Daily Blog •October 11, 2011

Week 6 News and Notes Part 2

TCU took its opening drive 36/7pl for a 47 yd FG. San Diego St went 72/16pl but a 31 yd FG had a bad snap and on 4&8 they gained 5 yards. TCU went 91/9pl and on 3&6 got a 39 yd TD pass, 10-0. SDSt went 74/6pl but fumbled into the EZ for a TB. TCU went 58/7pl and was int’d at the 15 and ret’d 23 yds and a personal foul brought it to the TCU47. SDSt was int’d 3 plays later at the 24 and ret’d 26 yards. TCU went 50/5pl for a 31 yd TD pass, 17-0. TCU went 61/11pl but on FD from the SDSt17 was int’d in the EZ. The Frogs had a 281-144 yd edge at the half. TCU got 2 FD’s and punted to open the 3Q and the Aztecs on 3&8 were int’d and returned 22 yds to the 10. TCU settled for a 21 yd FG, 20-7. TCU fumbled the punt at their own 15 and on 3&11 SDSt got a 16 yd TD pass, 20-0. SDSt went 77/10pl and got a 4 yd TD pass, 20-14 (13:39). TCU punted and SDS got a 3&12, 20 yd pass to the TCU49 but was int’d and ret’d 19 yards (10:08 4Q). TCU went 49/9pl and got a 4 yd TD run, 27-14. SDSt was SOD at their own 44 on 4&1, SOD at their own 33 on 4&10 and TCU then got a 24 yd run to the 5 but fumbled. SDS was SOD at their own 14 on 4&1.

Hunter Lee ran for a career high 134 yards and Louisiana Tech spoiled Idaho’s Homecoming. The first 5 poss were punts. LT went 16pl but settled for a 23 yd FG, 3-0. ID27 got 2 FD’s and punted 52 yards pinning LT at the 1. On 2&10 LT was tkl’d for a safety, 3-2 (12:27 2Q). 2 punts. ID got 2 FD’s and was int’d and ret’d 53 yds for a TD, 10-2. ID went 54/7pl for a 43 yd FG, 10-5 (2:57 2Q). At the half, ID had a 185-160 yd edge. The 3Q opened with 3 punts. ID got 1 FD and was int’d at the LT47. LT went 53/7pl for a TD, 17-5. 3 punts. LT after a 21 yd PR went 40/6pl for a TD, 24-5 (:05 3Q). ID got 2 FD’s and punted 48 yds for a TB. ID was int’d at their own 35 but LT was SOD on 4&3 at the ID28. ID got 1 FD & fumbled at the LT45. 3 punts. ID got an 81 yd PR TD with 3:35 left. LT rec’d the onside kick and got a FD on 3&4 and another on 4&9 ending the game at the ID10.

FAU was hurt by 2 IR TD’s in a :10 span. The first 4 poss were punts and FAU fumbled the last punt at their own 4 and NT on 4&gl got a 1 yd TD run. The next 6 poss were punts. FAU went 61/13pl but on 4&1 was SOD at the NT37. North Texas got 2 FD’s and missed a 43 yd FG. At the half FAU had a 108-107 yd edge and NT led 7-0. NT opened the 3Q with a 33/9pl drive for a 52 yd FG. FAU was int’d and ret’d 15 yards. NT went 34/5pl for a TD. FAU got a 65 yd KR to the NT30 and had a 1st & gl at the 9 but on 2nd down was int’d and ret’d 85 yards for a TD. FAU was int’d again on the next play and ret’d 15 yards for a TD, 31-0. FAU went 54/8pl for a 30 yd FG (4:19 3Q) 31-3. 3 punts. FAU went 56/6pl for a 28 yd TD run by Morris, 31-10. NT fumbled at their own 22 and FAU got a TD 3pl later, 31-17. NT2 went 50/11pl but on 4&9 was SOD at the FAU24. FAU went 41/11pl but on 4&16, was sk’d at the NT35.

BYU gave Riley Nelson the start and he hit 14-24-219 yards. BYU led 23-6 at the half. BYU took their opening drive 63/10pl but fumbled at the 3. San Jose St snapped the ball before the QB was ready and it went for a safety. After the free kick, BYU went 56/5pl and got a 21 yd TD pass, 9-0. SJSt went 73/13pl for a 24 yd FG, 9-3. BYU went 75/9pl for a 1 yd TD pass, 16-3. SJSt got 2 FD’s and was int’d at the BYU29 and ret’d 31 yds. BYU went 40/1pl with a pass to Jacobson, 23-3. BYU went 43/8pl to the SJSt31 but was int’d at the 12 and ret’d 9 yds. SJSt went 56/9pl and got a 40 yd FG, 23-6. At the half BYU had a 282-145 yd edge. BYU opened the 3Q with a 39/9pl drive but was int’d at the 1. SJSt went 96/12pl for a TD, 23-13. BYU went 28/11 pl for a 42 yd FG, 26-13. SJSt went 52/11pl for a 43 yd FG, 26-16. BYU went 45/9pl for a 45 yd FG, 29-16. SJSt got 2 FD’s to the BYU40, but was int’d at the BYU25 on 2&18 and BYU got 3 FD’s running out the clock to the SJSt26.

Northern Illinois won 40-10 but only had 344 ttl yards offense. They did limit Kent St to 64 ttl yards. NI got a 25 yd IR TD in the opening minutes, 7-0. 2 punts. After NI punted from its EZ, Kent St started at the NI36 and on 4&1 roughing the K on a FG att gave them a FD. They got a FD but settled for a 24 yd FG. Kent St fumbled at their own 7 with 13:59 left in the 2Q and NI got a 7/3pl TD drive. NI’s next drive went 53/5pl for a 26 yd TD run by Harnish, 21-3 (9:55). NI, after a 26 yd PR, started at the KSt19 and got a 31 yd FG, 24-3 (6:10). NI took over with 4:39 left in the half and went 65/12pl for a 32 yd FG to lead 27-3 at HT. Kent St went 3 & out but the punt was partially blk’d & fumbl’d at the KS18 & Kent got it back but fumbled a their own 30 3pl later. NI got a 44 yd FG on a 3 yd drive, 30-3. NI went 40/5pl for a 34 yd FG, 33-3. NI went 88/12pl and got an 8 yd TD run, 40-3. NI fumbled at their own 32 but Kent had a 45 yd FG blocked 6pl later. NI got 1 FD and fumbled and Kent ret’d it 36 yards for a TD with 2:40 left, 40-10. NI rec’d the onside kick and got 1 FD ending the game at the KSt14.

Nevada has been known for its offense in recent years but its D was absolutely dominant vs UNLV. UNLV QB Caleb Herring hit 1-14 for 8 yds but that one completion came with 4:17 left in the game. At the half Nevada had a 378-48 yd edge. Nevada got 2 FD’s and was int’d & ret’d to their 40, then on their 2nd drive with Farjardo at QB, they fumbled at their own 17 but LV was int’d in the EZ on 3&6. NV went 68/14pl for a 29 yd FG, 3-0. NV went 48/10pl and punted and then Farjardo was int’d 2pl later at the LV45. NV brought in Lantrip at QB and his first play was a 90 yard TD pass to Matthews with 7:12 left in the 2Q. Lantrip then led a 65/8pl drive with a 34 yd TD pass with 1:35 left. LV punted with :57 left and Lantrip led NV 55/8pl for a 41 yd FG. 24 of UNLV 1H yards came after that 41 yd FG on the final 2pl. NV fumbled at the LV18 & it was ret’d 23 yds and LV went 43/9pl but missed a 42 yd FG. NV went 70/14pl settling for a 22 yd FG, 23-0. NV went 71/7pl for a 32 yd TD pass, 30-0. NV was int’d and ret’d 32 yds to their 25 but LV was SOD on 4&1 (8:00). NV went 83/9pl for a TD, 37-0 (4:33). LV was SOD from the NV 44 and then fumbled a punt at their own 17 and NV gained 4 yds to the 13 as the game ended. NV had a 699-110 yd edge.

Washington St opened with a 76/16pl drive and settled for a 21 yd FG. 3 punts. WSU went 53/12pl and settled for a 26 yd FG, 6-0. UCLA went 84/13pl and got a 1 yd TD run for the lead, 7-6. WSU went 54/14pl and made a 29 yd FG but roughing the K had them take the points off the board and give them a 1st & gl at the 6. They settled for a 21 yd FG, 9-7. UCLA got 3 FD’s to the WSU15 and was int’d in the EZ for a TB with :26 left in the half. WSU had a 200-144 yd edge at the half. UCLA opened the 3Q with a 61/6pl drive for a TD, 14-9. WSU got a 36 yd KR to the UCLA41. On 4&3 they got an 8 yd pass and after another FD on 3&4, got an 8 yd TD pass to go up 16-14 (8:42). 3 punts. WSU went 72/10pl and got a 21 yd TD pass on 3&4 with 12:25 left to go up by 8, 22-14. UCLA went 63/4pl and got a 9 yd TD pass but the 2 pt failed with 10:52 left, 22-20. WSU went 58/11pl and got a 47 yd FG to go up by 5 with 5:49 left. UCLA got a 2nd&7, 58 yd pass to the 10. On 3&gl a 7 yd TD pass and 2 pt conv made it 28-25 with 3:26 left. WSU got 2 FD’s and on 3&5 was int’d and ret’d 2 yards (2:01). UCLA on 3&8 got an 11 yd pass to the WSU38 and took a knee running out the clock.

Each team went 3 & out to open and Auburn only got off an 11 yd punt. Arkansas started at the AUB37 and got 1 FD but missed a 34 yd FG. AUB went 80/5pl. On 3&12 they got a 13 yd pass and on the next play a 55 yd TD run by Dyer, 7-0. ARK went 71/8pl and got a 6 yd TD run by Green, 7-7. AUB got 1 FD & punted. ARK got a 40 yd pass to Wright to the AUB45 and on 3&12 was sk’d & fumbled at the ARK47. Frazier came in for AUB and they went 47/9pl and Frazier’s 7 yd TD run made it 14-7. ARK went 80/13pl and Wilson ran 1 yd for a TD, 14-14. Trotter & Frazier saw snaps on the next drive but Aub went -4 yds & punted. ARK went 65/9pl and got a 5 yd TD pass, 21-14 (4:23 2Q). At the half ARK had a 294-211 yd edge. AUB opened the 3Q with Frazier taking most of the snaps at QB and he ran for 2 yds on 4&1 at the ARK30 for Aub’s 3rd FD but they punted on 4&26. Adams got a 92 yd TD run on a reverse, 28-14. 2 punts. Frazier was int’d at the AKR18 and ret’d 19 yds. 3 punts. Trotter was int’d at the AUB45 and ret’d 19 yds to the Aub26. ARK got a 36 yd FG. 2 punts. AUB on 2&10 was int’d and ret’d 29 yds to the 16. On 3&12 ARK got an 18 yd TD pass with 5:50 left, 38-14.

Oklahoma St reached 70 points for the 2nd time since 1916 (last time 1973 vs Southern Illinois). OSU scored on all eight 1H poss. Kansas actually opened with an 80/10pl drive for a TD. OSU went 60/8pl for a TD, 7-7. KU fumbled and OSU went 33/3pl for a TD. After a 31 yd KU punt OSU went 60/4pl for a TD. OSU went 85/5pl for a TD, 28-7 (2:17 1Q). Up 49-7, bkp Chelf came in at QB and OSU went 21/3pl for a TD. Up 56-7 OSU did have a 383-181 yd edge at the half. KU blk’d a punt to open the 3Q and went 31/3pl for a TD. 2 punts. OSU went 73/5pl for a TD, 63-14. KU went 54/15pl and missed a 36 yd FG and OSU went 80/10pl for a TD, 70-14. KU went 80/4pl with a 68 yd TD pass then after an OSU punt, KU went 80/11pl for a 31 yd TD to make it 70-28. OSU punted with :28 left and KU gained 29 yds on the final 3 plays.

Wyoming got off to a great start vs Utah St. They took their opening drive 77/7pl for a TD and surprisingly went for 2 and failed. Utah St fumble the ensuing KO when the KR let it touch him then roll into the EZ while he walked to the sideline and WY fell on it for a TD but missed the xp and only led 12-0. USU got a 50 yd KR and went 34/6pl for a TD. USU went 80/6pl with a 53 yd TD pass for the lead, 14-12. WY got 2 FD’s and punted. USU went 99/7pl for a TD, 21-12. WY answered with a 60/5pl drive for a TD, 21-19 (12:54 2Q). USU went 58/6pl for a TD, 28-19. WY went 3 & out and USU started rolling with 57/13pl & 26/5pl (after a 22 yd PR), TD’s for a 42-19 HT lead. USU got a PR to the WY 33 and 3pl later had a TD, 49-19 to open the 3Q. USU went 82/11pl for a TD. 4 punts. WY went 77/12pl but on 4&2 was SOD at the 6. WY fumbled at their 16 and it was ret’d to the 9 with 4:17 left and USU added a TD 3pl later. WY was SOD on 4&3 at the USU21 with :04 left. USU had a 548-373 yd edge.

Stanford extended the nation’s longest win streak to 13 games. Colorado came in a very banged up team especially in the secondary then had 5 players suspended and WR Paul Richardson sat out with injury. Andrew Luck threw for 370 yards. Stanford had 28-11 FD and 553-264 yd edges. SU fumbled the opening KO and CU rec’d at the 36. They got 2 FD’s but had a 29 yd FG blk’d and SU ret’d it 75 yds for a TD. CU went 3&out. SU went 78/9pl for a TD. CU got 1 FD and punted. SU went 53/8pl and missed a 47 yd FG. CU on 2&20 got a 76 yd screen pass to Stewart down to the 5 and a TD 2pl later to pull within 13-7. SU got 1 FD on a 26 yd pass but on 3&6 was int’d at the 19 on a pass off Owusu’s hands. CU went 3&out. SU went 53/7pl for a TD incl a 3&26, 27 yd pass to the 1. The TD on the next play made it 20-7. CU got 1 FD & punted. SU went 78/5pl and got a 1 yd TD pass, 27-7. CU went 46/8pl and missed a 46 yd FG. At the half SU only had a 298-185 yd edge. CU wore down with their lack of players in the 2H. CU went 3 &out and a 31 yd PR set up SU for a 37/6pl drive for a TD incl a 4&2 conv. CU went 3&out and SU went 84/14pl and got a 1 yd TD run, 41-7. CU got 2 FD’s to the SU26 but was int’d at the 3 and ret’d 27 yds. SU went 70/9pl for a TD, 48-7. CU got 1 FD & punted. Both tms brought in bkup Qb’s but each ended with 2 punts.

Baylor got 1 FD and punted and Iowa St went 82/7pl for a 10 yd TD pass, 7-0. BU went 67/11pl but fumbled at the 11. ISU went 3&out and BU fumbled at the ISU34. ISU converted on 4&1 at its own 45 but punted 4pl later. BU then went 87/10pl for a TD. ISU answered with a 75/9pl drive for a TD and led 14-7 (10:19). BU went 70/9pl and on 2&10 Griffin fumbled and ISU rec’d but it was overturned by replay and on 3&10 Griffin had a 15 yd TD pass, 14-14 (7:31). ISU went 3 &out and BU went 58/7pl for a TD. ISU went 3 & out and BU got 2 FD’s and missed a 48 yd FG. At the half BU had a 369-195 yd edge. 3Q opened with 3 punts. BU went 50/7pl for a 3 yd TD run, 28-14. The key play happened a few plays later. ISU got 2 FD’s including a 56 yd pass to the BU14. On 2nd&7 Jantz fumbled and it was scooped up and ret’d 86 yards for a TD by Elliott. Instead of closing to within a TD BU blew it open to a 35-14 lead. ISU on 2&6 got a 76 yd TD run, 35-20. 2 punts. BU went 77/12pl for a TD, 42-20. 2 punts. ISU went 51/4pl for a 28 yd TD to pull within 16, 42-26 but BU went 74/7 for a TD, 49-26 (4:19). ISU was int’d and ret’d 9 yds to their 35 and BU got 2 FD’s to the 2 and took a knee.

Alabama was coming off 2 big wins over Arkansas and Florida and Saban admitted at the half that the team was flat and needed to play better in the 2H. He also tried some different things as you would expect vs a weaker foe and AJ McCarron hit 23-30-237 yards and 4 TD passes. Each team punted to open and Bama went 77/10pl for a TD. Vandy did have 2 decent drives in the 1H incl a 47/8pl drive that resulted in a missed 47 yd FG (3:11 1Q). 3 punts. VU with bkp QB Rodgers in (Aaron’s brother) went 59/8pl for a 38 yd FG and missed it with 4:18 left in the half. Bama went 79/12pl and got a TD with :21 left in the half, 14-0. VU went 3 & out to open the 3Q and Bama saddled up Richardson and went 94/12pl for a TD, 21-0. VU went 3 & out and Bama went 81/9pl for a TD on a 39 yd TD pass, 27-0 (xpng). VU got 1 FD and was int’d and ret’d 37 yds to their 20. Bama on 3&7 got a 17 yd TD pass to Hanks, 34-0 (12:16). VU on 3&1 was int’d at their own 37. Sims came in at QB for Bama and they got 1 FD and were SOD on 4&12. VU punted with 4:32 left and Bama (VU49) got 2 FD’s but on 4&11 ran the ball for -4 yards with :09 left. Alabama had a 24-8 FD edge and a 419-190 yd edge.