Daily Blog - Saturday September 5th

Every Saturday this football season I will have two complete forecasts on two sports that many of you follow. EVERY Saturday I will give you my NFL Forecasts for the week, just like I do the Top 25. I will have my computers projection and then my analysis and personal pick on each game in the NFL except for Sunday and Monday selections. There is no NFL action this week so that feature will start NEXT Saturday.

I will talk to you about the FCS in just a moment but a couple of quick reminders. If you have not yet circles all the players lost for the year due to injury then CLICK HERE to go to my injury section. I circle the players in RED that were lost prior to the year to injury and in BLUE if they were lost during the year.

If you want my forecasts for each of the games involving Top 25 teams

If you want my forecast on every game involving a FCS team

For my top QB, RB, WR’s of the week

Are you a fan of the FCS?? First of all I am still hoping to see more of a following of the FCS. The ACC/Big East magazine has 132 pages on the FCS (1AA) with a complete half page on each FCS team. I have been asking every week for FCS fans to step up and we have solid a few hundred through the office the last week or so but to become a stand alone national magazine, I need to see much more support. I will be doing a FULL PAGE on every FCS team next year. If you would like to order this year’s FCS preview CLICK HERE.

Now every week Josh Buchanon who helps us write the FCS preview will breakdown EVERY FCS vs FCS game for the upcoming week and here are His Forecasts!