Daily Blog - Wednesday, July 29th


The season is getting closer and I am very proud of the ACC/Big East Regional magazine which has more information on the FCS (1AA) than any other magazine out there in the country! The ACC/Big East Regional has ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY SIX PAGES ON THE FCS!!! It has a complete HALF page on every FCS team. Here is an actual page from this years magazine.

Moving forward with the FCS (1AA), I want to give a FULL PAGE to each team and possibly a magazine DEVOTED to only the FCS next year or in 2011. Two things will make this possible. I need to see an interest from fans of the FCS. We actually sold less than 1,000 Pac-10 Regional’s through our offices last year and that was the regional that had the complete FCS coverage in it (103 pages). I need to see FCS fans step up and show their interest by buying the magazine this year. Also if you own or work for a company that would like to sponsor the magazine we could call it the “Your company Name” Phil Steele’s 2010 FCS (1AA) College Football Preview. Contact Rolf@philsteele.com for more on that.

So far this year we have only sold slightly over 350 of the ACC/Big East Regional Magazine specifically to fans of the FCS. I am a little surprised at the low turnout. The cover price of $6.99 is less than you would spend on a beer at a ballgame and you are receiving a 300+ page THICK magazine with 136 pages of in-depth coverage on the FCS. I really want to give increased coverage next year but I have to see that there is at least some interest. You can click here to order and we will ship it out today.

This magazine is worth the price even if you are an FBS fan and your favorite team plays just one FCS school this year. It is well worth the price if you plan on just watching the FCS playoffs this year in December. Hey, FCS fans, show me that you want the increased coverage and buy one of this year’s magazines today!