Daily Blog • December 7, 2010

The last couple of years I have had a Bowl Confidence Contest that generated a lot of interest on our site and we had hundreds and hundreds of entries. Last year we had the biggest entry pool yet with nearly 1200 entries and it was a huge success with more than double the amount of entries compared to last year! Congratulations again to Don Seebold the winner of the 2009-10 Bowl Confidence Contest!! Don finished with an amazing 508 points won to just 87 points lost (85%) and took home the grand prize of $250. Gary Osborne finished in 2nd with 457 points (77%) and got $100 and a set of 2010 regionals. Rick Perk finished in 3rd with 452 points (76%) and got $50 and set of regionals. Last year I was at a disadvantage as I posted my plays first and they were up for everyone to see before they made their plays but I was pleased to finish in the top 100 in the contest with 365 total points. If you followed my forecasts on the site last year I hit 22 of the 34 bowls for 65%.

This year we will again have a “Bowl Confidence Contest” and I hope there will be many more participants! Like the last couple of years I will update two categories after each bowl game. The first category is total points. If you picked a team and they won their bowl you receive the points that you risked. Sometimes the early leaders are the ones that risked the most on the early bowls and they fall by the wayside as the contest goes on. Sometimes the early leaders in this category will remain at the top through it all it all. I will also keep track of those that have the best win percentage of their points. The morning after each bowl game I will list the current leaders in two categories on the website. Like last year we will have great prizes with 1st place getting $250 and a set of 2011 magazines!! 2nd place receives $100 and a set of magazines and 3rd place $50 and a set of magazines!!

You can enter the contest by simply clicking here. To enter, just go to the sign up page and log in your information. Then after that go to your picksheet page and simply pick who you think will win each of the 35 bowl games. You then award your confidence points to each. The team you think will definitely win their game would get 35 points and the team who you picked at the bottom which was very tough for you to call would get 1 point. For each team that wins their bowl game that you picked correctly, you get the confidence points you assigned to them. Those with the highest points are the winners. The first bowl game takes place on December 18th at 2:00 PM EST and Good Luck!!

One Bowl Entry Per Person Please!! For more contest rules click here and if you have any questions or concerns please email brandon@philsteele.com.

Also make sure to check PhilSteele.com everyday for complete information and coverage on all the bowl matchups. Later this week on the homepage click on the Bowl Matchups link, where you will find all 35 bowl games. Click on the bowl logo for each game to get all the information you need to become an expert! Start doing your homework now and get your 35 bowl predictions done.