Daily Blog • November 9, 2010

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater now has the longest winning streak in NCAA football after their 48-21 win over Wisconsin-Oshkosh, which brought their winning streak to 24. Also this week in the FBS, New Mexico ended their nine game losing streak which means Akron is the only team that has yet to win a game this season. Here are the current longest streaks in FBS and FCS play.

Longest Winning Streaks FBS/FCS
Last Loss
Boise St 22 12/23/08 17-16 TCU
Auburn 11 11/27/09 26-21 Alabama
TCU 10 01/04/10 17-10 Boise St
Oregon 9 01/01/10 26-17 Ohio St
Bethune-Cookman 9 11/21/09 42-6 Florida A&M
SE Missouri St 9 09/02/10 27-10 Ball St
Longest Losing Streaks FBS/FCS
Last Win
Valparaiso 19 09/12/09 20-17 Concord
Savannah St 11 10/31/09 45-24 Edward Waters
Akron 10 11/27/09 28-21 E Michigan
Mississippi Valley St 10 11/14/09 16-6 Lincoln (MO)
Minnesota 9 09/02/10 24-17 Middle Tennessee

The Boston College/Wake Forest game this past weekend featured the first game this year with two teams starting true frosh QBs with BC’s Chase Rettig and WF’s Tanner Price.

Another interesting ACC QB duel this past week was Clemson’s Kyle Parker going up against NC State’s Russell Wilson who in the near future will be teammates as they were both drafted by the Colorado Rockies and will start playing Single A ball next year.

The box score shows San Diego St with a 24-19 win over Colorado St and with the FD’s even (19) with SDSt only having a 323-297 yd edge, actually SDSt played better than the final score and the stats. The Aztecs had a 5-1 turnover deficit. They still led 7-6 at the half and leading 10-6 they had a 1st & gl at the 3. On 3&gl from the 2 they fmbl’d and CSU returned it for a TD, a basic 14 pt turnaround. CSU led 13-10. SDSt went 56/5pl and 80/12pl for TD’s to make it 24-13. SDSt fumbled again at the CSU32 with 5:48 left and the Rams got a TD with 2:43 left to pull within 6. The Rams’ final drive did not get past their own 17 yd line.

Duke scored on their first 2 poss vs Virginia to lead 14-0 and led 24-14 but Virginia got a TD with :24 left in the half to make it 24-21. Duke recovered an onside kick to open the 3Q but punted. UVA got a TD to lead 28-24 but Duke got a TD, a 47 yd FG and after an int, another TD to lead 40-28 early 4Q. The next 3 drives were TD’s with UVA getting 2, pulling within 47-42 then Duke fmbl’d at their own 28 and UVA got a TD with 2:06 left to actually lead 48-47. Duke got to their own 21 but faced a 4th & 20. Renfree hit Barner with a 42 yd pass to the UVA47 and 2pl later Scott got a 35 yd TD run with :40 left for Duke’s lead. UVA got to the Duke39 but their final 2 passes were incomplete.

It was a tough loss for Tulane vs Southern Miss. Tulane had a 28-17 FD edge and 402-358 yd edge. TU led 20-13 and SM punted with :32 left in the half. TU fumbled the punt at their own 4 and SM got a 2 yd TD pass to stunningly tie it. SM had battled for the lead, 37-30. TU had the ball at their 14 when they were sk’d and fumbled into the EZ for a safety with 2:23 left. TU forced a punt and got the ball back at their 16 with :52 left. They got a 16 yd QB run to the 32 and then a 9 yd pass to the 41 but unfortunately fumbled and Walters returned it 41 yards for a TD making “some” SM backers very happy.

It was a wild one between USC and Arizona St with a lot of game changing plays. ASU did not have their starting punter and USC blocked a punt and recovered at the 9 mid-2Q but it didn’t matter as they were int’d in the EZ on the next play. In the 1H USC went on a 48/7pl and 34/12pl drive but missed 27 & 35 yd FG’s. The Trojans did drive 59/9pl in the final 1:13 of the half and got a TD with :03 left to lead 14-7. SC got a 74 yd IR TD to go up 22-7 (2pt conv). After each team drove for a TD to make it 29-14, ASU got a 100 yd KR TD to make it 29-21. USC was driving but Barkley was int’d and returned 66 yards for a TD. ASU went for 2 and it failed and USC clung to a 29-27 lead. ASU went 79/9pl for a TD and the lead. Erickson probably debated going for 2 but went for 1 to put them up 34-29 but the xp was blk’d and ret’d for 2 by USC. Instead of trailing by 5, the Trojans only trailed by 2 leaving them within a FG, 33-31. USC went 68/9pl. Faced with a 4&8, down by 5, they would have gone for it but down by 2 they kicked a 29 yd FG for the lead with 3:08 left. ASU still had a chance. They went 49/8pl but missed a 42 yd FG with 1:34 left.

Just like the Sooners other road loss this year, it was a story of missed opportunities in the redzone. In the game vs A&M, OU did allow a KR for a TD to open up the 3Q and on the first play of the game, had a snap go over Landry Jones’ head giving A&M a safety. OU had 5 chances to score and it resulted in zero points. THREE times they had a 4&gl at the 1 and three times A&M held. OU also missed a chipshot 36 yd FG and faked a 49 yd FG and had a wide open receiver but the ball went off his hands and instead of a TD, A&M got the ball off the incomplete pass. Those 5 opportunities proved to be very costly. Texas A&M Ryan Tannehill hit 19-32-225 yards and the Aggies look like a different team with him at the helm.

Tennessee kept alive its shot at a bowl and needs to win out to get to one. They turned the offense over to frosh QB Tyler Bray an in his first start he threw for 308 yards in the 1H as UT built a 40-7 lead, Bray came out in the 3Q and finished with 335 yards. UT led 50-7 and Memphis gained 126 of its 308 yards on the final 2 drives including taking over with 7:22 left and going 80/10pl for a garbage 38 yd TD pass with 1:26 left when they trailed 50-7 to make the final 50-14.

Wyoming had plenty of opportunities to put away a winless New Mexico but didn’t get it done. The Cowboys led 21-7 after a 94 yd run for a TD by Alexander with just 4:42 left in the 2Q. NM did drive 76/11pl for a TD but WY drove right back. They had a 2nd & 10 at the NM16 when they were int’d at the 2 with :12 left in the half blowing their first opportunity. WY’s 2nd blown opportunity came at the end of an 80/5pl drive to open the 3Q. On 1st & gl from the 2, Herron fumbled into the EZ for a TB. NM drove 46/8pl for a 51 yd FG. WY drove again but this time a FD at the NM16 got a 6 yd run and fumbled at the end of it at the 9. WY had a 3&gl at the 2 but not only lost 3 yards, they had a 15 yd pers foul and settled for a 37 yd FG to only lead 24-17 with 4 drives inside the 15 yd line resulting in 3 points. After NM drove to tie the game at 24, WY fmbl’d at its own 11 giving NM a TD 3pl later, 31-24. WY tied it with 5:40 left but NM did drive 47/11pl to get a 38 yd FG on the final play but really took advantage of a 4-0 TO advantage.

UTEP needed a win for bowl eligibility. They had 2 road games on deck and it was their home finale and SMU was playing their 2nd straight road game. UTEP went 3 & out to open but faked a punt and got a FD and then took charge immediately with 74/11pl and 85/8pl drives for TD’s. UTEP did miss a 42 yd FG on its 3rd drive while SMU punted on its first 3. SMU took its 4th drive 99/8pl for a TD but UTEP took advantage with an 87/13pl drive and on 3&gl from the 13, got a 13 yd TD pass with :17 left in the half to make it 21-7. SMU got to 21-14 and was at the UTEP35 but after a clip and a pers foul they faced a 4&34 and only got off an 11 yd punt. UTEP went 52/9pl for a TD to clinch it. SMU’s last 2 drives ended on a 4&7 incomplete pass at the UTEP7 and a 4&3 incomplete pass at the UTEP40.

There were a couple of key plays and a key injury in the Mississippi/Louisiana game. UL turned the ball over on 3 consecutive possessions in the 1Q which spotted UM the lead as they had scoring drives of 25, 26 and 39 yards all after turnovers to go up 24-7. QB Masoli suffered a concussion and was out the rest of the game. Backup QB Stanley hit 6-14-108 yards. UL got a break when trailing 27-7 they scored a TD with 4:42 left in the half. UM appeared on its way to increase the lead going 68/10pl but they fumbled and UL returned it 93 yards for a TD with :31 left in the half to stunningly get back within 1 score, 27-21. UM got a 30 yd FG on the half’s final play. After 4 punts to open the 3Q, UM went 52/5pl for a 27 yd FG then after a 37 yd PR, went 57/7pl settling for a 20 yd FG, 36-21 (10:49). UM’s final drive they converted on 4&6 and 3&9 and went 49/11pl and got a TD with :58 left.

Kai Forbath is one of the best kickers in the country but surprisingly he missed a 49 yd FG in the 2Q. A key play of the game happened in the 3Q when UCLA had a 3&gl from the 12 and only gained 4 yards but a face mask gave them a FD. Two plays later UCLA got a TD to lead. UCLA would then drive to a FD at the Oregon St 25 but on 3&10 were sk’d for a 12 yd loss. They passed up a Forbath 54 yard FG punting 35 yards to the 2. In the 2Q, OSU did the same type of drive as on 3&3 from the 18 they suffered a 13 yd loss on a sack. They passed up a 48 yd FG instead punting 29 yards to the 2. OSU had kick/catch interference after they punted so UCLA started at the OSU31. Once again Forbath missed a 46 yd FG this time with just 1:16 left. UCLA forced a punt and got it back at their 17 with :48 left and got 2 FD’s but on 3&9 with :04 left, they gained 10 yards on what appeared to be the final play of regulation. Neuheisel had them review the play and they put :01 back on the clock and this time Forbath delivered with a 51 yard game winning FG.

Under Bobby Bowden, Florida St was known for special teams plays and also missing FG’s wide right. It’s interesting to see that despite Bowden’s departure, some things never change. N Carolina did finish with a 473-374 yard edge. NC, leading 31-28, settled for a 31 yd FG to only lead 34-28. FSU missed a 42 yd FG but then a big special teams play happened for FSU. NC was punting but the snap went over the punters head. Their P kicked the ball out of the EZ, which has become chic as it would result in a safety except he kicked it at the 1 yard line. FSU opted to enforce the penalty at the 1 where they took over and got a TD on the next play to stunningly take the lead. NC went 72/12pl but from the 5 yd line, opted for a 22 yd FG and a 2pt lead. FSU’s big ST plays happened again when Reed returned the KO 50 yards to the NC45 and they got 2 FD’s setting up a chipshot 40 yard FG but FSU missed it wide right.

How about all of those LSU fans that wanted Les Miles fired early in the season? LSU only has one loss this year and they keep climbing in the polls but probably will be shut out of a national title game as the only way they can get to the SEC championship is if Auburn loses twice. Miles took some chances, as usual, and this time was rewarded for them. At the half LSU trailed 7-3 and Bama had a 156-95 yd edge. Miles faked a punt on the opening drive of the 3Q and converted but it resulted in a missed 45 yd FG. A 75-yard TD pass from Jefferson to Randle put LSU ahead. Trailing 14-13 on 4&1 from the AL 30 they ran a trick play with QB Jefferson first pitching it to Ridley and then to TE Deangelo Peterson who took off to the left, with QB Jefferson blocking ahead and it was a 23-yard run to the 3-yard line. Three plays later they got a TD for the lead, 21-14. LSU DT Nevis has had a dominating year and he sacked McElroy and swatted the ball away and LSU recovered at the Bama28. That set up a 39 yd FG to put them 2 scores ahead. Bama went 74/9pl for a TD to pull within 3 but LSU on 3&13 trying to run the clock, opted to pass and got a 47 yd gain to the Tide 33 which was a key in their win.
Taylor Potts was benched and Sheffield was given the starting job at QB vs Missouri for Texas Tech. That lasted for almost an entire half. MO had 2 big plays in the 1H. A 69 yard TD run by Murphy, a 71 yard TD run by Lawrence and they led 17-3 after getting a 27 yard FG with 5:10 left in the half. Potts came off the bench and would engineer 3 scoring drives in his first 3 poss. TT went 82/16pl getting a TD with :15 left 1H then opened the 3Q with 70/6pl and 92/12pl drives for TD’s to lead 24-17. They did have a 3&gl at the 4 at the end of a 10pl drive but Potts was int’d in the EZ and 2 poss later TT had a 54 yd FG blk’d. MO’s best chance they were SOD with 3:07 left at the TT34 and TT converted on 3&6 and 3&3 and ran out the clock.
Last week Nevada jumped out to a 35-0 halftime lead vs Utah St and let up in the 2H. That put some value on them this week and they ended up with a 38-14 FD edge and 844-339 yard edge vs Idaho. NV even missed 31 & 29 yd FG’s, the 2nd at the end of a 68/10pl drive but led 28-3 at the half with a 421-96 yd edge. ID did fumble at the NV37 and then returned the KO 86 yards to the NV9 but fumbled at the end and each time NV went for TD’s going 63/6pl and 91/12pl keying a 63-17 route. NV’s last TD came on a 57 yd run with 3:16 left and NV ended the game taking a knee at the ID 16.