Daily Blog • March 24th, 2010

Over the next couple of weeks my daily blog will breakdown the top players at each position for this year's NFL draft. In today's blog, I have included the top defensive lineman prospects complete with strengths, weaknesses and an overall projection of what round each prospect will likely be drafted in.

Josh Buchanan who runs JBScouting.com does a great job following FCS football and he contributes significantly to my FCS preview. Josh also has scouted for the Texas vs. Nation Game and East Coast Bowl the last few years and has interned with the Carolina Panthers. He has great knowledge of all the draft prospects and has offered to breakdown the top players at each position from his film evauluation and feedback from top NFL scouts.

If you need complete rankings, career statistics, pictures and draft projections for this year's top prospects download the 2010 Draft Guide absolutely free! Also included in the draft guide is pro day workout dates, a draft order for the 1st two rounds, combine invitees by position plus college teams with most draft losses!

Keep checking the guide regularly to get all the latest and greatest information on this year's draft as we will be adding new information daily. I will be back on Friday with the top LB prospects.

Top DE Prospects for the 2010 NFL Draft

1. Brandon Graham, Michigan
Height: 6’2
Weight: 268
40 Time: 4.71
Strengths: He is a relentless pass rusher with good strength and power.  Plays with natural leverage and shows a good motor.  He is also a strong, physical tackler and is tenacious and disruptive.  
Weaknesses: His height will hurt him. He also has short arms and sometimes lets blockers get to his body.  Sometimes late off the ball and not a fluid mover.  
Overall: Had a very productive career at Michigan with 29.5 career sacks and 25.5 tfl. His MVP performance at the Senior Bowl likely vaulted him from a second to first round projection, but some teams might grade him as an outside linebacker instead of end due to his lack of ideal height.  
2. Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech
Height: 6’3
Weight: 266
40 Time: 4.77
Strengths: Has decent size and brings a good motor and energy to the field.  He also shows a good initial burst off the snap and an explosive first step.  He also has nice lateral agility and balance which make him solid in the run game.  He also shows good body control and is a reliable wrap-up tackler.
Lacks creativity in his pass rush needing to add more moves to his game. Sometimes a step late and arrives at the quarterback’s feet.  Struggled against Iowa OT Bryan Bulaga showing that he can be handled by top competition.  Will need some work as he is not ready to be a top player in the NFL yet.
Overall: Morgan’s junior season was one of the best in all of college football as he produced 55 tackles and 12.5 sacks.  He showed a strong, relentless type of game and brings good size and high potential to give him one of the biggest upsides of any player in this draft.  He is a definite first round selection.
3. Jason Pierre-Paul, South Florida
Height: 6’5
Weight: 270
40 Time: 4.71
Strengths: He has great size, good speed, long arms, and is explosive.  His burst, balance, and hip flexibility make him very tough to block off the edge.  He explodes from his stances and is a drag-down tackler who uses hustle and length to his advantage.  
Weaknesses: Just a half-year starter that is very raw and needs a lot of work on his pass rush moves.  He struggles to turn the corner against better linemen and lacks functional strength to hold against NFL tackles.  
Overall: Pierre-Paul is the ultimate boom or bust prospect as a one year wonder who transferred from Fort Scott CC and had 45 tackles, 10 tfl, and 6.5 sacks in 2009.  His production and upside could potentially make him the first end off the board but we downgrade him slightly due to the fact that he is nowhere near the safest pick of the top rated ends.  
4. Carlos Dunlap, Florida
Height: 6’6
Weight: 279
40 Time: 4.59
Strengths: Dunlap has freakish measurables and is extremely fast for his size.  His body length is exceptional and he has fluid movement skills.  His production was highly impressive his last two seasons with 18.5 sacks during that time.  He also closes quickly to the ball and can split through double teams.
Weaknesses: Must work on his hand use and is initial quickness is just adequate.  Plays too upright.  Does have off field concerns as he was arrested and charged with a DUI and was suspended for the SEC title game.
Overall: His measurables and upside are quite rare and his production is impressive but he will need some coaching and his arrest could also make some teams hesitant at the top of round one.  Don’t be shocked if someone takes a chance on this high upside prospect in the first round though.
5. Everson Griffen, USC
Height: 6’4
Weight: 273
40 Time: 4.65
Strengths: Productive player with good size, strong upper body, and a wide frame.  His first step is explosive and he tackles with force.  He also possesses good balance and has the agility to break down in space.  
Weaknesses: Inconsistent playing with leverage and his weight-room strength does not really translate to the field.  He has the bulk and strength to hold up at the point, but is often pushed back.  Neither his rip or swim moves are NFL caliber.
Overall: Griffen is coming off a productive career at USC where he finished his junior season with 45 tackles and 8 sacks.  His quickness and size make him a solid top 100 selection but he has yet to live up to the enormous hype he brought coming out of high school.  It will likely take a couple of years for him to become a force and his arrest in July of 2009 is an issue that teams will likely consider on draft day as well.
6. Jerry Hughes, TCU
Height: 6’2
Weight: 254
40 Time: 4.65
Strengths: He shows a great burst with a first step explosion and has good instincts.  He is also an explosive tackler and plays with a fiery passion.  His attitude, quickness, and ability to break down in space and take good angles makes him one of the best tweeners to come out in a while.
Weaknesses: Undersized with thin ankles and wide hips.  Lacks bulk strength to anchor against the run and handle the double team.  He uses too much finesse and does not play with a lot of power.  Needs to develop some more pass rush moves.
Overall: Hughes was one of the top players in all of college football over the last two years and concluded his career with 28.5 sacks as he burst onto the NFL radar.  He is a tweener that could possibly fit as a DE or OLB at the next level depending on the scheme.  While he has some limitations against the run his pass rush ability will be highly coveted and should attract a team to take a shot at him in the late first or early to mid second round.  
7. Corey Wootton, Northwestern
Height: 6’6
Weight: 270
40 Time: 4.75
Strengths: Has great size, long arms and a huge wingspan and shows the ability to shed and anchor against the run. Before his injury he showed that he can flatten the line and close to the ball.  He is also quick off the snap and plays tall on the edge.  
Weaknesses: His knee injury in 2008, which hampered him as a senior is a huge concern. He also needs to add bulk to his frame.  When he slants and twists he often gets carried out of the play or grounded.  
Overall: Had his best season in 2008 but struggled in 2009 playing on a knee that was far from 100 percent.  Has height, length, and pass rush ability but needs to bulk up and also show that he can return to his 2008 form.  Someone will take a chance on him in the second or third round area because of his upside.    
8. Alex Carrington, Arkansas State
Height: 6’5
Weight: 285
40 Time: 4.92
Strengths: Carrington has great size and looks the part.  He also possesses good base strength and flashes power.  Did not participate in a full workout at the combine but showed good upper body strength with 26 reps on the bench.  He also closes quickly and holds up at the point of attack.  
Weaknesses: Marginal initial quickness off the snap and has average instincts.  Does not play with much fire and his weight room strength does not always translate to the field.
Overall: He played well at the Senior Bowl after a standout two-year stint at ASU in which he produced 19.5 sacks and 14 tfl over that time.  His size and production make him an intriguing prospect and could potentially fit in a 4-3 or 3-4 scheme.  He will likely come off the board in the top 100 selections.
9. Willie Young, North Carolina State
Height: 6’5
Weight: 251
40 Time: 4.88
Strengths: Has good size, long arms, and a rangy build.  Quick hands to shed blocks and flashes an explosive burst off the snap.  He also has good balance and flexibility to get under and around the tackle.  Good burst to accelerate as he changes direction.  
Weaknesses: Marginal strength for the bull rush.  Relies on quickness to move laterally to control the edge.  Washed down often when the ball is ran at him.  Has been benched before.  There are concerns over his durability.
Overall: Young entered college with high expectations and while he got off to a slow start as a freshman he was highly productive his last three years and showed good quickness and pass rush ability.  His size, quickness off the edge and production make him a solid 3rd-5th round prospect.  
10. E.J. Wilson, North Carolina
Height: 6’3
Weight: 286
40 Time: 4.85
Strengths: Has the strength to hold at the edge and move laterally.  Productive senior season. Explosive tackler that hustles and has good quickness off the snap.  Uses his low center of gravity and excellent upper and lower body strength to push the pocket.
Weaknesses: Needs to work on consistently shedding blocks.  Lacks elite change of direction agility on the outside for his size.  Does not play with elite strength.  
Overall: Had his coming out party nationally in the Texas vs. Nation Game with five tackles and two sacks to earn MVP honors.  He also showed he could move very well for his size in workouts and has moved into the mid round range.  
11. Brandon Lang, Troy
Height: 6’4
Weight: 276
40 Time: 4.85
Strengths: He has good strength and the ability to anchor.  Very quick first step and good initial hip explosion.  Good pass-rush technique and shows a variety of moves.
Weaknesses: Older prospect that struggled to make grades initially spending a year at Hargrave and was academically ineligible his first year at Troy.  Very raw player with poor reaction time and lacks the ideal foot speed to turn the corner.  He will require medical checks because of a torn right ACL he had in 2007.  
Overall: Had a highly productive junior/senior seasons with 19 sacks and 11 tfl and has the skills to attract interest as a 3-4 OLB.  There are a lot of concerns, but his solid workouts should land him in the top 100 selections unless he fails the medical exams.  
12. Austen Lane, Murray State
Height: 6’6
Weight: 270
40 Time: 4.84
Strengths: Lane is a highly productive and long limbed athlete that is quick off the snap and shows effective pass rush moves such as his spin move.  He is quick enough to beat the tackle outside to seal the edge against the run.  Rare measurables for the position.
Weaknesses: Very raw pass rusher that needs to improve his strength at the point of attack.  The run game is his biggest weakness.  Lacks upper body strength, which is shown heavily in his bull rush.  
Lane held his own at the Senior Bowl coming off a 2009 season that saw him earn All-America and OVC Defensive Player of the Year honors.  His 4.84 40-yard dash time at the NFL Scouting Combine must be improved at his pro day or else he could fall to the 5th or 6th round. However if he runs in the 4.7s or better you can expect someone to overdraft him on potential and possibly take him in the top 100 selections.  
13. Lindsey Witten, Connecticut
Height: 6’5
Weight: 250
40 Time: 4.70
Strengths: He can provide pass rush from either side of the line due to his size and length. Plays stronger than you would expect.  Shows good backfield awareness.  
Weaknesses: He has limited career experience and instincts.  Also needs to improve his strength at the point of attack.  Struggles to shed blocks.  
Overall: Witten’s stock has risen some since the season as a potential top 100 selection due to his late blooming from the late round projection he had during the season.  His lack of toughness, instincts, and physicality could scare some teams away though and we could see him go anywhere from around the late 3rd to 5th rounds.
14. George Selvie, South Florida
Height: 6’5
Weight: 252
40 Time: 4.93
Strengths: He is quick off the edge and has an explosive first step.  Good body control and balance and anticipates the snap well.  Can change direction well and causes a lot of fumbles.  
Weaknesses: Lacks the strength to anchor and shed blocks in the NFL and needs to gain weight. Does not use his hands well to shed.  Must develop more pass rush moves.  
Overall: Selvie started his career as one of the best players in America posting 17 tfl and 14.5 sacks as a sophomore.  It was believed that he would be a first round selection heading into his junior season but his numbers have decreased each season since. His size and production should land him in the mid to late rounds but it is far off from where most felt he would go early on in his career.  
15. Kevin Basped, Nevada
Height: 6’5
Weight: 258
40 Time: 4.75
Strengths: Has good height and length. Could potentially play in either a 3-4 or 4-3 scheme. Shows good athletic ability, foot quickness, and lateral range.  
Weaknesses: Needs to bulk up and really could have used one more year in school. Needs to work on use of hands and is too often caught and knocked off his feet.  
Overall: Basped decided to declare after an impressive junior season but really could have used another year to hone his skills and show that he will not be a one-year wonder. Because of his size and production alone he would warrant late round consideration, but could potentially go in the top four rounds because of his upside.  
16. Jermaine Cunningham, Florida
Height: 6’3
Weight: 267
40 Time: 4.69
Strengths: He has good quickness and burst off the snap and shows strong hands.  He has good balance and flexibility and is athletic enough to drop back into coverage. Closes well and has good lateral agility to control the edge.
Weaknesses: He has bulked up some since the season, which he needed to.  Now he needs to show the same speed and quickness at that heavier weight. He does not bend naturally and struggles some in transition.  Sometimes misses open field tackles and he lacks functional lower body base strength to hold at the point of attack.
Overall: Cunningham is a three-year starter on what was one of the best defenses in the nation and finished his career with 152 tkl, 19.5 sks and 14.5 tfl.  His production, size, athletic ability, and the fact he could drop into coverage makes him a prospect at end and possibly as a rush linebacker. Because he is injured and has yet to workout for teams he could fall on draft day but should fall no further than the 4th round.
17. Greg Hardy, Mississippi
Height: 6’4
Weight: 281
40 Time: 4.82
Strengths: Good athlete that brings great size and the ability to bend off the edge and close to the ball.  He is able to shed blocks to defend the run and has pass rush ability. He uses leverage well to protect his legs and maintain balance.
Weaknesses: He has had a lot of injuries in his career and been somewhat of a problem off the field showing poor work habits and perhaps an ego.  Plays very hot and cold producing well at times and then disappearing.  
Overall: Has seen his stock plummet since the beginning of the season as he appeared to be a potential top 10 selection. His immaturity, questionable toughness, and poor work habits have been a huge reason his stock has fallen.  His falloff in production didn’t help either.  Hardy now appears to be a 3rd-6th round type prospect and it would not be shocking to see him fall completely off the board but you still have to rank him among the top ends in the country because of his raw talent.
18. Daniel Te’o-Nesheim, Washington

Height: 6’4
Weight: 267
40 Time: 4.72
Strengths: Highly productive player with speed off the edge and displays quick, active hands.  He has better strength than you would expect at his size and has good lateral agility.  Hustles both laterally and downfield.  Plays with a good pad level and is a good catch and drag down tackler.
Weaknesses: Lacks the bulk to play every down and has just average straight line speed. Makes a lot of plays because of hustle and not athletic ability.  Lacks ideal physical tools for the NFL and is considered an overachiever on tape.
Overall: A highly productive two-time All-Pac 10 selection that was considered an overachiever. Since his solid pro day performance where he showed good explosion and speed his stock has risen from a marginal draft pick to a definite mid-late round type selection.  
19. C.J. Wilson, East Carolina
Height: 6’3
Weight: 290
40 Time: 4.83
Strengths: Has a strong bull rush and good balance.  Has accurate, active hands and good upper body strength to slap away the tackles first hand punch and disengage.  Rarely misses tackles.  He is also durable as he has not missed any time to injuries.
Weaknesses: Tight hips with just moderate speed off the edge and struggles to get the corner. Moderate straight line speed with just adequate acceleration.  Struggles getting off blocks and can be walled off by double teams.  
Overall: Wilson was an impact player for the Pirate defense since arriving on campus finishing his career with 27 sacks and 18.5 tfl, including 16 sks and 13 tfl in his last two seasons.  His stock has risen some as he could potentially land in the 3rd to 5th round range compared to PFA grades he had before the season.
20. Clifton Geathers, South Carolina
Height: 6’8
Weight: 299
40 Time: 4.99
Strengths: Has outstanding size and strength to anchor and create a pile.  Has the long arms and strength to be a good block shedder.  Flashes a nice burst and the ability to push the pocket as a bull rusher.
Weaknesses: Very raw player that needs to work on shedding blocks. He guesses at snap counts a lot and sometimes is late.  He has marginal balance and lateral agility to handle quick ball carriers.  Can be evaded in tight quarters and is inconsistent in pursuit down the field.
Overall: While he possesses ideal physical tools and length this raw pass rusher really could have used another year to hone his game.  For someone with his tools he has not produced as you would expect and thus will likely be drafted based on potential and upside solely.  Due to his upside someone will likely take that chance in the mid-late rounds.  

Top DT Prospects for the 2010 NFL Draft

1. Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska
Height: 6’4
Weight: 304
40 Time: 5.08
Strengths: Very productive against the run with good playing strength and does a good job of shedding blocks.  Flashes strength to disrupt plays in the backfield.  High motor. Tough to move.  Good awareness in the backfield.  Excellent footwork moving down the line on stretch plays.  Good initial quickness off the snap.  
Weaknesses: Comes off the ball too high at times losing his anchor.  Other than consistency in his technique and continuing to develop pass rush moves there are not many negatives here.  
Overall: Suh is one of the best tackles to come out in recent memory and it showed with his speed, quickness, and production throughout the 2009 season.  His athletic ability also allows him to possibly play in the 3-4 or 4-3.  Expect him to come off the board in the top 3 picks and be an instant Pro Bowler in the NFL.  
2. Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma
Height: 6’4
Weight: 298
40 Time: 5.06
Strengths: Has great size and power.  Shocks with his punch and jolts defenders.  Good use of hands.  Plays hard with a very good motor.  Great balance and quick to shed blocks.  Wears down opponents with his tenacity.  
Weaknesses: Not much along weaknesses here except that double teams wash him down the line sometimes.  Needs to be more consistent with leverage and technique.  
Overall: McCoy’s quickness, strength, and ability to blow up plays in the backfield make him a potential Pro Bowl player.  He has great upside and his instincts will allow him to be a strong force while he still develops his technique.  Expect him to come off the board in the top five picks.  
3. Jared Odrick, Penn State
Height: 6’5
Weight: 304
40 Time: 5.03
Strengths: Great size for the position and great athlete for his size.  Good hip flexibility. Strong moves.  Attracts a lot of double teams.  Good motor.  Flattens the line and makes plays on the perimeter.  Good tackler.  Hard worker.  Tough kid that plays through injuries.  Good quickness and pop off the snap.  
Weaknesses: Struggles to hold at the point of attack.  Needs to get stronger in the lower body. Struggles to consistently break down in space due to his height.  Needs to be more aware of protecting his knees when cut blocked.  
Overall: Earned All-American honors in 2009 after totaling 43 tackles and 11 sacks in his best year of his career.  Could be a three-technique in a 4-3 defense.  Likely a top 50 selection.
4. Brian Price, UCLA
Height: 6’1
Weight: 303
40 Time: 5.12
Strengths: Highly productive player with a quick initial burst and good speed.  Tough to move off the line of scrimmage. Creates a pile in the middle and can make plays without making a tackle.  Anchors well against double teams.  Very explosive.  
Weaknesses: Lacks ideal height for the position. Dumpy-looking physique.  Needs to lose weight. Often wears down and plays down to the level of competition.  Lacks the strength to hold at the point of attack.  
Overall: Three-time All-Pac 10 selection that has first round talent but concerns over his size could see him slip to the 2nd or 3rd round. However, his ability to wreak havoc could have some suitors looking at him in the later portion of round one.
5. Cam Thomas, North Carolina
Height: 6’4
Weight: 330
40 Time: 5.29
Strengths: Very strong kid that rarely gets knocked off the ball.  Able to split double teams. Thick lower body and good use of leverage to anchor inside and create a pile. Has the strength to drive blockers into the pocket.  
Weaknesses: Must improve his use of hands and add more moves to his repertoire.  Lacks the body control or technique to wrap up in the open field.  Marginal stat production.
Overall: Had just 23 tackles and 2.5 tfl in 2009, but his talent suggests that he could potentially be a highly productive player.  Athletic player that has added to his value since the Senior Bowl.  Likely a nose guard in a 3-4 defense.  Should come off the board in the 2nd or 3rd round.
6. Dan Williams, Tennessee
Height: 6’2
Weight: 327
40 Time: 5.19
Strengths: Big body that moves well and is light on his feet for his size.  Very active reading screens and chasing. Locates the ball quickly.  Good initial burst off the snap. Very strong.  Good use of hands and upper body strength.  
Weaknesses: Lacks the upper body strength and needs to work on using his hands to shed blocks as he sometimes stays tied up in them too long.  Gets worn down late in games. Must work on conditioning.  Concerns over weight fluctuation.  
Overall: Would likely be a first round pick if not for the depth at this position but his production as a senior (70 tkl, 6.5 tfl and 3.5 sks) and his size likely won’t allow him to fall past the second round.
7. Mike Neal, Purdue
Height: 6’3
Weight: 294
40 Time: 4.87
Strengths: Great strength, well put together, and moves well.  Holds his ground.  Has good closing speed.  Good lateral movement to sidestep into the gap after the snap. One of the strongest players in the draft shown with his 31 reps at the combine.  
Weaknesses: Injury concerns are a major red flag.  Inconsistent motor and effort.  Plays lazy at times.  Questionable mental toughness.  Gets stood up and knocked off the ball and washed against double teams.  
Overall: Neal had a breakout junior campaign and then followed it up with a productive All-Big Ten performance as a senior with 35 tackles, 6 tfl, and 5.5 sacks.  His injury history is a concern and could see him drop on draft day but if healthy he is a top 100 selection.  
8. Tyson Alualu, California
Height: 6’3
Weight: 294
40 Time: 4.87
Strengths: Had an impressive combine showing adequate strength (24 reps), good change of direction (7.15 3-cone, 4.28 short shuttle), and explosion (9’8 broad jump).  Shows good striking ability and plays with natural leverage.  Also shows a good motor and runs to the ball.
Weaknesses: Lacks elite lower body explosion and quick twitch.  Needs to develop more counter moves.  His spin move is slow to develop.  Lacks the flexibility coaches look for to break down in space.  
Overall: Three-year starter that had a highly productive senior season with 65 tackles and 7.5 sacks.  Mostly played the five technique at Cal, but is most likely going to play in a 4-3 defense as a three technique.  Likely going in the top 100 selections.  
9. Terrance Cody, Alabama
Height: 6’4
Weight: 349
40 Time: 5.62
Strengths: Big bodied plugger with rare size and long arms.  Gets a good push into the backfield.  Rarely moved off the line of scrimmage.  Best in short-yardage situations. Good on special teams because he can knock the long snapper back and create havoc.  
Not as strong in the bench press (22 reps) as expected.  Has weight concerns despite showing that he can lose some weight since the season.  Many teams are worried he will gain back the weight before training camp.  Marginal closing speed and no pass rush moves.  Must develop better technique and work on shedding blocks.  
Overall: Cody transferred from Mississippi Gulf Coast Junior College and has been a dominant force over the last two years.  His girth makes him almost impossible to move and an ideal clogger in a 3-4 defense.  A 3-4 team is likely to take a chance on him in the 2nd or 3rd round.  
10. Geno Atkins, Georgia
Height: 6’2
Weight: 293
40 Time: 4.75
Strengths: Atkins is quick, agile, and plays with good initial explosion off the snap.  He can split the gap and disrupt the play.  Shows a good bull rush.  Moves very well for his size.  
Weaknesses: Most of his weaknesses have to do with his size as he is undersized, has short arms, and lacks ideal bulk. Can struggle to shed blocks once blockers get their hands on him.  Needs to work on conditioning.  
Overall: Had a solid senior season with 36 tackles, 7.5 tfl and 3 sacks and followed that up with an impressive week at the Senior Bowl.  His quickness and agility make him an ideal 3rd round prospect to take a chance on and develop into a starter.  
11. Lamarr Houston, Texas
Height: 6’3
Weight: 305
40 Time: 4.84
Strengths: Very agile for a 300-plus pounder with a good motor.  He is quick and active and makes a lot of plays on hustle and effort between the tackles.  Has long arms with strong hands and good upper body strength (30 reps).  
Weaknesses: Lacks elite first-step quickness and can be washed down by double teams. Too easily walled off and controlled if he does not win the battle with quickness.  Not an explosive tackler.  
Houston was up and down during his career but put it all together as a senior with 68 tackles, 14 tfl and 8 sacks. His performance at the Senior Bowl also helped his stock.  Because the tackle class is deep he could possibly slip past the second round but would be a bargain at any point after the top 50 selections.  
12. Jeff Owens, Georgia
Height: 6’1
Weight: 304
40 Time: 4.97
Strengths: Can hold the point of attack and flashes the ability to defeat double teams. Good natural upper body strength and when playing with good pad level is able to anchor vs tandem blocks.  
Weaknesses: Needs to work on pass rush technique and has injury concerns due to a torn ACL in 2008.  Marginal athlete that does not redirect well and has been characterized as lazy and an underachiever.  
Overall: His medical history could make it hard for him to be taken in the top 100 picks like he would have been before his ACL injury.  He lacks the size and athletic ability to be taken early on but should land in the mid rounds.  
13. Linval Joseph, East Carolina
Height: 6’5
Weight: 328
40 Time: 5.09
Strengths: Has the size of a nose guard but plays like an ideal three technique.  Athletic and strong with good body length.  He flashes the ability to anchor against the double team.  Has good character and is a player who has upside, which he showed during his career by improving each season.  
Weaknesses: Very raw player that must play with more consistent leverage and hand use. Also needs to work on taking on cut blocks and is a player that does not deliver much pop to his opponent with his hands.  Doesn’t play as strong as you would expect.  
Overall: Joseph didn’t do much his first two years but had a terrific junior season with 60 tackles, 10 tfl and three sacks. He could have really moved up the board with one more year of development but has potential to be a starter over time. Likely a mid round selection that will take a couple of years before he is ready to contribute as a starter.  
14. Torrell Troup, Central Florida
Height: 6’3
Weight: 314
40 Time: 5.12
Strengths: Very strong upper body.  Tough to move off the line and can hold the point against double teams.  Good bull rusher who can push a single block to collapse the pocket using leverage.  Able to rip off blocks as well as punch or swim over the top. Quick and powerful off the snap.  Good balance after initial contact.
Weaknesses: Limited burst and needs to work on disengaging from blockers.  Has limited lateral agility and marginal pass-rush ability.  Must be meaner and improve on avoiding and recovering from cut blocks.  
Overall: His size, strength, and motor are something that will attract teams in the mid rounds and could potentially become a starter with time.  Likely 3rd-5th round selection.
15. D’Anthony Smith, Louisiana Tech
Height: 6’2
Weight: 304
40 Time: 4.85
Strengths: Good athlete with good quickness to pressure the pocket and has flexible hips.  He stays on his feet through traffic and is a versatile athlete that has lined up at every position.  Been very durable as he has not missed any time to injury. Has active feet and good lateral agility.  
Weaknesses: Needs to add more pass rush moves and some question the level of competition he has faced in the WAC. Lacks functional strength to anchor against the double teams.  Uses too much finesse.  Also needs to work on shedding blocks quicker.  
Overall: Many expected him to post impressive numbers at the combine, but he chose not to workout.  His stock has dropped some this postseason as many considered him a likely top 75 selection at one point but he appears to be a mid round prospect now.  
16. Earl Mitchell, Arizona
Height: 6’1
Weight: 294
40 Time: 4.75
Strengths: Quick, active hands.  Has a burst to close and flashes some pop when given space to gain momentum.  Gives good effort.  Could contribute on both sides of the ball.  
Weaknesses: Lacks ideal size.  Relies too much on a marginally effective bull rush and gets tired too quickly.  Likely never going to be a run stuffer so he would be a two down player.  Struggles to change directions and is too often eluded for someone his size.  
Overall: A former fullback who has good athletic ability and moves very well for his size. His performance at the East-West Shrine Game helped his stock as he showed that he could potentially be a solid three technique and will even have some teams grading him as a fullback.  Should land in the mid rounds.
17. Sean Lissemore, William & Mary
Height: 6’4
Weight: 298
40 Time: 4.85
Strengths: Highly athletic kid with good strength.  Likely a 3-technique at the next level because he lacks the bulk to play the nose.  Moves well for his size.  Good use of hands. Plays with good leverage.  Adequate quickness.  Uses a nice spin move in his pass rush. Does a good job of pushing the pocket.
Weaknesses: Raw pass rusher that is inconsistent.  Needs to develop more moves and perhaps still bulk up some.  Also needs to show he can dominant.
Overall: Lissemore has risen up the board as of late, especially after his pro day in which he displayed great explosiveness and athleticism.  Before this many teams were trying to sneak and take him as a free agent but that is not going to happen now.  This 2009 first-team All-CAA selection had 7.5 tfl and 6.5 sacks as a senior and is rising up the board. He could potentially go as high as the 5th or 6th round after his workouts.
18. Nate Collins, Virginia
Height: 6’2
Weight: 279
40 Time: 5.05
Strengths: Has a good initial burst to slip through gaps and create havoc.  Active feet and good acceleration through the gap and has a late burst to close.  He also has good strength to slide off blocks and take down the runner.
Weaknesses: Lacks the ideal height teams look for and lacks the bulk and strength to hold up consistently against double teams.  A project that will likely take two or three years before he is ready to heavily contribute.  
Overall: A one year wonder that will likely drop due to concerns over why he only had one good year of production. Likely going to be a three technique in a 4-3 alignment and will go somewhere in the 5th-7th round range.  
19. Al Woods, LSU
Height: 6’4
Weight: 307
40 Time: 4.98
Strengths: Has great size and moves very well for that size.  He is also strong and powerful and can control blockers. Able to handle double teams and maintain his gap. Could be a solid one gap player at the next level.
Weaknesses: Woods needs to develop a mean streak and work on his quickness and change of direction ability.  Just a one-year starter so it will likely take time for him to tap his potential.  Heavy-footed and not very quick-twitched.  
Overall: Started just one year and had marginal production. He is a big, powerful, and long armed one technique kid who has potential but likely will take time before he is ready to start.  Could come off the board in the 3rd round or could potentially fall to the 5th-6th round range.  
20. Corey Peters, Kentucky
Height: 6’3
Weight: 301
40 Time: 4.90
Strengths: He has good size with a thick trunk and shows good smarts.  Uses his explosive initial burst off the snap and closing speed to pressure the pocket.  Can slide off the block and make a tackle.  Has good character.  Good hand strength and quickness to tug and rip the defender.  
Weaknesses: Comes off the ball too high sometimes and often uses a simple bull rush. Does not generate enough power and has marginal stamina.  
Overall: Had a nice senior season with 56 tackles, 8 tfl and 4 sacks.  Has good size and is a developmental prospect that likely would be a backup early in his career. Because of the depth in this year’s class he is unlikely to go before the 5th or 6th round.