Daily Blog • February 15th, 2010

The NCAA has granted a 6th year of eligibility for Kent St RB Eugene Jarvis exactly 5 months to the day after he suffered a season-ending injury at Boston College.

In 2007 Jarvis tied a school record with 5 straight yard games (old record Don Fitzgerald in ’66).  He went on to break Eric Wilkerson’s 1988 school record of 1,325 in a season with 1,669 (6.0!) while also leading Kent St in receiving yards (306, 13.3). Jarvis was the first Kent St RB to lead the MAC in rushing since Wilkerson did it in ’88. In 2008, he was the leading returning FBS rusher and missed 3.5 games with injury (missed just one prior) but he still rushed for 801 (4.9) and was the #2 rec with 273 (10.9). Last year before the injury he rushed for 158 yards (4.3).

Obviously this is good news for Kent St and there is no kid more deserving than him. Knowing Eugene like I do, he will come back this season strong and play with a lot of passion.

There has been a lot of speculation about expansion for two of the major conferences in college football. The Pac 10 recently announced they were looking to expand on their 10 teams. Some possibilities could see the conference going after BYU and/or Utah from the MWC or Colorado from the Big 12 as the Buffalos get mentioned every time there is Pac 10 expansion talk.

The bigger story might actually come from the Big 10 as a couple of months ago they announced that they were looking to add at least 1 team to the conference which would allow for them to have 2 separate divisions and therefore a conference championship game. There has been a lot of discussion recently about the 12th team being Texas, which would be earth-shattering news if true.

Regardless of which teams end up where, there figures to be a big announcement soon and I think we will see the start of 14 team conferences with two 7-team divisions instead of the 6-team division format we have in some conferences right now. This obviously would mean more super conferences in the future.

The ACC and Big East recently announced their conference schedules and we now have all 6 of the BCS conferences schedules up and loaded on the website. Click here to get all the 2010 schedules for your favorite teams.   Make sure to click on each individual game where you have all the games played from the last 13 years at your fingertips! It’s never too early to start researching for this upcoming season.

Hopefully the MWC, CUSA and other conferences will announce their schedules soon and we will have it updated immediately.

Also make sure to check out the 2010 Spring Guide as we are adding new information to it daily.  I have been hard at work on this year’s magazine and right now I am finalizing last year’s power ratings, which includes my analysis all of the coaching changes at each school.

Within the next week or so I will be finalizing my Frosh list for 2010! Unlike past years, this year I will have it posted on the website with a detailed breakdown position by position and conference by conference!

Later this month when the combine is over I will give some analysis of the upcoming NFL draft and we will have daily updates with the top players at each position. This year's draft is held on April 22-24.

That will do it for today. I will be back on Wednesday with another detailed blog. Have a great start to the work week!