Daily Blog •August 29, 2011

The Week One Poll is available right now!

You can vote on who will win this week’s games by clicking the above link. This poll is separate from the conference and non-conference poll contest that you have been voting on all summer long. The tie breaker will be whoever correctly picks the biggest upset to occur. For example if two players are tied at the top, the person who correctly predicted a 17 pt underdog to win will get the nod over someone who did not pick any upsets.

Every week I will announce the winners of the weekly poll along with the prizes. This first week the prizes are as follows:

1st Place. Complete Set of Phil Steele magazines and Polo Shirt

2nd Place. Your choice of a college, pro or FCS magazine and Polo or T shirt

3rd Place. Phil Steele.com T Shirt

Congratulations again to last year’s overall winner Max Winter who came in 1st place with 594 games predicted right. While my goal is to finish a top the standings each and every year I did finish in 12th place out of thousands of nationwide voters. Make sure you are voting each and every week since there are at least 50 games every weekend. If you miss just one week, it will almost assuredly eliminate you from finishing at the top.

Make sure you get in on the week one vote I will keep a running talley of the leaders during the year and I will update this weekly as well. Best of all the contest is FREE!!!

3 Days Until the First College Football Game!!!