Daily Blog •November 8, 2011


Week 10 News and Notes Part 2

First let me congratulate LSU on their win on the road at Alabama. If I were an AP Voter (I'm not) I would clearly have LSU as my #1 team and I do have them projected to go to the national title gm now. Also yesterday I was wearing a Purple shirt with an LSU tie on at work in support of the Tiger's performance last week. It was a tough loss for Alabama to LSU. Bama’s first possession got to the LSU27 but they missed a 44 yd FG. Bama’s 2nd poss got to the LSU23 but they lost 10 yds then missed a 50 yd FG. Bama got to the LSU24 but they lost 7 yds and brought in their short kicker to attempt a 49 yd’r but it was blk’d. Bama got to the LSU17 but settled for a 34 yd FG to lead 3-0. At this point Bama had a 181-55 yd edge but only led 3-0 and LSU, thanks to an offsides on 3&1 and a defensive holding on an incomplete pass on 3&4, would get a 19 yd FG on the final play of the half to tie it. LSU was int’d and ret’d to their 4 but a penalty brought it back to the 35 and Bama settled for a 46 yd FG, 6-3. LSU got a 33 yd IR to the UA15 setting up a 2 yd “drive” for a 30 yd FG to tie (14:13 4Q). Richardson ripped off a 24 yd run to the LSU28 and Bama had a great call. Maze, out of the shotgun, threw deep and the TE caught the ball, came down on his back with it at the 1 yd line but the LSU DB wrestled the ball away from him and amazingly it was ruled an int and LSU got off a 73 yd punt with 9:00 left but neither crossed the 50 and the game went to OT. In OT Bama took a sk and missed their FOURTH FG of the game, a 52 yd’r and LSU got a 25 yd FG for the win.

Ball St got a 94 yd TD pass on 3&5 to open the scoring and at the half Eastern Michigan had a 17-9 FD edge but only led 21-20 as BSU also got a 78 yd KR setting up a FG and EM had a 53 yd FG blk’d. EM was SOD at the BSU43 to open the 3Q and int’d at the BSU41 at the start of the 4Q. They went on a 66/13pl drive and had a 1st & gl at the 1 but settled for a 20 yd FG with 1:18 left to only lead by 1. That left a chance for BSU and they converted on 4&7 with a 13 yd pass to the EM27 and would get a 44 yd FG with :09 left to pull out the win.

Rice only won by 4 over UTEP but did have a 671-392 yd edge behind Nick Fanuzzi’s career-high 405 pass yds. The tms traded TD’s to open. Up 20-10 with 11:53 left 1H, Rice went 75/14pl and settled for a 23 yd FG and at the end of the half, with a 3&1 at the UTEP44, just ran the ball. Rice was SOD at the UTEP45 and led 41-31 with UTEP gaining 63 of their yards on the final drive.

ULM jumped out to a 14-0 lead vs Louisiana and also led 35-24 with 3:08 left in the game. After a pers foul on the KR UL went 48/6pl for a 16 yd TD pass with 2:05 left (2ptng) then rec’d the onside kick and drove 39/3pl for a TD with 1:06 left to pull out the win.

WKU had a 22-8 FD edge vs FIU and a 324-180 yd edge. Ironically the game came down to the weakest area of the team so far this year. Casey Tinius had missed 8 straight FG’s and WKU’s K’s were a combined 3-13 on FG’s coming in. FIU led 9-7 and WKU punted with 12:38 left, was int’d at the FIU31 (8:46) and punted on 4&11 with just 3:31 left. FIU punted it back with 1:42 left and WKU would get a 34 yd FG on the final play to pull out the win.

Utah got the clinching TD, 34-14 with 2:50 left and Arizona got a TD with :23 left but Utah rec’d the onside kick.

Wake Forest led 17-10 at the half and had a 197-145 yd edge. Notre Dame scored TD’s on their first 2 poss of the 3Q going 62/6pl and 65/6pl for TD’s to lead 24-7 and had the ball at the WF43 but tried a flea flicker which was int’d at the 7 and WF ret’d it 54 yds and a pers foul moved them ahead to the ND24. Twice WF was at or inside the ND10 in the final 1.5 Q’s, down by 7 and did not score. They fumbled at the 11 and after ND punted, WF punted with 14:15 left but drove 44/11pl and had a 1st & gl at the 10. A sack forced a 42 yd FG and they missed it with 5:24 left and ND got 3 FD’s and ran the clock.

Kansas St had their opportunities vs Oklahoma St. In fact, 2 OSU TD came on 4 and 5 yd “drives” after TO’s. K-St actually led 24-14 in the 2Q but trailed 27-24 at the half. KSU took a 38-37 lead with 5:16 left. The next 3 poss were all TD’s and OSU took the lead with 2:16 left, 52-45. KSU went 66/15pl and had a 1st & gl at the OSU5 but their final 3 passes were all incomplete and OSU escaped.

Maxwell Smith got the start for Kentucky and hit 19-26-283 and UK kept alive its bowl hopes. In the 1H. Ole Miss settled for 31 and 37 yd FG’s on their first 2 poss and their 2nd FG came after a 3 yd TD pass was wiped out for offensive pass interference. UM was int’d at the UK34 with 1:24 left in the half and ret’d 22 yds and UK got a 48 yd FG to lead 10-6 at the half. UM got a TD to lead 13-10 but UK got a 38 yd TD pass with 12:22 left for the lead. UK took over with 5:26 left and got a 55 yd pass on 2&6 setting up a TD then UM went for it on 4&21 at their own 12 and fired incomplete and UK tacked on another TD 2pl later for a misleading 30-13 final in a game that was much closer. UK had a 398-392 yd edge.

East Carolina got a 72 yd TD pass on the 2nd play of the game but defense and special teams gave SMU an insurmountable 38-14 halftime lead. They had a 97 yd IR TD (when EC was threatening to make it 14-0), a 60 yd PR TD, a blk’d punt ret’d 15 yds for a TD and a 79 yd IR TD with 3:27 left for a 38-14 lead. They led 48-21 and EC went 59/10pl for a garbage TD with :53 left and finished with a 420-299 yd edge.

Tough loss for Hawaii vs Utah St. USU was int'd at their own 42 but UH was SOD on 4&4 at the 36. USU went 64/6pl for a TD, 7-0 (9:12). UH went 60/12pl and was SOD on 4&gl at the 3 but after a 27 yd punt and 20 yd PR, they drove 18/2pl for a TD, 7-7 (14:56). UH went 62/8pl for a 1 yd TD run by Moniz, 14-7 (10:38). USU went 3 & out but faked a punt for a FD and punted 4pl later. UH went 54/6pl for a TD, 21-7 (4:22). USU got a 38 yd run to the UH47 and on 3&9 QB Keeton ran for 14 yds for a FD but not only fmbl'd at then end, but would miss the rest of the game (2:06). UH went 68/9pl and got an 18 yd TD pass with :12 left 1H. UH led 28-7 with a 268-153 yd edge. UH opened the 3Q with a 50/11pl drive but missed a 38 yd FG. USU got a 25 yd pass and on 2&4 a 48 yd TD run by Turbin. UH went 59/8pl and had a 1st & gl at the 8 but settled for a 24 yd FG, 31-14 (5:28). USU got 1 FD and on 4&5 they faked a punt again and it was a tipped pass but caught for a 23 yd gain then on 3&16 they got a 37 yd TD pass to get back to 31-21 (2:16). UH went 3 & out but roughing the P gave them a FD. UH was SOD, this time on 4&3 at the USU29. On the next play, backup QB Kennedy hit Morrison with a 71 yd TD pass to make it 31-28 (12:39). 3 punts. USU (4:56) got 4 FD's then Turbin, on 2&gl from the 1, got a TD with :14 left in the gm. UH ran the lateral play getting to their own 33.

Louisiana Tech picked up its 3rd straight road win and LT’s Colby Cameron passed for 358 yds vs Fresno St. After each team went 3 & out to open, LT went 63/4pl. They converted on 3&10 with a 45 yd TD pass, 7-0 (10:01). 3 punts. LT went 58/5pl. They started the drive with a 3&13, 26 yd pass and 2pl later a 22 yd TD pass, 14-0 (4:40). LT went 60/8pl but settled for a 26 yd FG, 17-0 (14:19). LT got 2 FD's and a 53 yd TD run by Creer, 24-7 (7:38). LT got a 75 yd TD pass to White, 31-7 (5:23). Fresno fmbl'd the KO at their own 30 but LT missed a 48 yd FG. FSU got 2 FD’s but on 4&7 was sk'd for a 5 yd loss with :41 left in the half. LT, from the FSU48, got 1 FD and turned it into a 40 yd FG and a 34-7 lead (:09). LT had a 383-140 yd edge at the half. FSU went 3 & out to open the 3Q and LT went 80/7pl for a TD with a 55 yd pass to the 14 the key, 41-7 (10:26). FSU went 64/9pl for a TD, 41-14 (7:03). FSU got 2 FD’s and was int'd on a deep pass from their own 42 at the LT20. LT went 3 & out and FSU got 1 FD and was int'd at the LT43. After an LT punt, FSU went 98/16pl and got a 24 yd TD pass with 6:14 left. LT went 46/9pl and on 4&4 gained 3 yds (2:40) and FSU got 3 FD's to the LT37 gaining 41 yds on their final 8 plays.

Oregon was clearly looking ahead to a huge showdown vs Stanford next week. In the 1H Washington held the ball for 23:54 to Oregon's 6:06 and had an 11-6 FD edge but the Ducks had a 134-131 yd edge. UO led 17-3 but gave up a TD with :30 left in the half and only led 17-10. UW was int'd on the 5th play and UO went 38/3pl for a TD. UO fmbl'd on their first play of the 2nd drive at their own 32 and UW got 1 FD and nailed a 42 yd FG, 7-3. UO got a 69 yd KR by Thomas and settled for a 40 yd FG, 10-3 on a -2 yd drive. 2 punts. UW went 37/9pl but on 3&12 was int'd at the UO17 and ret'd 49 yds to the UW34. UW went 34/4pl for a TD, 17-3. 2 punts. UW, after a 37 yd punt, started at the UO49 (6:20) and went 49/12pl for a 1 yd TD pass with :30 left. UO got 27 and 13 yd passes but missed a 45 yd FG after UW used 3 time-outs to ice the kicker. UO opened the 3Q with a 90/12pl TD drive, 24-10 (12:23). UW went 75/9pl for a 10 yd TD pass, 24-17 (8:33). UO went 70/6pl for a 9 yd TD run by Thomas, 31-17 (6:05). UW got 1 FD and went for it on 4&4 and was SOD on a -3 yd pass back at their own 48. UO got 2 FD's and nailed a 35 yd FG, 34-17 (1:49). UW fmbl'd and it was ret'd 9 yds to their own 23 but UO on 4&17, missed a 46 yd FG. 2 punts. UW went 53/7pl with a 3&10, 53 yd pass down to the 27 but on 4&10 fired incomplete. UO27 got 2 FD's and punted with :51 left.

Boise St had a big game vs TCU on deck and clearly came out flat. UNLV, with nothing to lose, had a 198-161 yd edge at the half. Each team went 3 & out and BSU went 50/8pl for a 2 yd TD pass, 7-0 (9:26). UNLV matched it, going 78/8pl capped by a 13 yd TD run, 7-7 (5:43). 3 punts. BSU only got off a 22 yd punt to their 48 but UNLV punted on 4&5 and BSU blk'd it and got the ball at the UNLV40. After 1 FD, BSU got a 30 yd TD pass on 3&12, 14-7 (9:37). UNLV went 73/10pl and converted on 4&1 with a 2 yd QB run to the BSU33 and on the next play got a 33 yd TD pass, 14-14 (4:49). BSU went 80/11pl and got a 5 yd TD pass with :25 left to lead 21-14. The 3Q opened with 3 punts and BSU on 3&8 got a 51 yd TD pass, 28-14 (8:37). BS36 got 1 FD and lined up for a punt but faked it with a 20 yd run to the UNLV31. They continued on a 64/14pl drive for a TD, 34-14 (14:48). BSU got a 51/2pl drive with a 36 yd TD run by Harper, 41-14 (12:04) who finished with 109 yds filling in for an inj’d Martin. 3 punts. BSU went 51/9pl for a 15 yd TD run with 1:46 left, 48-14 but UNLV got a 55 yd run by Randle plus a FM pen to move it to the 14 and backup QB Reilly (Herring inj’d early 4Q) found Payne for a 13 yd TD pass with :30 left, 48-21. Kellen Moore moved past Colt McCoy as the NCAA’s winningest QB.