Daily Blog •October 4, 2011

News and Notes Week 5 Part 2

That stats in the N Texas/Tulsa game showed NT with a 22-19 FD edge and TU with only a 412-391 yd edge. I could also point out that TU had not one, but two IR TD’s of 36 and 74 yards. NT was also SOD on 4&gl at the 1 in the 1Q and had a 40 yd FG blk’d after a 1st & gl at the 6 but the bottom line is that TU led this game 41-3. NT got 21 points in the 4Q and trailing 41-10 they got an int with 8:53 left and went 48/11pl for a TD to make it 41-17 and then TU was SOD on 4&1 at its own 39 with 1:06 left and on the final play of the game, NT hit a 26 yd TD pass to lose the game by less than Vegas expected.

In the 1H Maryland did not convert on a 3rd or a 4th down and Towson held the ball for 21:50 and had a commanding 225-111 yd edge. MD did got 65/7pl for a TD on their first poss. After a 28 yd punt and kick/catch interference, MD started at the TU24 but had a 43 yd FG blk’d. TU went 33/7pl but was SOD on 4&1 a the MD41. MD was SOD at the TU28 six plays later. TU went 66/16pl and had a 1st & gl at the 2 but settled for a 23 yd FG, 7-3. TU went 90/16pl and on the final play of the half they settled for a 24 yd FG on 4&1 and missed it. TU had 4 TO’s in the 2H including on the 2nd play when they were int’d at their own 45 and MD went 45/8pl for a TD. TU was sacked and fumbled 2pl later at their own 29 but MD fumbled at the 6. TU went 61/11pl but on 3&10 was int’d at the MD26. 4 punts. MD with O’Brien still at QB went 78/11pl and got a 7 yd TD pass with 7:01 left. TU fumbled the KO and MD went 26/5pl for a TD with 4:26 left for some breathing room. TU had a 378-335 yd edge and 21-20 FD edge.

Oklahoma had two 21 point spurts to turn a reasonably close game vs Ball St into an utter blowout. BS actually onside kicked to open and recovered but had a 2nd & 1 and ran the all twice and then punted. OU went 85/10pl for a TD. OU fumbled the punt at their own 26 and BS got a 34 yard FG, 7-3. OU went 45/9pl for a 44 yd FG, 10-3 and BS went 61/15pl for a 31 yd FG, 10-6. OU went 92/12pl and got a 25 yd TD run to make it 17-6 with 8:22 left 2Q. Jefferson then took over. He got an int at the BS13 setting up a 10/2pl drive, 24-6. Three plays later he got an int at the OU23 and the Sooners went 77/6pl for a TD. Two plays later Jefferson got his 3rd straight int at the BS27 and on 2&10 Jones hit a 27 yd TD pass to make it 38-6. OU was int’d at the BS32 on their next drive with 1:41 left in the half but got a 62 yd pass to the BS13 and missed a 30 yd FG with :42 left. At the half they did have a commanding 406-116 yd edge. BS went 3&out and OU got a 64 yd TD pass 2pl later. BS went 3&out and OU got 56/1pl TD pass. BS20 fumbled and it was ret’d 20 yds for a TD (OU’s 3rd TD in a 1:08 span). After the next 3 poss were punts, OU went 63/12pl for a 39 yd FG, 62-6 (13:42). Neither cross midfield after that.

Northern Illinois was int’d on the 3rd play at their own 40. Central Michigan went 28/8pl for a 29 yd FG. NI got 2 FD & punted and CM got a 79 yd TD pass. NI went 3&out and CM46 got a 46 yd pass to the 7 and a TD on the next play, 17-0. NI20 went 65/12pl but had a 32 yd FG blk’d. CM went 3 &out and NI got a 55/1pl TD pass, 17-7. NI went 62/10pl for a 35 yd FG, 17-10. 3 punts. NI7 took over with 2:21 left in the half and went 60/10pl and missed a 50 yd FG. CM opened the 3Q (20) with an 80/5pl drive and a 43 yd TD pass made it 24-10. NI went 39/8pl for a 35 yd FG and CM went 70/9pl and on 4&1 got a 36 yd TD run by Cotton, 31-13. NI went 34/7pl for a 33 yd FG but CM went 70/6pl with a 46 yd TD pass to Cotton, 38-16 (13:32). NI went 80/4pl for a TD and CM went 70/3pl for a TD, 45-24 (10:42). NI went 80/14pl converting on 4&4 at the CM15 and got a 10 yd TD on 3&5. CM rec’d the onside kick at the NI44. They got 1 FD & nailed a 30 yd FG to go back up by 17, 48-31. NI went 80/12pl for a TD with :47 left, 48-38 then NI rec’d the onside kick. They got a 23 yd pass then on 3&2 opted for a 38 yd FG with :19 left. NI rec’d the onside kick and on 3&10 their Hail Mary pass was int’d at the 15.

Mississippi turned control over to Randall Mackey at QB and he hit 8-18-214 and ran for 35 yards on 5 carries. The first 3 poss were punts and Fresno got a 31 yd PR to the Ole Miss 17. Four plays later they had a TD, 7-0. While Mackey missed his first 3 passes, he led a 74/4pl drive and a 21 yd TD run by Bolden tied it at 7. Fresno St went 3 & out and Ole Miss went 65/5pl and a 22 yd TD pass by Mackey to Harris made it 13-7 (xp blk’d). FSU went 79/5pl and got a 26 yd TD run, 14-13 (:06). FSU fumbled at their own 27. It was Rouses’ first fumble in 401 career carries. Miss went 27/3pl for a TD, 20-14. FSU20 got 1 FD but was int’d on a deep pass at the UM31. FSU went 58/9pl and missed a 32 yd FG (3:01 2Q). UM got 1 FD & punted with 1:15 left and FSU on 4&2 gained 4 yds but a 57 yd FG fell short. At the half FSU had a 264-203 yd edge. FSU37 opened the 3Q with a 63/5pl drive and got a 7 yd TD run, 21-20. UM25 was sacked on 2&12 but roughing gave them a FD and 2 plays later Scott got a 69 yd TD run, 27-21. FSU went 80/10pl and got a 1 yd TD run by Carr, 28-27. 2 punts. Miss went 88/15pl and on 3&9 a 12 yd TD run by Scott, 35-28. FSU went 3 & out and UM got a 57 yd pass to Moncrief to the 5 but settled for a 24 yd FG, 38-28 (3:37). FSU22 went 49/12pl and missed a 46 yd FG with :50 left on 4&13 and Ole Miss took a knee.

UCLA opened with a 79/13pl drive. On 4&gl from the 2 they were SOD. Stanford went 99/16pl for a TD. UCLA25 got 1 FD and fumbled and SU went 43/8pl for a TD. UCLA went 3 & out and SU went 60/10pl for a 23 yd FG, 17-0. UCLA went 80/9pl and got a 12 yd TD pass with :08 left, 17-7. At the half SU only had a 205-170 yd edge. SU40 on 2&1 got a 51 yd TD pass to open the 3Q. UCLA went 65/8pl and on 4&1 got a 13 yd TD pass, 24-13 (xpng). 3 punts. UCLA fumbled the punt at their own 34 and SU got a TD 4pl later, 31-13. UCLA went 56/9pl and got a 7 yd TD run with 13:21 left to only trail 31-19 (xpng). SU went 59/8pl and got a 1 yd TD run with 10:22 left. UCLA got 3 FD’s and on 4&10 were SOD at the SU41 with 8:19 left. SU went 59/12pl and Luck threw a 5 yd TD pass which had them win by more than some expected, 45-19. UCLA went 3 & out.

Oregon St was without their top RB Malcolm Agnew. Terron Ward had 30 yards rushing on 5 carries and OSU went to the pass attack as Sean Mannion hit 40-66-341 yds but did have 4 int’s. Arizona St was int’d at midfield and OSU went 36/9pl for a 34 yd FG. ASU was sk’d and fumbled and OSU rec’d at their 25 but settled for a 21 yd FG, 6-0. ASU went 44/9pl to the OSU35 but was int’d at the 29. OSU went 71/8pl for a TD, 13-0. ASU40 went 60/6pl and got a 17 yd TD pass, 13-7. 2 punts. ASU went 53/3pl and got a 24 yd TD pass, 14-13. ASU then got a 78 yd PR TD to open it up 21-13 (6:11). OSU went 71/11pl and missed a 34 yd FG and ASU went 62/8pl and missed a 35 yd FG. At the half OSU had a 273-218 yd edge but trailed by 8. The 3Q opened with 2 punts. ASU was int’d and ret’d 40 yds to the ASU11. Two plays Mannion hit Rogers with a 5 yd TD pass, 21-20. ASU went 80/6pl and got a 37 yd TD run by Marshall, 28-20. 3 punts. After a 19 yd OSU punt, ASU went 38/5pl for a TD to lead 35-20 (14:49). OSU was int’d at their own 47 but ASU was SOD at the OSU33. OSU converted on 4&1 and got to the ASU37 but was int’d in the EZ. 3 punts. OSU15 went 51/11pl getting to the ASU25 but on 2&19 was int’d at the 24 with :59 left.

Notre Dame had 34-17 FD and 551-276 yd edges which was actually 553-181 until Purdue’s final drive which resulted in a 95/11pl drive for a TD. PU was int’d on the first play and ND got a 35 yd TD pass to Floyd. ND went 76/12pl and missed a 28 yd FG. ND went 82/13pl for a 2 yd TD run. ND went 53/11pl and missed a 49 yd FG. ND went 79/3pl with a 55 yd TD run by Woods, 21-0. PU alternated QB’s TerBush and Marve during the game. On Marve’s 2nd series they went 70/14pl and got a FG with 3:39 left in the half, 21-3. ND went 3 & out and PU got 2 FD’s and missed a 54 yd FG. At the half ND had a 314-126 yd edge. ND went 69/7pl for a TD. PU went 39/10pl and punted. ND went 87/12pl for an 11 yd TD, 35-3 then went 70/16pl settling for a 21 yd FG. After 2 punts, PU took over with 4:20 left and went 95/11pl for a garbage TD with :21 left.

New Mexico fired 3rd year HC Mike Locksley and DC George Barlow took over. It was the first time in 40 years that New Mexico St won their 3rd in a row in this series and they dominated right out of the gate. NMS got a 54 yd KR to open and went 31/2pl for a TD. NM got 2 FD’s and punted and NMS went 90/7pl for a TD. NM went 3 &out and NMS went 80/8pl for a TD and led 21-0 (1:42 1Q). 2 punts. NM went 85/12pl for a TD, 21-7 but NMS went 72/12pl for a TD, 28-7 (4:07). At the half, NMS had a 296-166 yd edge. NM got 2 FD’s and punted to open the 3Q and NMS went 97/12pl for a 29 yd TD run, 35-7. NM was int’d but NMS39 after 2 FD’s fumbled at the NM22. NM went 78/5pl after a 43 yd pass got a 9 yd Rogers TD run, 35-14. 2 punts. NMS got 4 FD’s and punted. NM7 went 93/12pl and were int’d in the EZ but def PI gave them a FD at the 2 and they got a TD on the next play. NMS rec’d the onside kick and went 43/5pl for a TD with 1:46 left and NM went 65/5pl for a 19 yd TD pass with :39 left.

Wisconsin vs Nebraska was a huge game and there were plenty of black shirts in attendance in the 81,384. UW fumbled a punt (9:16 1Q) and NU went 39/9pl for a TD, 7-0. Each team went on a long TD drive, 14-7. UW went 77/6pl and got a 3 yd TD run, 14-13 (xp blk’d). 2 punts. The game would change on NU’s next 4 poss when Taylor Martinez was int’d 3 times and they missed a 50 yd FG. Martinez was int’d and UW went 54/6pl for a 36 yd TD pass, 20-14. The key play of the game happened when trailing 20-14 and at midfield, Martinez was int’d and ret’d 11 yds to the UW37. The Badgers got 1 FD and then a 46 yd TD pass with :32 left to lead 27-14. NU missed a 50 yd FG 3pl later. At the half UW did have a 294-213 yd edge. Martinez was int’d again and UW went 42/7pl for a TD, 34-14. UW went 81/14pl for a TD. NU went 52/10pl for a 32 yd FG, 41-17 (13:35). The Badgers went 73/13pl and a 15 yd TD run with 5:11 left made it 48-17. NU went 60/13pl ending at the UW1.

Virginia Tech had a great situation vs Clemson. It was the first road start for a young QB in Tajh Boyd. CU was off 2 emotional wins in B2B weeks at home vs ranked foes and VT had a light early slate so was very fresh. VT’s D played well. In fact, CU had just a 18-17 FD edg. CU20 went 3& out but roughing the P gave them a fD and they still punted 4pl later. VT got 1 FD and a pass hit off the hands of Boykins and was int’d at the 31. CU went 3 & out. VT got 2 FD’s but fumbled at the CU41 (2nd TO on 2 drives). CU went 45/11pl for a 31 yd FG, 3-0. 2 punts. VT20 got 2 FD’s and punted 32 yds for a TB. CU was int’d and returned 14 yards to their 31 and VT had a 1st & gl at the 5 but settled for a 24 yd FG, 3-3. CU after a PF on the KR stated at the VT48, they converted on 3&10 and 3&8 and got a TD with 1:49 left in the half to lead 10-3. At half CU had a 160-137 yd edge. VT’s punter dropped the snap and only got off an 11 yd punt. CU went 66/3pl for a TD, 17-3 (10:42 3Q). VT9 got 2 FD’s and punted. CU went 3 & out and VT got 2 FD’s and punted 29 yds. CU went 3&out. VT got 1 FD & punted 29 yds. CU went 3 & out. VT started at the CU47 but on 4&4 were SOD at the CU12. CU then went 88/8pl and got a TD with 6:12 left to ice it, 23-3.

East Carolina had a record crowd of 50,610 including some standing room only tickets but TO’s did them in for the 1H. EC’s first drive went 51/5pl but they fumbled at the NC18. EC’s pass bounced off the WR’s hands and was int’d and North Carolina got a 14/2pl TD drive, 7-0. EC went 43/6pl but fumbled at the NC21. On 3&6 NC got a 75 yd TD pass, 14-0. EC got 2 FD’s and punted and NC went 91/9pl for a TD, 21-0. EC went 56/13pl and settled for a 35 yd FG, 21-3 (7:40 2Q). NC39 got 1 FD then a 47 yd TD pass. The DB had good coverage but knocked the ball right into Jones’ hands and it was a TD, 28-3 (5:59). EC was int’d with :21 left in the half but NC would miss a 39 yd FG. At the half NC did have a 326-216 yd edge. EC QB Dominique Davis set a school record with 417 yards passing but 234 of that was in the 2H. NC got 2 FD’s and punted and EC went 97/12pl for a TD, 28-10. EC went 66/9pl for a 25 yd FG, 28-13 (:30 3Q). NC went 69/14pl for a 4 yd TD pass to ice it, 35-13 (6:55). EC would gain 121 yds on their final 2 drives. They went 57/9pl including a 4&12 conversion for 29 yds to the 7 and a 4&gl at the 4 TD. NC recovered the onside kick and got 1 FD and was SOD at the EC2 with 1:06 left and EC gained 64 pass yds on the final 9 plays.