Phil Steele's Daily Blog - Friday June 26th

Today just some random thoughts.

The NFL Magazine is really shaping up but it is taking longer than expected. We have had the entire staff on it for a couple of weeks. Each NFL team has 6 full color pages and if you read my magazines you know that does not mean spread out type and full page pictures to fill up space. We are putting information on top of information.

Last night was a radio show night. I learned that when the power is out the phones still work fine. I did 9 radio shows last night in places including Kansas, Nebraska, & Texas but here in Cleveland the power was out. I ended up doing the last few shows by candlelight. Good thing it was not TV.

The regional magazines will be delivered to our offices today (the truck is unloading as I type this). That means they will be hitting the newsstands in the next 2 weeks. If you ordered the set of 5 regional magazines, they will be going out in the mail this weekend. If you are a fan of the FCS or 1AA then you will love the ACC/Big East regional this year. It has 300 pages and is a thick meaty magazine for just $6.99. Included in those 300 pages are 136 pages of FCS or 1AA coverage!. If you have not ordered do it today at 1-866-918-7711. If you ordered the regional magazines separately they would be $6.99 plus $2 shipping and handling or $8.99 each. That would be $44.95 but you can get all 5 including shipping for $24.95 and we will have them in the mail by Monday if you order today.

We are very close to getting the on-line ordering ready and I will announce it in my blog that day. That will make it much easier to order the magazine thru the website. Your best way to pick up the national magazine is to get out to the book stores, Wal Mart’s, etc and pick up a copy before they sell out. That way there is no shipping charge.

In my Tuesday June 23rd blog I went over the top 15 team performances for the 2008 season. I have received some emails via with games that readers wanted to know where they ranked. I will be posting my answers on each of these in either this weekends blog or on Monday. You can still get your favorite game from 2008 ranked just email Debbie today.