NFL magazine was written by others. I did do the forecast for each team using my 5 sets of Power ratings that I have for the NFL (I use 9 different sets in the colleges).

This years magazine is 240 pages which is considerably thicker than most NFL magazines out there. For the last couple of days on the front page of you could see the 6 pages of the Pittsburgh Steelers for this year and that is still available. Here on the blog today I thought I would put the 6 pages of the other Super Bowl team the Arizona Cardinals. You can click here to get the 6 pages from Arizona out of this years magazine and this will show you all the information on each of the 32 teams that we produce. I will not go into great detail as to what is on the pages as you can see for yourself and I think you will agree that it is more information than any other NFL preview.

Since this is the first year of the NFL magazine on the newsstands, it will NOT be in all the places that the college magazine is at. In fact it will be in just 10-20% of the places. I right now distribute about 7 times that amount of college magazines that I put out the first year (1994, 15 years ago) and it will take a year or two for the NFL magazine to reach the same levels and availability as the colleges.

I always prefer that you buy my magazines on the newsstands but you may not see the NFL version nor the ACC/Big East version which includes 136 pages on the FCS (1AA) on the newsstands. Your best bet for these two valuable magazines which have more information on the NFL than any other magazine and about 10 times the information on the FCS (1AA) than anyone else is to order on the website.

While the NFL magazine will not hit the newsstands until the end of July or the start of August you can order your copy today and we will ship it with in 24 hours! The Pro Magazine is available for just $8.99 (includes shipping) and you can add just $3.00 more to upgrade to Priority Mail delivery. Purchase the 2009 Phil Steele’s College Football Preview along with the 2009 Pro Magazine for $16.45 which includes regular shipping or add $5.00 for priority delivery. When purchasing a set of our Regional Magazines for $29.95 (includes shipping) you can add the Pro Magazine for just $5.99! These bundled packages are available by calling 1-866-918-7711 or purchase individual Magazines or the Regionals at the STORE!