Daily Blog •November 29, 2011


News and Notes Week 13 Part 2

The Buffalo/Bowling Green game was a misleading 72 points. The two combined for just 700 yards offense. It was a very windy day, which effected the punts as there were scoring drives of 30, 66, 39 and 38 yds off punts. Off TO’s there were scores following a 42 yd IR TD, 28 yds and 28 yds (after blk’d punt).

Well, nobody really wanted to win the Pac-12 South this year. When Utah (over a 3 TD fav) lost to Colorado, UCLA clinched the P12. At night Arizona St now had nothing to play for even though it was their home finale and they needed to stop a 3 game losing streak. The Sun Devils were done in by a 4-1 TO deficit and also their D allowed Cal 484 yds. Cal actually had a 27-14 lead when ASU scored a TD on 4&10 with :52 left in the half and rec’d a fmbl’d KO and went 30/3pl for a TD to lead 28-27 at the half. Cal’s big play was a 3&4, 74 yd TD pas with 2:53 left in the 3Q to go up by 10 while ASU pulled within 41-38 after 3Q’s, Cal would get 19 and 30 yd FG’s while ASU turned it over 2x in the 4Q in their 47-38 win.

The Big East remains wide open with Cincinnati, West Virginia and Louisville all having a shot at the title. None of those three control their own destiny. UC needs a win and WV loss; UL needs a UC loss and WV needs a win and a UC win. UC missed a 33 yd FG in the 1H vs Syracuse and also had QB Luallen fall down with only the EZ in front of him and they settled for a FG and it was 10-6 at the half but the Bearcats rolled to a 30-13 win with SU gaining 136 yards on their final 3 drives.

SMU had a 368-250 yd edge vs Rice. SMU was int’d at the Rice24 and Rice’s TD in the 1H came on a 13/1pl TD pass after a 23 yd IR and in the 2H they got a 21 yd FR TD to tie it at 14. SMU was missed a 23 yd FG and Rice would gain 91 of their yards on their final 2 drives when trailing 27-17 getting a TD with 1:43 left, rec’ing the onside kick and getting 8 more plays.

While WKU moved to 7-5 and still has a shot at the SBC Title, the 2 SBC bowl tie in’s have already been locked up. Bobby Rainey rushed for 227 yards as WKU beat Troy, 41-18.

Georgia had the SEC Title game on deck and opted to rest Isaiah Crowell so they were without their top 2 TB’s vs Georgia Tech but Aaron Murray hit 19-29-252 yds. UGA won their 10th str game, their longest winning streak within a season since 1982. UGA led 31-10 after 3Q’s and missed a 53 yd FG with 8:58 left with GT getting a TD with 6:32 left and GT gaining 108 of their yards on their final 2 drives.

Rutgers did have a 430-290 yd edge and a 6-1 TO deficit but also gained a good portion of their yards and points when the game was out of reach. Connecticut led 40-10 after 3Q’s and RU’s final 3 drives would cover 48, 92 and 49 yds or 189 yards incl a 92 yd TD pass with 2:15 left.

QB Keith Price became Washington’s all-time single season leader in TD passes (29) as he had 3 vs Washington St. He sat out the start of LW’s game vs Oregon St but returned and hit 21-29-291 yds. WSU had Marshall Lobbestael ret’d to the line up and he hit 29-42-344. UW blk’d a punt and rec’d for a TD,7-0 (11:37). 3 punts. UW went 55/4pl for a 16 yd TD pass, 14-0 (2;13). WSU went 46/4pl but fmbl’d at the UW24. UW got 4 FD’s on a 58/8pl drive but missed a 35 yd FG (12:50). WSU went 80/12pl and on 3&14 got a 16 yd TD pass, 14-7 (7;55). WSU went 66/8pl and got a 16 yd TD pass, 14-14 with 2:05 left but UW went 61/7pl getting a 21 yd TD pass with :24 left in the half, 21-14 which gave them a 231-219 yd edge. The 3Q opened with 3 punts. UW went 58/3pl with a 23 yd TD pass, 28-14 (5:56). WSU went 62/3pl with a 38 yd TD pass, 28-21 (4:31). 2 punts. UW got 2 FD’s and nailed a 47 yd FG, 31-21 (13:19). 2 punts WSU had a flea flicker int’d at the 8 and ret’d 23 yds. UW then put it away with a 69/8pl drive for a 2 yd TD run with 5:25 left, 38-21. 2 punts. WSU gained 47 yds on their final 6 plays.

Notre Dame struggled offensively vs Stanford and would lose by 14. After each team punted to open, SU went 57/7pl and got a 4 yd TD pass, 7-0 (9:16). ND went 36/8pl. On 2&7 from the SU24 they fmbl’d (2:31). ND went 35/8pl. On 4&4 they lined up like they were going for it and punted and it was blk’d (13:44). SU got 2 FD’s to the ND35 but was int’d and ret’d 34 yds to the 26 and a horse collar brought it to the 11 but the Irish blew an opportunity by gaining 7 yds and then missing a 21 yd FG (9:59). SU went 80/10pl and got a 28 yd TD pass, 14-0 (4:45). SU got a 32 yd run by Taylor but fmbl’d at the ND39. The Irish (39) got a FD to the SU44 but on the key play of the game on 3&8 they were int’d at the SU36 with 1:38 left in the half. SU went 64/10pl and got an 11 yd TD pass with ;10 left in the half to go up 21-0 (:10). At half SU had a 287-75 yd edge. The Andrew Hendrix era began as he QB’d the 2nd half for ND. The Irish offense moved the ball. They got 2 FD’s and punted on their first drive (11:27), went 77/7pl for a TD on their 2nd, 21-7 (6:21). 3 punts. ND17 went 43/6pl and a high pass was int’d and ret’d 41 yds to the ND35. SU missed a 48 yd FG (10:34). ND31 got a 25 yd pass to Floyd to the SU35 but punted 45 yds for a TB and SU went 80/6pl for a 54 yd TD pass, 28-7 (5:40). ND did take over with 1:02 left at their own 12 and went 88/4pl getting a 2 yd TD run by Hendrix with :23 left.

This was a strange game as Florida had an 11-7 FD edge and 184-95 yd edges but lost 21-7. QB John Brantley struggled hitting 9-15-104 yds with 3 int’s and was inj’d and Jacoby Brissett hit 4-13-27 yds and an int. Each team punted and UF Florida was int’d and ret’d 12 yds to their 20 (9:20). FSU got a TD 7pl later, 7-0 (6:34). 2 punts. UF got a 24 yd pass to the FSU35 but was int’d and ret’d 89 yds to the 4 (:05). FSU got a 4/3pl TD drive, 14-0 (14:24). UF got 1 FD and was int’d at the FSU48 (12:57). UF went 70/13pl and on 4&1 at the FSU15 Burton came in at QB, was stuffed then tkl’d for a 15 yd loss back to the 29 (4:30). 2 punts. At the half UF had a 140-42 yd edge but trailed 14-0. The 3Q opened with 4 punts. Reed got a 41 yd PR but a PF moved them back to the 39 of UF and they gained 7 yds and missed a 50 yd FG (5:18). 4 punts. UF10 got 1 FD but was int’d and ret’d 29 yds for a TD, 21-0 (12:20). 3 punts. FSU fmbl’d at their own 21 with 4:32 left. UF got a PI FD to the 6 and a 6 yd TD pass on the next play, 21-7 (4:16). FSU got 1 FD and ran the clock.

Something I thought all year was that the most valuable player for any team was Baylor’s Robert Griffin III but Baylor proved that wrong this past weekend. Griffin was knocked out of the game at the end of the 1H with a concussion and did not return. In the 1H, BU had 31 pts and 294 yards. You would expect with a backup QB that BU would have been fighting a possible upset and of course, have much less production. But, in Art Briles QB-friendly offense, Nick Florence actually outdid Griffin (7-11-106) in his half. Florence hit 9-12-151 yds. BU scored 35 pts with Florence to 31 with Griffin vs Texas Tech’s feeble D and BU also gained 323 yards under Florence and just 294 under Griffin. Terrance Ganaway rushed 42 times for 246 yards and Baylor set a school mark for most pts in a conf game (Big 12 or SWC). TT went 3&out on the first 2 poss. BU went 44/8pl for a 28 yd FG 11:13 then 73/12pl and got a 4&6, 33 yd TD pass, 10-0 (6:57). TT went 76/9pl and got a 5 yd TD run, 10-7 (3:39). BU went 66/10pl and got a 4 yd TD run, 17-7 (14:54). TT went 74/13pl for a TD and BU went 61/7pl for a TD, 24-14 (8:40). TT went 43/2pl for a 43 yd TD pass, 24-21 (7:57). TT rec’d an onside kick and had the momentum but actually went 3&out and BU went 87/12pl. On 4&7, TT was hit with 2 pen’s giving them a FD and they completed the drive with a 3 yd TD run with 1:37 left. TT went 60/7pl and got a 1 yd TD pass with :08 left to make it 31-28 and at the half BU had a 294-226 yd edge. Florence QB’d the 2H and BU went 53/8pl and missed a 44 yd FG (12:37). TT27 got 1 FD and punted on 4&1, 50 yds for a TB (11:35). BU went 80/5pl for a 46 yd TD pass, 38-28 (10:10). Then went 77/8pl. They had a 40 yd pass to Williams where the DB had it and it could have been int’d but he took the ball away from the DB for the TD 45-28 (6:05). TT went 45/5pl but fmbl’d (4:46). BU fumbled it back 4pl later and TT got 2 FD’s to the BU22. A huge play happened when TT looking to make it a 10 pt game was not only int’d but ret’d 90 yds for a TD and 14 pt swing, 52-28 (2:26). TT went 64/6pl for a TD, 52-35 (:15). BU28 fmbl’d and TT got a 33 yd TD run by Ward on a reverse, 52-42 (14:05). Florence guided BU 69/12pl for a Florence 1 yd TD run, 59-42 (9;33). TT fmbl’d at the BU48 (9:16). BU went 3 &out (7:44). TT was int’d and ret’d 26 yds to their 21 and BU ran 3x with Ganaway’s 5 ye run icing it 66-42 (6:24). TT went 3&out and BU ran the clock.

In the Egg Bowl you figured that Mississippi would rally around outgoing coach Houston Nutt but a couple of turnovers which set up Miss St TD’s put them in a deep hole and they were basically noncompetitive as MSU finished with a 317-202 yd edge. MSU opened with a 68/11pl drive and converted on 4&4 and 3&12 on the drive and got an 18 yd TD pass, 7-0 (9:35). 2 punts. MSU went 98/9pl and an option went 36 yds for a TD to Perkins, 14-0 (1:22). MSU got 1 FD and was int’d at their own 41. UM on 4&5 lost 4 yds. MSU went 61/7pl and got a 20 yd TD pass, 21-0 (6:51). UM went 28/10pl and had a FD at the MSU38 but after a sk let the clock run out in the half on 4&22 instead of calling time-out. At the half MSU had a 252-65 yd edge. UM fmbl’d and MSU drove 27/2pl for a TD, 28-0 (13:38). 2 punts. UM went 47/12pl settling for a 28 yd FG, 28-3 (4:59). 2 punts. MSU, after a 28 yd PR to the UM36 got 1 FD on a 35 yd FG, 31-3 (12:03). 4 punts. UM on 4&1 were SOD at midfield. Two PF set MSU back to its 21 and they punted with :54 left. UM33 got a 61 yd pass to the 6, had a TD overturned then QB Brunetti was leveled on the final play, which was fitting of the game.

Oregon St WR James Rodgers did not suit up for his final game due to a left ankle injury prior to the Civil War. LaMichael James hurt his elbow after rushing for 142 yds but should be alright for UCLA. The Ducks have won 4 straight Cival Wars, their longest win streak since 1997. Oregon was coming off a rare home loss which had snapped their 21 game home win streak. It was 7-7 with 11:08 left in the 2Q but UO went 79, 79 and 75 yds for TD’s, the latter with :26 left 1H. At half UO had a 394-125 yd edge. UO led 49-14 when OSU drove 85/6pl for a 23 yd TD pass with 2:46 left.

Hawaii gave David Graves the start and he hit 21-38-260 yds but Shane Austin who started the previous week, came off the bench to lead the game clinching TD drive and hit 9-10-98. UH opened with a 69/6pl drive and got a 17 yd TD pass, 7-0 (11:40). 4 punts. Tulane drove 44/5pl for an 11 yd TD run, 7-7 (3:43). UH went 77/3pl for a TD, 14-7 (2:29) and TU went 68/13pl. They converted on 4&1 at the UH32 and 5pl later had a TD, 14-14 (11:37). UH26 went 74/12pl. They converted on 4&4 at the TU14 and 3pl later got a TD, 21-14 (7:00). TU got a 66 yd KR but missed a 39 yd FG (5:29). UH was int’d at the TU29 with 4:07 left in the half and int’d at the TU15 with :38 left. TU got 2 FD’s and had a 40 yd FG blk’d on the 1H final play. At half UH had a 303-176 yd edge. UH opened the 3Q with a 66/7pl drive for a TD (10:03) 28-14. TU tried a RB pass and Darkwa was int’d at the UH41 (7:52). 3 punts. TU got 1 FD and was int’d at the UH2 but UH was tkl’d for a safety on the next play, 28-16 (:52) and TU drove 50/10pl and got a 2 yd TD run and were within 28-23 with 11:42 left. Austin came in at QB and UH went 71/10pl and got a 1 yd TD run with 7:03 left, 35-23 (7:03). TU punted on 4&6 with 5:25 left but UH got 4 FD’s ending the game at the TU26.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned numerous times in my blogs how I hate all of these new uniforms that are brought out by the teams. I thought one of the best rivalries in the 1960’s was UCLA/USC. Every year I look forward to watching the game as both teams wore their home uniforms with the powder blue of UCLA and the gold helmets and the Trojans’ maroon. I turned on the set and UCLA was out there with horrible white uniforms with white helmets so I couldn’t even tell it was the Bruins. When I watch 12 games all day long on Saturday, it’s very annoying to glance at a set and try to quickly grasp what team it is and not know due to the funky uniforms being worn. It looks like karma got the Bruins as they were pounded 50-0. Another key factor here was the fact that when Colorado upset Utah on Friday, UCLA had clinched a berth in the P12 Title game regardless of the outcome here. UCLA did move the ball in the 1H as USC went 72/4pl and got a 42 yd TD pass, 7-0 (13:15). UCLA went 78/12pl but on 4&gl from the 2 were SOD. USC got 2 FD’s and got a 73 yd TD run by McNeal (5:16) 14-0. USC went 92/13pl and got a 1 yd TD pass and 2 pt conversion, 22-0 (12:48). USC went 60/11pl and on 4&gl got a 3 yd TD pass to Ellison (6:53). LA went 64/7pl and had a 1st & gl at the 8 but was int’d in the EZ on 3&gl and ret’d 25 yds. USC punted for the first time with 2:13 left 2Q. UCLA went 55/9pl but passed up a 45 yd FG on the last play of the half and Prince gained 3 yds on 2&14. At the half USC had a 324-207 yd edge. UCLA opened the 3Q with a 39/8pl drive but was SOD at the USC48. USC on 2&10 got a 52 yd TD pass. USC went 93/8pl and got a 4 yd TD pass to Woods. USC went 93/8pl and got a 4 yd TD pass (3:50) then went 73/6pl for a 41 yd TD pass, 50-0 (13:56). 2 punts. UCLA went 77/12pl but on 4&5 was SOD at the USC7 and USC got 3 FD’s and ran out the clock.

This was closer than the final as San Diego St got 2 late TD’s, one a 1yd drive after a blk’d punt to win by 17. That last TD came with 1:11 left. SDS went 71/12pl but on 4&3 were SOD at the LV25. LV went 75/7pl and Cornett got a 54 yd TD run, 7-0 (4:10). LV went 67/8pl and on 4&1 they got a 7 yd pass and then Cornett got a 25 yd TD run on the next play, 14-0 (14:54). SDS was int’d on a deep pass at the UNLV33. 3 punts. SDS47 (7:05 2Q) on 3&1 got a 44 yd Hillman TD run to get back in it. LV20 went 51/10pl but on 4&5 gained 4yds to the Aztecs 29 as they were in no man’s land. At half LV led 14-7 with a 233-167 yd edge. 3Q 2 punts. SDS went 53/7pl and got a 15 yd TD pass on 3&8 to tie it at 14 (7:30). SDS went 52/11pl and got a 27 yd FG for their first lead, 17-14 (:39 3Q). LV37 got 2 FD’s but on 4&5 in no man’s land again fired incomplete from the Aztec 36. SDS went 64/12pl and on 4&1 got a 6 yd TD pass, 24-14 (5:45). LV30 went 3&out and QB Herring was hurt and Reilly came in and fired incompelte. SDS then blk’d the punt and rec’d at hte LV31 (4:29). SDS went 31/8pl getting a TD with 1:11 left, 31-14. LV was int’d at the LV34 (:58) and SDS took a knee.

South Carolina finished with a 450-153 yd edge and 19-12 FD edge. SC did have the advantage of Clemson having the ACC Title game on deck but got their 3rd straight win for the first time in the rivalry since 1968-’70. SC opened with a 48/10pl drive for a 46 yd FG (10:38). SC went 75/7pl and got a 49 yd TD pass, 10-0 (6:26). 2 punts. CU went 61/15pl for a 28 yd TD pass, 10-7 (11:32). SC got 1 FD and punted and the P scooped it off the ground and his punt went into the ankle of the CU rusher and was rec’d at the SC26. CU got 1 FD and got a 32 yd FG, 10-10 (6:14). SC went 60/9pl incl a 4&2 conv at the CU31 and got a 15 yd TD run on 3&5, 17-10 (1:55). At half SC had a 272-81 yd edge. SC opened the 3Q with a 66/5pl drive for a TD, 24-10 (9;52). 4 punts. CU, after a 24 yd punt, started at the SC36, got 2 FD’s and got a 40 yd FG, 24-13 (13:38). SC went 50/14pl for a 37 yd FG, 27-13 (6:26) then got a 26 yd IR to the CU19 and 2pl later a TD, 34-13 (5:20). CU was sk’d on 4&15 at their own 44 with 2:54 left.