Phil Steele's Daily Blog - Wednesday July 8th

Finally it is done! You can NOW order Phil Steele Publications right here on Today's blog is about the store. Give it a try today and let us know how we can improve it to make it better for you.


I want to talk to you once again about the FCS (1AA). When we were producing the 136 pages on FCS or 1AA football in our ACC/Big East Regional Magazine this year, it was very hard finding information on the teams. The only national magazines that have FCS coverage have very little. The Sporting News has the most and they only have 19 pages. My ACC/Big East Regional Magazine has 136 pages and is just like my national magazine as it is over 300 pages overall and very heavy. It is just $6.99 plus shipping and handling. You can order it right now at store.

I need to know the type of interest there is in the FCS. Last year the average attendance for the 124 teams was 8,128 which means that over 5.4 million fans attended an FCS game, so i know there is a desire for a magazine devoted ONLY to the FCS. I am not really going to make money doing a national FCS magazine but I love college football and would love to give the added exposure to those schools. I need to go to the distributor before the start of this years football season and line up a national FCS magazine if we are going to produce it. I am already working on moving the coverage to a FULL page on each FCS team and want to have the 2010 magazine
available nationally with over 200 pages of meaty information.

What can you do to make sure this happens. Buy this years ACC/Big East Regional Magazine. You won’t believe the amount of magazine you get for just $6.99. I would prefer you buy it in a bookstore but if you don't find it on the East Coast, then buy it on Also if you are a business owner or someone who delegates advertising dollars for your national business then become a sponsor of the Phil Steele's 2010 FCS National Magazine. If I see an interest, I am willing to devote the man hours to producing a much needed magazine as information is scarce on FCS football.