Daily Blog •November 15, 2011

LSU QB Jefferson started his 1st gm TY. He hit 8-14-168 yds and was tkl’d for safety. At the half LSU only led 14-7 with WKU even missing a 49 yd FG. It was 21-7 when WKU was SOD on 4&gl at the 1 with 6:46 left in the 3Q. LSU scored TD’s on 3 consecutive poss, plus one more with 5:45 left to give them some margin and WKU’s last threat was SOD at the LSU36.

Mississippi figured to be charged up for Louisiana Tech for a couple of reasons. First, Houston Nutt was fired during the week and second, they were an underdog to a WAC school that was actually in a WAC sandwich coming off a big win vs Fresno St with a bigger game vs Nevada on deck. UM played better than the final score as a couple of key plays changed this game. The Rebels appeared in control taking their 2nd drive 78/8pl for a TD (8:53). LT fmbl’d at their own 41 but MSU, 7pl later, missed a 36 yd FG (4:23). LT went 58/15pl. On 4&1 they were SOD but a face mask gave them a FD. They missed a 40 yd FG 4pl later. 2 punts. UM fmbl’d at their own 22 but LT missed a 35 yd FG. 3 punts. With UM punting from their own 7, LT got a 12 yd PR and went 37/4pl for a TD with 3:32 left 1H, 7-7. UM got 2 FD’s and punted with :35 left. LT was pinned at their 5 and just handed off to Lee but he took it 48 yards so they opted to go for a score and got 1 more FD and nailed a 43 yd FG to give them momentum at the half, 10-7 and that 70 yard drive gave them a 227-129 yd edge at the half. The 3Q opened with 3 punts. UM went 30/11pl but missed a 52 yd FG (5:46). LT got a 47 yd pass and 4pl later a 35 yd FG, 13-7 (4:38). LT then got a 33 yd FR TD 2pl later, 20-7 (3:49). LT blk’d a punt and recovered at its own 39 and went 39/10pl but was int’d at the 1. Two plays later LT got a 26 yd IR TD, 27-7 (11:08). UM was SOD at the LT39 and SOD at the 50.

Tennessee opened with a 48/13pl drive but on a windy night they faked a FG and the pass was incomplete. Arkansas went 75/13pl for a TD. After a UT punt, UA was int’d at the UT23 from their own 42 on the first play. UT went 3 & out and Adams retreated 15 yds and had a spectacular 60 yd PR TD on what originally  looked like a bad play, 14-0. 3 punts. UA on 2&10 got a 71 yd TD run by Johnson, 21-0 (11:25). UT hit a 50 yd pass which was thrown up on the sidelines and had a solid catch by Neal then on 3&11 got a 17 yd pass. An 11 yd TD run made it 21-7 (9:26). UA went 57/8pl and missed a 40 yd FG. UT went 72/14pl. On 3&gl from the 5, Worley, under pressure, was int’d at the goal line and ret’d to the 8. At half Ark had a 213-208 yd edge. The 3Q opened with 2 punts. Ark went 52/5pl for a TD, 28-7 (7:07). UT went for it on 4&1 at its own 40 and was SOD and Wilson hit Adams with a 40 yd TD pass on the next play (4:17). UT was SOD on 4&2 at the Ark27. 2 punts. Ark went 53/3pl for a TD, 42-7 (10:58). Ark went 74/5pl with backup QB Mitchell in for a TD, 49-7 with 6:37 left. Ark fmbl’d at its own 47 on its final drive but UT didn’t get past the 50.

Miss St was in a great situation vs Alabama catching them off their big game vs LSU and in a bubble burst situation with the Tide’s undefeated season gone. Bama had their problems once again with a pair of missed FG’s and finished with a 386-131 yd edge and MSU’s only score came after a 68 yd KR when they drove 22 yds for a TD. Trent Richardson rushed for 127 yards. The first 4 poss were punts. Bama went 26/8pl but missed a 49 yd FG. MSU fmbl’d the punt snap on its own 31 and Bama missed a 31 yd FG. Bama went 52/5pl for a TD, 7-0 (9:59 2Q). 2 punts. MSU went 62/11pl and missed a 41 yd FG (2:50) but got an int 2pl later and ret’d it to the Bama 4. Alabama’s defense showed its strength forcing a 4th&gl at the 12 and MSU missed a 29 yd FG. At half Bama only had a 124-69 yd edge. Bama went 73/8pl for a 24 yd FG, 10-0 (7:32 3Q). Bama went for it on 4&inches at the 50 and was SOD but MSU was SOD on 4&7. Bama went 53/7pl for a TD. MSU ret’d the KO 68 yds to the Bama22 and 3pl later had a TD, 17-7 (12:03). Bama got 1 FD to the MSU46 and punted 44 yds for a TB (9:04). MSU converted on 4&inches to its own 30 but punted on 4&9. Richardson was then handed the ball 9 straight times where he gained 43 yds softening up the MSU D. Bama had a 3&7, MSU used their last time-out and Lacy ripped off a 32 yd TD run with 1:18 left for the final score, 24-7.

UCLA played their first regular season snow game since 1964. There were some flurries in the EagleBank Bowl in Washington DC but this was the first snow on the ground. The game was much closer than the final score as UCLA had a 295-291 yd edge and in fact at the half UCLA had a 115-75 yd edge but trailed 7-3. Utah was SOD at the LA30 then fmbl’d a punt on its own 17 and LA got a 30 yd FG, 3-0 (3:19 1Q). 4 punts. Utah, after LA punted from its EZ, drove 39/7pl for a TD with 5:34 left in the half, 7-3. LA went 58/15pl but missed a 47 yd FG on the last play of the half. Utah opened the 3Q with a 74/10pl drive for a TD, 14-3 (9:29). LA was int’d at the Utah37. 2 punts. Utah went 47/3pl and a White 22 yd TD run made it 21-3 (3:18). LA went 54/11pl for a 35 yd FG, 21-6 (13:12). LA went 36/4pl but from the Utah44 was int’d and ret’d 67 yds for a TD (9:03). LA was SOD at their own 45 on 4&11 with 6:58 left and Utah got 2 FD’s and added a 38 yd FG, 31-6 (4:05). LA got to the Utah25 but was SOD with 1:48 left and Utah gained 30 yds on the final 3 plays.

This is technically a Notre Dame home game but being played 12 miles from Maryland’s stadium. ND still had the crowd edge. The Irish wore a shamrock on their helmet and MD wore their state flag uniforms. MD lost starting QB Danny O’Brien for the season (broken arm). ND was pretty much in control from the start. They took their opening drive 67/8pl for a TD. 3 punts. ND went 57/11pl for a Ruffer career long 52 yd FG, 10-0 (2:47). 3 punts. ND, running the no huddle offense, went 80/7pl and got a 19 yd TD pass, 17-0 (8:29). MD went 61/9pl with O’Brien going 5-5 on the drive. A bubble screen went 13 yds for a TD, 17-7 (5:18). The Irish went 70/13pl and on 4&inches, Gray walked into the EZ for a TD, 24-7 with :29 left in the half. The Irish had a 292-144 yd edge. ND got a 3&17 draw play for 19 yds keying an 84/14pl drive for a TD, 31-7 (8:48). MD got 2 FD’s but was int’d and ret’d 57 yds for a TD, 38-7 (7:18). 2 punts. Brown came in at QB for MD and they went 97/10pl and got a 24 yd read option TD by Brown, 38-14 (14:02). 2 punts. ND went 77/7pl and got a 34 yd TD pass with 5:31 left, 45-14. MD converted on 4&3 and 4&gl on a 67/13pl drive for a garbage TD with :37 left for the 45-21 final. ND had a 511-297 yd edge prior to the final drive.

As you can tell by the final score, this one was a shoot out. New Mexico St opened with a 59/6pl drive for a TD (12:08). On their next poss NMSU only got off an 8 yd punt and Fresno St went 46/7pl for a TD, 7-7 (4:30). FSU fmbl’d at their own 12 and NMSU got a TD 3pl later, 14-7 (14:11). FSU went 71/12pl settling for a 20 yd FG, 14-10 (8:15). Rogers ret’d the KO 99 yds for a TD for a 20-10 NMSU lead (7:59). FSU got 2 FD’s and punted and NMSU was int’d on a deep pass. FSU went 66/5pl capped by a 20 yd TD pass to pull within 20-17 (2:00 2Q). NMSU went 61/8pl for a 39 yd FG on the final play of the half on FD, 23-17. At the half FSU had a 229-182 yd edge. FSU opened the 3Q with a 76/5pl drive for a TD then after an NMSU punt, FSU got a 59/1pl TD pass to Saunders, 31-23 (10:34). NMSU went 68/11pl for a TD and 2 pt conv, 31-31 (6:40). FSU got a 64/1pl TD pass to Saunders, 38-31 (6:22). NMSU went 84/12pl for a 6 yd TD run, 38-38 (3:50). NMSU went 59/8pl but settled for a 25 yd FG and the lead, 41-28 (13:54). FSU went 71/10pl for a 2 yd TD run and the lead, 45-41. NMSU went 48/8pl but on 4&5 was SOD at the FSU24 with just 4:24 left. FSU went 3 & out and Lee got off an 18 yd PR to the 44. NMSU got 1 FD and then on 3&7 FSU blitzed and Christian hit Rogers with a 37 yd TD pass with 1:50 left for the lead, 48-45. FSU on 4&10 fired incomplete and NMSU on 3&6 got a 6 yd run for a FD to run out the clock.

Southern Miss had a 519-364 yd edge vs UCF but settled for 5 FG’s as Coach Fedora said, “we kept shooting ourselves in the foot.” UCF did open with a 44/9pl TD drive (9:01). 2 punts. SM went 96/7pl for a TD, 7-3 (1:55). 3 punts. SM went 80/8pl but settled for a 28 yd FG, 10-3 (7:35). UCF went 39/8pl for a 38 yd FG, 10-6 (3:40). SM went 67/10pl. They had a 1st&gl at the 9 but settled for a 22 yd FG, 13-6 (:08). At the half SM had a 277-146 yd edge. The 3Q opened with 2 punts. SM went 50/9pl for a 44 yd FG. UCF went 42/8pl for a 41 yd FG. SM got a FD to the UCF43 but after 3 holds, punted, but UCF fmbl’d the punt at their own 25 and SM settled for a 46 yd FG, 19-9 (13:40). They tried a pooch kick off and Murray returned it 69 yds for a TD, 19-16 (13:28). SM got a 42 yd pass then a 48 yd FG, 22-16 (11:56). UCF went 56/8pl for a 13 yd TD pass and the lead, 23-22. SM went 80/8pl and got a 4 yd TD pass and 2 pt conv, 30-23. UCF got 1 FD and was int’d at their own 30. SM appeared to have a chance to win by more than a TD. They had a FD at the 12 yd line but on 2&8, fmbl’d and UCF rec’d at the 11 with 2:47 left. UCF went 89/12pl. On 4&6 they threw up a Hail Mary that went 25 yds for a TD. They opted to go for 2 being on the road and it was batted down in the EZ.

This was a sellout and Stanford had a shot at playing in the National Title game and had been dominant winning 8 of their games by 20+ pts. Oregon only had 1 FD in the 1Q as the first 4 poss were punts. SU was int’d and ret’d 30 yds to the SU20 (5:53 1Q). UO got 1 FD and a 4 yd TD pass then went for the 2 pt conversion on the swinging gate and got it 8-0 (4:12). SU went 78/13pl for a 16 yd TD pass but their bkp K missed the xp (13:51). UO15 went 85/6pl with a 58 yd TD run by James (11:49). UO got 1 FD and then Thomas, after a FD run, fmbl’d at the SU45 (8:13). SU went 36/7pl for a 37 yd FG, 15-9 (4:57). UO got 2 FD’s and then got a 41 yd TD pass to Thomas on a wheel route, 22-9 (2:52). Luck led SU 84/8pl for a 13 yd TD pass 22-16 (:24). It was the first time SU trailed at half since 2009. UO opened the 3Q with a 74/4pl drive and Huff sped past the D for a 59 yd TD 29-16 (13:23). UO fumbled the punt at their own 34 but Fleener dropped a FD pass and they settled for a 48 yd FG and missed (10:08). Luck was sacked and fumbled at his 12 and on 4&2 the Ducks got a 4 yd TD run, 36-16 (7:41). SU went 71/10pl for a TD, 36-23 (2:38) but UO went 69/10pl for a TD, 43-23 (14:02). SU went 63/11pl for a 1 yd TD run, 43-30 (9:37). UO went 47/8pl for a 40 yd FG on 4&8, 46-30 (5:09). Luck had his 3rd TO, this time on 2&5, a 40 yd IR TD, 53-30 (4:28). SU fumble’ the KO at their own 30. UO was SOD on 4&18, only gaining 12 yds (1:55). SU got a 14 yd run but fmbl’d (1:35) and the Ducks took a knee.

As I expected, BYU dominated Idaho. UI’s offense has struggled all year and BYU was off a bye and had 30-10 FD and 505-241 yd edges despite losing starting QB Riley Nelson after the 1st TD. BYU opened with a 41/8pl drive but missed a 35 yd FG (11:34). BYU went 64/6pl for a 32 yd TD pass and Nelson broke a rib and did not return (8:26). That brought Jake Heaps (15-20-185) off the scrap pile and he guided the team 78/9pl for a 17 yd TD run by Kariya, 14-0 (1:18). BYU went 75/13pl for a TD, 21-0 (6:49). UI had gotten 2 FD by penalty but got their first actual FD on a 3&10 QB draw and added 1 more FD and punted (1:16 2Q). BYU went 70/6pl and got a 21 yd TD pass with :13 left in the half, 28-0. BYU had a 298-63 yd edge at the half incl 199-(-2) passing. BYU opened the 3Q with a 57/3pl TD drive (12:31) while UI went 3&out and BYU went 43/7pl but was int’d at the UI8 (8:12). UI was int’d 3 plays later and BYU went 22/3pl for a TD, 42-0 (5:37). UI’s only TD came on 3&12 when they ran a draw play to McCarty. He was just trying to get yards and then broke to the left and there was nobody there at the sidelines and he raced 82 yards for a TD avoiding the shutout, 42-7 (3:56). With 3rd string QB Lark in, BYU went 59/14pl but missed a 47 yd FG. UI brought in Reader and went 59/9pl to the BYU11 but he was int’d in the EZ and ret’d 48 yds (3:33).

East Carolina came in banged up on the O-line. While UTEP finished with a 429-254 yd edge, EC was winning midway through the 4Q before 1 big play. UTEP went 56/8pl but was SOD at the 1 (9:28) on their 1st series. UTEP fumbled the punt and EC went 34/7pl for a TD, 7-0 (5:11). UTEP QB Lamaison had a groin inj and Meger (18-27-155) would QB the rest of the game. 2 punts. Edwards got a 32 yd PR to the EC37 and UTEP got 1 FD and missed a 35 yd FG. EC got 1 FD but then Davis was int’d and ret’d 44 yds for a TD, 7-6 (11:51, xpng). EC went 3&out and Edwards’ 41 yd PR set up UTEP for a 34/4pl drive for a TD, 13-7 (9:08). EC got 1 FD and punted with 6:03 and UTEP went 70/15pl getting a 46 yd FG with :34 left in the half, 16-7. At half UTEP had a 202-85 yd edge. EC took its opening 3Q poss 54/7pl capped by a 10 yd TD pass, 16-14 (11:36). UTEP went 48/9pl but on 4&3 was SOD at the EC32.EC went 66/16pl and had 1st & gl at the 6 but settled for a 19 yd FG, 17-16 (1:09). UTEP went 68/10pl but on 2&5 fmbl’d at the EC12. EC got 2 FD’s and punted with 7:47 left and the key play happened when Banyard got a 77 yd TD run 2pl later to make it 22-17 (7:04, 2ptng). EC went 3&out punting on 4&13 and UTEP, after a 29 yd punt, started at the EC46 and got 1 FD and on 4&4 gained 2 yds with 2:49 left. EC on 3&10 was int’d and ret’d 17 yds to their 30 and UTEP on 3&6, got a 6 yd FD run and took a knee.

UNLV has been traditionally one of the poorest road teams in the country but amazingly Las Vegas had them favored by a TD on the road vs New Mexico. NM got an 80 yd TD pass on the first play to Long, 7-0 (14:51). LV went 80/10pl and got a 45 yd TD by Bradford, 7-7 (8:50). NM went 80/14pl. On 4&5 a pass interference gave them a FD to the LV30 and 6pl later they got a 1 yd TD run by Rogers, 14-7 (:32). LV got 2 FD’s and punted and NM went 38/7pl but missed a 37 yd FG. NM went 59/14pl but on 4&gl from the 1 was SOD with 1:39 left in the half so NM only led 14-7 but had a 249-155 yd edge. NM fmbl’d at the LV39 after a 16 yd run for a FD (12:02 3Q). 4 punts. LV went 72/9pl and got a 4 yd TD run by Cornett, 14-14 (14:22). NM went 43/9pl but had a 46 yd FG blk’d. 2 punts. LV got 1 FD and on 2&5 Barnhill gained 7 yds but fmbl’d. NM got a 27 yd pass to Solomon to the 7 and 2pl later a 2 yd TD run made it 21-14 with 1:15 left. UNLV was SOD on their own 19 on 4&3 (:32).

Nevada finished with a 528-307 yd edge and Bryant Moniz suffered a right leg injury in the 1Q and did not return. Shane Austin hit 17-38-246 yds. Hawaii opened with a 33/6pl drive for a 35 yd FG (12:54). 4 punts. UNR went 81/9pl for a 4 yd TD run 7-3 (1:18 1Q). UNR went 84/11pl for a 13 yd TD pass, 14-3 (10:54 2Q). 2 punts. UH got 1 FD to the UNR47 but a deep pass was int’d in the EZ and ret’d 16 yards. UNR got 2 FD’s and was sacked and fmbl’d on their 42 and UH got 1 FD and a 38 yd FG, 14-6 (2:30). UNR21 went 3&out and UH blk’d the punt for a TD to tie it at 14 (2pt, 1:27). UNR went 64/6pl and got an 8 yd TD pass with :21 left. At half UNR had a 290-114 yd edge but only led 21-14. UNR fumbled the opening KO at their 19 and UH had a 1st & gl at the 1 but fmbl’d and a PF pushed it out to the 22. UNR went 78/9pl for a 25 yd TD run by Fajardo, 28-14 (9:35). UH went 54/8pl and got a 3 yd TD run, the key a 3&17 18 yd pass to the 9, 28-21 (6:14). 2 punts. UNR went 55/8pl for a 5 yd TD pass, 35-21 (14:16). UH went 77/8pl and got a 21 yd TD pass, 35-28 (11:01). UNR went 80/13pl. They faked a 32 yd FG and got a 15 yd TD pass, 42-28 (4:18). UH got 2 FD’s but was int’d at the UNR6 (3:13). After UNR got 1 FD and punted (2:06), UH  got 1 FD to the UNR31 but was int’d at the 26 and ret’d 11 yds (1:18).

Washington St lost starting QB Marshall Lobbestael to injury and frosh Connor Halliday hit 27-36-494 yds and WSU rolled up a 590-411 yd edge. The game was played in a mix of rain and snow and temps in the 30’s which aided the NW team vs the team from the desert. Arizona St got a 95 yd KR to open for a 7-0 lead (14:47). 4 punts. On Halliday’s first pass, it was an 85 yd TD to Wilson, 7-6 (6:35, bad snap on xp). WSU got 1 FD and fumbled. ASU went 37/10pl for a 39 yd FG, 10-6 (14:51). WSU got a 31 yd pass on a 51/6pl drive and settled for a 39 yd FG, 10-9 (12:32). 2 punts. ASU went 52/9pl. On 4&8 they got a 17 yd pass and a roughing the passer moved them down to the 6 and but they settled for a 22 yd FG, 13-9 (7:15). 2 punts. WSU went 74/8pl and got a 23 yd TD pass, 16-13 (1:15). ASU went 56/5pl and got a 2 yd TD run with :13 left in the half to retake the lead, 20-16. At the half WSU had a 300-194 yd edge. The 3Q opened with 2 punts. WSU got a 44 yd pass then on 4&1 an 8 yd pass for a FD and then a 19 yd TD pass on the next play, 23-20 (6:40). ASU got a KR to the WSU40 and 6pl later a 16 yd TD pass and were in the lead again, 27-23 (4:11 3Q). ASU went 57/9pl but on 4&1 was SOD at the 10. WSU went 89/9pl and on 3&14 got a 17 yd TD pass for the lead, 30-27 (8:55). ASU went 71/9pl. They dropped a pair of TD’s then missed a 21 yd FG with 5:45 left. WSU on 3&9 got a 25 yd pass. On another 3&8 a 29 yd pass to the 1 and a 1 yd TD run capped the 80/11pl TD drive with 1:50 left. ASU fmbl’d the KO at their own 26 and WSU took a knee.