Daily Blog • June 5, 2010

About a year ago I created a facebook fan page. Since football is my area of expertise I sometimes am behind in the latest technology. However, I learned very quickly that it was easier and quicker for me to answer your questions on Facebook than our previous “Questions and Answers with Phil Steele” section developed on the website in 2008.

I usually check the Facebook Fan Site 3 or 4 times a day and if you have been keeping track I think we have had an overwhelmingly positive response as I love to answer as many questions as possible.

Nearly a month ago I sent out a message on Facebook and promised that when I reached 5,000 fans, I would hold what I call, a live one-hour “chat session” and answer all of your questions. During the “live chat” post your questions as you normally do on the Fan Page (in the what’s on your mind box) and I will answer them as quickly as possible. I will not be talking via the “chat” box as it would be impossible to respond to each question posted in an IM forum.

I have been pleasantly surprised with the amount of support as I have added nearly 1,000 people in a short time. At this pace, I should hit that 5,000 number sometime this weekend.

By reaching that goal I will hold the live chat on Tuesday, June 8th. However, I will need your help in picking the time slot. Up right now on the Homepage is a poll that gives you five different options so make sure to vote on which one works best for you.

This is also radio season and if you check out the radio shows link, you will see all of the upcoming shows across the country. I did about 20 shows this past week and I just finished up doing a national show with my friend Erik Kuselias of ESPN. As of right now I have another 20 next week and when it is all said and done I will probably do 300-400 shows this summer.

Please check PhilSteele.com everyday to get my Top 30 Countdown, which posted #13 Virginia Tech yesterday. Thru June 16th, I will post both magazine pages on a new team ranked in the Top 30 and you can get an early look on how I breakdown your favorite team. Remember those magazine pages are available for only 24 hours for you to download. Today, North Carolina comes in at #13.

Also the official on sale date of the magazine is June 8th, but a lot of people have already seen them in the bookstores where the cost is just $8.95. We did get a shipment into our offices this past week and if you want to order thru the offices the cost is $13.70 with postage. Call 1-866-918-7711 or visit the PhilSteele.com store to order yours today.

Finally Josh Buchanan of JBScouting.com will be releasing his 2011 Summer Prospectus on June 30th. Josh writes a lot of the FCS coverage for me in the regional magazine and does a great job. If you want some of the best coverage on FCS teams click here for more details.

I will be back on Monday, have a great weekend!!!