Daily Blog - Weekend of June 20th-21st


Yesterday I touched on a new formula I came up with that gives a rating to each team’s individual games for the season. I will have a complete blog on that in the next 2 weeks. Other upcoming blogs are...

The NFL Draft Day Party Hangover in Reverse - How do teams fare that usually have a lot of players selected vs those that have very few?

Offensive Line ratings - I’ll give you all the numbers that went into my offensive line ratings for the year and rank each of the 120 teams in all the different categories.

Coaching Changes - The past couple of years I have done an article on coaching changes and what type of situation each new coach is stepping into for the upcoming year. I ran out of room in this year’s magazine but will have it up here on the website.

2009 Coaches on the Hot Seat - Last year I listed 12 coaches on the Hot Seat prior to the year. Of the 12 coaches I listed as being on the hot seat, 8 were let go either during or after the season. Three rebounded with winning records to keep their jobs (although Charlie Weis barely hung on in December) and only ONE managed a losing record and kept his job.

Offensive and Defensive schemes for each individual team - This was requested by my friends on Facebook and I will comply with a breakdown of the offensive and defensive formations each team uses.

Big Game Matchups - I will break down the matchups in some of this year’s biggest non-conference games and give you my summer prediction on each.

I will have many other blogs with added statistical analysis that I did not have room for in the magazine.

Today's blog is about Help Wanted. On Thursday I talked about help wanted in landing advertisers for the magazines so that I can continue to increase the amount of football coverage we put out CLICK HERE.

Two weekends ago I asked for help getting quality bloggers for each team that would put their stuff up on my site CLICK HERE.

Over the past few years we have received hundreds of resumes wondering if we have any job openings. We have not really had any openings the last few years. Now, with me expanding my publications, including increasing the coverage of all FCS (IAA) teams we actually do have a couple openings. Most of the openings are for what I call Conference Coordinators. If you are in charge of a conference, basically you read each team’s local papers every day and keep me up to date on everything that is going on with your conference. You assist me on power ratings, All-Conference teams, etc. On Saturdays you chart games (write down the play by play in my format) for all of your conference games and chart other games as needed. During the offseason (Jan-June) we work hard on producing the magazines. We also have a spot or two open in our graphics department. If you have knowledge of Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and are familiar with MAC computers that is a plus. If you have worked with Adobe Dreamweaver that would also be a plus. The openings do require you to be in the office, which is located in Cleveland, OH. If you are interested you can email your resume to rolf@philsteele.com or mail it to Phil Steele Publications, 25935 Detroit Rd., Ste 183, Cleveland, Ohio 44145.