Daily Blog •October 17, 2011

News and Notes Week 7 Part 2

Stanford turned the ball over 3 times all year but had 2 TO’s in the 1H vs Washington St. As usual, SU struggled a bit in the 1H, in fact the FD’s were even at 8 and SU only led 10-7. SU would score TD’s on 3 of their first 4 2H poss to go up 31-7. WSU was SOD on 4&8 at the SU9 with 10:31 left. SU went 91/12pl getting a TD with 4:26 left to make it 38-7. WSU gave Jeff Tuel the start as he ret’d from his collarbone inj but they brought in Marshall Lobbestael and he guided the Cougars 80/12pl for a TD with :14 left to make it 38-14 but Montgomery ret’d the ensuing KO 96 yds for a TD on what turned out to the be the final play of the game and SU won by 30.

Things did not look good for Virginia Tech early as Wake Forest had a 10-0 lead and a 122-2 yd edge after 1Q but VT would dominate the 2Q with 3 TD’s, the 3rd coming after WF was int’d at their own 27 with :30 left in the half and VT went for it on the last play of the half and got a TD run by Thomas. VT had a 207-41 yd edge in the 2Q and opened the 3Q with an 80/6pl drive for a TD and rolled to a 38-17 win with a 473-320 yd edge.

Troy led 10-3 in the 3Q but ULM dominated statistically with a 523-126 yd edge. ULM was SOD at the Troy20 and 21 and Troy was int’d at the ULM18 and after a fmbl’d punt, was SOD at the ULM1. Troy still led 3-0 after a 20 yd FG when ULM took over with 1:01 left in the half and went 58/7pl for a 34 yd FG, 3-3. ULM fmbl’d another punt and Troy got an 11 yd TD run to go up 10-3 with 11:18 left in the 3Q. ULM then dominated after that and finished the game with a commanding 523-126 yd edge and 20-9 FD edge and rolled to a 38-10 win.

A 14 pt swing was huge in the Northwestern/Iowa game as NU had 495-378 yd and 29-17 FD edges but lost by 10. Trailing 3-0 they had a 1st & gl at the 8 when Persa was int’d and ret’d 98 yds for a TD and instead of taking the lead, they trailed 10-0. At the half NU had a TOP edge of 20:58-9:02 and a 13-6 FD edge but trailed 17-7. They rallied to tie it at 17 but Iowa got their first 3rd down conversion of the game on their next drive and scored TD’s on their next 2 poss while NU missed a 47 yd FG and NU then fmbl’d at their own 20 setting up an Iowa 40 yd FG to blow it open 34-17. IU rec’d a pair of onside kicks, converting one into a 24 yd TD drive and ended the game at the NU9 up by 10.

Auburn and Florida both came in with major ? at QB and none of the ?’s were answered. Seven different players took snaps at QB. UF #2 QB Driskell was ? coming in and obviously not 100% but he was brought into the game in the 2H after Jacoby Brissett started and hit 5-10-45. AU starting QB Barrett Trotter has now lost confidence and hit 2-8-33 with Clint Moseley and Kiehl Frazier also seeing action. UF fmbl’d 2 punts setting up a 32/3pl TD drive and 22/6pl drive for a FG which was the majority of AU’s offense. UF had a couple of long drives end in settling for short FG’s then at the end were SOD at the AU16 after an 11 pl drive but AU finished with a 278-194 yd edge.

Ohio had a 3-0 TO deficit. Just before half, trailing 10-7 OU was int’d and ret’d 34 yds to their 8 and Ball St got a FG on the last play of the half to go up 13-7. OU trailed 23-20 and was int’d at the 18 with 13:27 left. They fmbl’d at the BSU36 with 5:27 left. They went 71/12pl and settled for a game tying 41 yd FG to put the game in OT but missed it with :36 left.

Toledo had 456-343 yd and 21-19 FD edges. Matt Schilz came in leading the MAC with 16 TD passes but was held to 1. TOL missed a 41 yd FG and on the last play of the 1H with the score tied, Bowling Green faced a 4&25 and just threw the ball up for grabs in the EZ into a crowd of 9 players and BG’s WR Jordan grabbed it out of the air for the TD and an improbable 7-0 lead. TOL led 21-14 when BG was SOD on 4&1 at the TOL7. TOL appeared to out the game away as they got a 59 yd pass then a 29 yd Williams run on 3&1 put them up 28-14 with 1:34 left. Booboo Gates ret’d the ensuring KO 88 yds for a TD with 1:20 left to get BG back in it. TOL rec’d the onside kick and took a knee.

A couple of blk’d FG’s cost Navy an outright win and Rutgers from extending their lead in the last 5:00. RU had 423-305 yd and 22-15 FD edges. RU missed a 52 yd FG, fmbl’d at the Navy2 at the end of a 75/10pl drive but Navy was SOD at the 5 at the end of a 68/12pl drive. 2pl later Navy had a 16 yd IR TD to tie it at 7. RU was SOD at the N32 and had a 221-187 yd edge but Navy led 14-7 at the half thanks to a 54 yd TD run by Proctor. Navy extended it to 17-7 but RU went 52/6pl for a TD and then 66/7pl with a 3&9, 20 yd TD pass to go up 21-17. Navy got a 41 yd FG to make it 21-20 then had a 34 yd FG blk’d with 4:50 left. RU got to the Navy24 but had a 41 yd FG blk’d with :24 left.

Mississippi St had a slight 296-289 yd edge but 3 long drives in the 3Q only produced 3 points and they needed a safety on the final play of the game to make it look closer. It was the Gamecocks first game without QB Stephen Garcia and first road start for Connor Shaw who hit 20-28-155 yards. Tyler Russell started for Miss St and hit 11-29-165. At the half SC was int’d in the EZ with 4:06 left and int’d at the 1 from the MSU41 with :12 left. In the 3Q, MSU went 52/9pl and missed a 40 yd FG. They went 44/7p land missed a 53 yd FG then went 70/11pl and settled for a 22 yd FG with 3 long drives only producing 3 pts, they only led 10-7 and SC went 79/12pl for a 4 yd TD pass with 3:50 left. MSU got to the SC32 but was int’d at the 12 and on 4&13 SC ran out the clock taking a safety on the final play and to win by 2. The win was costly for SC as they lost LY’s SEC Frosh of the Year, Marcus Lattimore, for the season (knee).

The New Mexico St/Idaho game was a deceptively high scoring game as most of the scores were set up by special teams and short fields. NMS got a 20/1pl TD pass after rec’ing a fumble to go up 14-0. Then after NMS fumbled the punt at their 6, ID got a TD 3pl later, 14-7. NMSt got a 100 yd KR TD to go up 21-7 and it was 21-10 at the half with 10 punts in the 1H. For the game the two teams combined for 17 punts. ID got a 64 yd PR TD in the 3Q and NMSt drove 29/5pl after an int for a TD. ID got a 95 yd KR TD to get back to 28-24. NMSt went on a 69/8pl drive and settled for a 20 yd FG with 13:11 left. ID fumbled at the NMS31 with 12:37 left but took over with 8:23 left and went on an apparent game tying TD drive. From the 8 they went 91/18pl but on 4&gl from the 1 fired incomplete with :21 left.

North Texas vs Louisiana. UL got 2 FD’s and fumbled at their own 31. NT got 1 FD and nailed a 24 yd FG, 3-0. UL got a 65 yd pass to the 9 and a TD 2pl later, 7-3. 2 punts. NT went 68/7pl and got a 2 yd TD run by Dunbar, 10-7. UL16 on 4&1 was SOD at its own 25. NT(UL25) had a 47 yd FG blk’d. UL went 66/5pl and got a 25 yd TD pass to take the lead, 13-10 (8:57 2Q). 2 punts. NT31 went 34/9pl but fumbled at the UL35 with 2:01 left. At half UL did have a 200-124 yd edge. The 3Q opened with 2 punts. NT went 31/10pl but on 4&9 missed a 42-yd FG at the UL26. 3 punts. UL got 1 FD then a 44 yd TD pass to Surgent, 20-10. 2 punts. NT was int’d and ret’d 11 yds to their 31. UL on 3&3 got a 24 yd TD pass to go up 27-10 with 8:55 left. NT went 3 & out and UL went 50/10pl getting a 31 yd FG with :44 left for the 30-10 win.

Utah St was 0-6 in Bulldog Stadium since 1980 but was still a slight favorite last Saturday. USt opened strong with an 87/7pl TD drive. Fresno St went 68/12pl but on 2&gl fumbled at the 6. USt got a 36 yd pass to Leeuwen then on 2&12 a 59 yd TD run by Turbin made it 14-0. FSU went 84/5pl for a TD. USt went 64/7pl and missed a 35 yd FG and FSU went 80/11pl for a TD to tie it, 14-14. USt got a 52 yd KR and went 48/2pl with a Smith, 46 yd TD run, 21-14 (11:24 2Q). FSU got 2 FD’s and fumbled at the USt44. 3 punts. FSU got a 40 yd PR to midfield but on 4&1 was SOD. At the half USt had a 305-272 yd edge. The 3Q opened with 2 punts. FSU went 58/9pl for a 39 yd FG, 21-17. USt went 62/18pl for a 31 yd FG and it was blk’d on the first play of the 4Q. FSU went 80/8pl and got a 23 yd TD pass on 3&14 with 11:54 left to lead, 24-21. USt on 3&10 fumbled at its own 23. FSU converted on 4&2 and then on 3&7 got a 9 yd TD run by Rouse, 31-21. 2 punts. USt went 44/11pl but their 53 yd FG hit the crossbar with 1:05 left.

UAB got 1 FD and punted. Tulsa went 64/8pl for an 18 yd TD pass. UAB went 3 & out. TU got 2 FD’s but on 4&1 were SOD at the 19. UAB went 3 & out. TU got 2 FD’s incl a personal foul to move down to the 22 on a 53/7pl drive but settled for a 30 yd FG, 10-0. UAB went 83/3pl with a 66 yd TD pass on 2&15, 10-7. TU got 1 FD and was int’d at the UAB45. UAB went 55/3pl with a 45 yd TD pass by Nelson. Pass interference on 3&5 had given them the FD the play before and UAB led 14-10 (14:02 2Q). TU fumbled at their own 40 and UAB got a 20 yd FG on 4&gl at the 2, 17-10. TU went 72/9pl for a 15 yd TD pass with 2:46 left in the half to tie it. They took over with :49 left and got a 68 yd pass to the 12 and a 12 yd TD pass two plays later for the lead, 24-17 (:22). UAB got 2 FD’s on a 33 yd drive and got a 49 yd FG on the final play of the half, 24-20. TU fumbled at the UAB41 to open the 3Q then went 57/12pl for a 44 yd FG. TU went 55/11pl for a 22 yd FG, 30-20. 3 punts. TU got 1 FD then a 47 yd TD run by Douglas made it 37-20. 2 punts. UAB got 2 FD’s to the 41 but was int’d and ret’d 41 yds to their 17. TU got 1 FD but on 1st & gl from the 4 fumbled. UAB went 82/16pl and was int’d in the EZ for a TB with 2:46 left on 3&10. TU got 1 FD and took a knee.

Wyoming allowed 63 points vs Utah St the week earlier and Dave Christensen challenged his D in practice and then again at halftime. The Cowboys came out and allowed just 3 FD’s in the 2H vs UNLV. WY opened with an 80/5pl drive for a TD then after an int went 43/6pl for a TD and 2 poss later went 64/8pl and led 20-0 after 1Q. WY fumbled the punt at their own 29 setting up a UNLV TD and UNLV went 65/6pl for a TD to pull within 20-14 at the half and WY only had a 187-183 yd edge. The Cowboys had a 168-75 yd edge in the 2H getting a 24 yd FG at the end of a 12pl drive on their opening poss and then getting a 76 yd PR TD to lead 30-14 after 3Q’s and rolled to a 41-14 win.

Oklahoma only had a 335-246 yd edge at the half but in the 2H would hold Kansas to 6 total yards offense and went from a close game where they led just 27-17 to outscoring them by 20. Each team went 3 & out and OU, after a 33 yd PR, went 35/4pl for a TD, 7-0. OU went 68/11pl for a 36 yd FG, 10-0. KU got 1 FD then C Jeremy Hatch was inj’d and out for the game. On the next play on 4&1 KU got a 56 yd TD run on an option, 10-7. 2 punts. OU fumbled at their own 25 and KU got a 36 yd FG, 10-10. OU went 70/9pl for a TD and an 8 yd TD run made it 17-10. Broyles got a 15 yd PR and OU got a 57/1pl TD pass to Broyles. Broyles had 13 catches for a school record 217 yards and became the NCAA’s all-time career leading receiver. KU went 77/9pl for a TD and only trailed 24-17 (3:43 2Q). OU went 65/13pl for a 19 yd FG. The 3Q opened with 3 punts. OU went 44/6pl but Broyles fumbled into the EZ for a TB at the end of a 19 yd rec. OU went 51/12pl for a 27 yd FG to lead 30-17 (4:05 3Q). KU punted 20 yds and OU went 33/6 for a 20 yd FG, 33-17. KU went 3 &out and OU went 85/6pl for a 43 yd TD pass, 40-17. KU was SOD at their own 34 but OU was int’d at the 28. Broyles got a 36 yd PR 4pl later and OU went 36/5pl getting a TD with 3:53 left to extend the margin to 30.

Boise St dominated Colorado St with 32-11 FD and 742-231 yd edges. BS took its first poss 69/7pl for a TD then went 79/2pl with a 65 yd TD run by Martin. BS went 38/8pl but was SOD on 4&3 at the CSU17. After partially blocking a punt, BS went 52/1pl with a TD pass to Shoemaker, 21-0. BS went 61/6pl for a TD, 28-0 and at this point, CSU had 0 FD’s. CSU got their first FD and fumbled and BSU went 33/4pl for a TD. CSU went 73/2pl with a 27 yd TD pass making it 35-6. BS went 65/8pl but fumbled at the CSU13 and CSU went 87/5pl for a TD to make it 35-13 (4:01). 2 punts. BS26 went 64/9pl and missed a 25 yd FG. At half BSU had a 476-147 yd edge. Hendrick came in at QB and BS faked a punt on 4&6 on it first poss and went 80/9pl for a TD. BSU went 66/2pl for a TD. After an int, BS went 17/4pl for a TD, 56-13. BS got a 64 yd PR to the 10 and brought Southwick in at QB and BS went 10/2pl for a TD, 63-13. CSU got 3 FD’s and punted and BS was SOD at the CSU29 (7:41). CSU was SOD at the BS26 with 4:13 left and BG got 2 FD’s. It was just the 2nd time in school history that BS had over 700 yards offense.

Arizona St was playing without LaMichael James and then lost QB Thomas at the start of the 3Q. Oregon fumbled on their opening drive and ASU went 36/4pl for a TD, 7-0. 2 punts. After a 23 yd PR, UO went 47/3pl for a TD, 7-7 (7:33 1Q). ASU went 77/7pl for a 25 yd TD pass, 14-7. The Ducks faked a punt on 4&11 and were SOD at the 50 but ASU got 1 FD and punted (13:42 2Q). UO got a 45 yd pass and a 28 yd TD pass on the next play, 14-14. UO was int’d at their 41 and ret’d to the 20 but ASU settled for a 37 yd FG to retake the lead 17-14 (7:52 2Q). ASU15 went 48/9pl to the Duck 37 but Osweiler was int’d in the EZ as the WR fell down and it was ret’d 50 yds with just :51 left in the half. The momentum changing play of the game. UO went 50/3pl with a 12 yd TD pass with :27 left and instead of trailing by 10, they led 21-17 and had a 245-219 yd edge at the half. The 3Q opened with Thomas getting injured and ASU went 67/4pl for a TD, 24-21. UO with backup QB Bennett went 68/6pl for a TD then ASU went 3 & out and UO went 88/5pl for a TD, 35-24. 3 punts. UO went 38/8pl for a 37 yd FG, 38-24. ASU went 57/8pl and had an 11 yd run called back on a hold and settled for a 30 yd FG, 38-27. UO went 58/9pl for a 24 yd FG, 41-27 (9:27). 2 punts. ASU5 took over with 4:19 left and went 87/12pl and had a 1st & gl at the 8 but was int’d in the EZ for a TB with :42 left.

Clemson needed a big comeback to get past Maryland on the road but did finish with a 576-468 yd edge. CU opened with a 94/14 play drive for an 18 yd FG. CU fumbled the punt at their own 9 and MD got a TD 2pl later. 2 punts. CU was int’d and ret’d 46 yds for a TD meaning MD had 9 offensive yards on their 2 scoring “drives” but led 14-3. CU got a 70 yd KR by Watkins and went 30/4pl for a TD, 14-10. MD answered with a 70/7pl TD drive, 21-10 then went 60/7pl for a TD, 28-10 with 8:38 left in the half. CU27 went 73/10pl for a TD, 28-17. At the half CU had a 283-183 yd edge. MD opened the 3Q with a 78/8pl drive for a TD, 35-17. CU went 3 & out but MD went for the throat and a pass was int’d and ret’d 29 yds to their 15 and CU got back in it. On 3&8 they hit Watkins with a 13 yd TD pass, 35-24. MD11 went 80/10pl with a 27 yd FG, 38-24. CU38 got a 55 yd run by Ellington who finished with 212 yards but settled for a 23 yd FG on 4&6, 38-27. CU went 70/3pl for a TD, 38-35 and CU went 80/12pl for a TD and the lead, 42-38 but MD34 went 66/13pl for a 32 yd TD pass on 3&10. The drive incl a 4&1 conversion and MD retook the lead with 7:35 left, 45-42. Watkins got an 89 yd KR TD, 49-45. Watkins claimed the CU record with 345 all-purp yards. MD was SOD on 4&9 at the CU41 and after 1 FD Ellington broke off a 44 yd TD run with 3:55 left to make it 56-45. MD got 1 FD but on 4&36 fired incomplete from their own 24. CU gained 9 yds to the 15 where the game ended.