Daily Blog • May 15-16, 2010


Now that the magazine is sent off to the publisher we will be featuring a blog every day Monday thru Friday and a weekend blog now until the start of football season!


It was a rough magazine season as we wanted to get the magazine off to the printers on Tuesday and did not get it done until yesterday afternoon. We will now be focusing our attention to the regional magazines and the NFL magazine.


            Last year we put a full color NFL magazine onto the newsstands for the first time and it exceeded my expectations picking 7 of the 8 division winners correctly and we were the ONLY National Preview to pick the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints to win the NFC South with all others picking Atlanta or Carolina!


     This year we have reduced the amount of regional magazines to 3, but increased the pages in each. The SEC/ACC/Big East Regional will have over 320 pages (just like my national preview) and include ONE FULL page on each FCS team! The advantage in consolidating the Regionals comes in states like Iowa where we have to pick Big Ten or Big 12? Now the Big Ten/Big 12 Regional covers them both plus includes local FCS coverage. The SEC Regional covers the entire East Coast, Southeast and FCS! The Western Regional covers the Pac-10, MWC, WAC and has West Coast FCS coverage.


The official on sale date remains June 8th but you could possibly get your hands on the magazine as soon as a week earlier. In Tuesday’s blog, I will get you complete details on how you can order the magazine through our offices if you simply can not wait to pick one up on the newsstands. I will also give you information on how to get an autographed copy of the magazine.


I am also very pleased to report that we continue to be the most accurate preseason magazine the last 12 years! In Monday’s blog, I will dwell into the accuracy chart that includes the up-to-date standings of the top preview magazines and the year-by-year results from the past 12 years.


Have a great weekend!!


Only 110 days left until the first College Football game!!!