Daily Blog - Weekend June 6th-7th

I have noticed that there is a large drop-off of hits to the website during the weekends, so I will have my Daily Blog available Monday thru Saturday with only one weekend update.

At this time of year your best bet for buying the magazine is finding a bookstore or newsstand in your area. That way you save on the shipping charge and the delivery time which thru the postal service usually takes 7-10 business days (sometimes longer) and even with priority mail the delivery time is an approximate 3-5 business days. While the official on sale date is this Tuesday June 9th, you should see it in about 80% of the bookstores and newsstands across the country this weekend. Pick one up if you are out and about. Here is a list of the biggest names where it will be. Wal-Mart, Waldenbooks, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Hastings, Media Play, Books-a-Million, Target, K-Mart, most larger grocery store chains as well as many other bookstores.

Today I want to talk about Blogs. This is something new to me and I have started my daily Blog the last few weeks. We have team pages for each of the 120 FBS or 1A teams and this year I would like to include a weekly blog from someone that follows each team closely. As opposed to just having a link to a site that covers a team I would like a weekly blog or during the summer a bi-weekly blog posted. Throughout the season I would like a recap blog on Monday for the previous weeks games and then another posted Thursday or Friday with all the latest information for that week on possible lineup changes, injuries and other pertinent info to the upcoming game. If you are a blogger and you already have the text up on your site there really would not be any extra work involved and we would feature you on our teams page. If you have an interest in being the PhilSteele.com blogger for your favorite team contact debbie@philsteele.com.

We are working on the regional magazines right now and they go to the press this upcoming week. I am right now going thru all of the FCS or 1AA conferences and making my projections. We will be including the FCS teams that are in each region in this years regional magazines and the 100+ pages of complete FCS coverage will be in the ACC/Big East regional.


89 Days until the start of football!