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Last 14 Years Matchups For Every Game!!!

Alabama vs Auburn PDF

PhilSteele.com is loaded with information but the chart above is my favorite type of info on the site and it is exclusively at PhilSteele.com. When you click on this year's schedule for each team you can click on any opponent and the past matchups chart will pop up. I used the Alabama/Auburn matchup above as an example as it is one of the top rivalry games. The chart not only gives you the score of each of the past 14 years but it gives you the complete box score and much more. You will notice the matchup above is from the Alabama team page. Therefore green numbers are good for Alabama and red numbers are bad. At a glance you can see that Alabama had a streak of 6 straight losses from '02-'07 but has won 2 of the last 3 since. A check of the last column quickly shows you 5 green numbers in the last 10 years. This highlights the fact that the Tide, despite their 7 losses, outgained the Tigers in those games and many by wide margins. If you look at the ranked columns to the left you see that at least one of the teams has been ranked #2 or higher in 4 of the last 7 years and surprisingly neither was ranked in either '03 or '98. The "Upset" column lets you quickly see how many upsets there have been in the series (3) the last 14 years and the final column shows you who had the yardage edge. This is available RIGHT NOW for EVERY FBS game being played this year! Click the link below and become an expert on every matchup for 2011!

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