Daily Blog - Thursday June 4th

Questions and Answers with Phil Steele

Football, Football, Football. That is my area of expertise. I recently just heard of My Space because my daughter was on it last year and also became acquainted with Facebook in the past months when some of my friends in the media asked me to join. Since I am at my desk so much working I rarely even use my cell phone so turning it on and off is an adventure to me.

This past year on PhilSteele.com I offered the “Questions and Answers with Phil Steele” section. When it started it was great as I answered one 1 or 2 questions per day and kept up to date. Soon there after it was 5 to 10 questions per day once football started. The days I had a few extra minutes to spend answering questions i would find 15 to 25 new questions waiting for me. I did a POOR job keeping up to date and eventually I would estimate that 100’s of questions went unanswered during the year. Once again a very poor performance on my part

This year I will do a much better job on the website of answering your questions. I have someone in the office assigned to assist me with that task. As you know I usually give long answers with lots of reasoning and that takes a while to answer each. If a question has gone unanswered for over 2 weeks they will come in and I will verbally answer the questions so they can type them out. Any way I hope that not a single question will go unanswered this year.

Since I have been on Facebook the past month, I am learning that it does make it easier and quicker to communicate. As you may know by now I do have a fan site on Facebook and I will be checking it daily. In the last couple of weeks I have answered questions that were asked on Facebook. I will keep these answers short. I have two Facebook accounts. My personal one is for media members only but I do not spend much time on that site. The second is the fan site which we have had about a month. On this site I will try and respond to almost all the questions that come up. These will be shorter responses but I will be checking out the Fan Site of Facebook 3 to 4 times a day and hope to hear from you up there.

This is also radio season and if you check out the radio shows tab CLICK HERE you will see all of the upcoming shows across the country. Tomorrow (Friday) I will be doing my weekly show on RivalsRadio. This is a show that you can listen to on Rivalsradio.com or on XM radio (station 143) or on Sirius Radio (station 122). I will be on from 8:15 to 8:45 EST on Friday and you can call into the show at 866-974-8257. If you get a chance, give me a call any Friday morning and I can answer your football question!

I hope to hear from you in one of these many different forums.

91 Days until the start of football!