Daily Blog •October 25, 2011


Week 8 News and Notes Part 2

California had the situational edge over Utah at home, off a Thurs night loss while the Utes had just travelled to the East Coast and were now on the West Coast. At the half Cal had a commanding 20-0 lead and 223-27 yd edge and it was 34-0 in the 4Q. Utah got a FG and then took over with 3:46 left and got a 64/6pl drive for a garbage TD with 1:06 left which made the stats respectable as Cal had a 389-114 yd edge prior to that drive.

Southern Miss had the situational edge vs SMU as they were off of a bye, at home, in front of a sellout vs an SMU team off a big game with another big game on deck. In the 1H SM only had a 210-174 yd edge but did have a 15-7 FD edge. They scored a TD and a FG in their first 2 poss to lead 10-0 and they were int’d at the SMU15 and fmbl’d at the SMU18 on 2 other drives. It was just 13-3 and SMU had a 3&gl at the 5 when they were int’d in the EZ. Six plays later SM got a 55 yd TD run with 7:30 left and then 2pl later a 41 yd IR TD with 6:54 left to blow it open, 27-3. SM finished with a 28-14 FD edge.

Navy QB Proctor was inj’d early but Miller hit 5-12-126 yds and rushed for 36 on 13 carries. East Carolina’s Dominique Davis broke the single game record with 26 straight compl (23, set in 1998 by Tee Martin of Tenn vs S Carolina and later tied by Aaron Rodgers of Cal vs USC). The first 3 drives of the game were 10, 9 and 15 plays but resulted in 2 missed FG’s and SOD and it was a scoreless 1Q. EC finished with a 32-23 FD edge and EC led 17-7 at the half and 31-21 in the 4Q but Navy got a TD on a 37 yd pass from Miller with 7:51 left to actually lead, 35-31. EC got a 77/15pl drive for a TD with 2:14 left. Navy lined up for the game tying 42 yd FG but instead of OT the FG hit the upright.

Mississippi set a school record with 10 straight SEC losses and they’ve actually been in the SEC since 1933. Houston Nutt nearly pulled off another one of his famous upsets as Ole Miss jumped out to 17-0 lead and they led 17-7 at the half with a 250-128 yd edge. Leading 24-17 Ark fumbled into the EZ at the 1 and after a 54/9pl drive settled for a 23 yd FG. UM got a TD with 1:23 left and rec’d the onside kick at the 43 but their pass was int’d at the 40 and almost ret’d for a TD but Ark was knocked OOB at the 14.

Nebraska was back in Minneapolis for the first time since 1989 and more than 2/3 of the stadium was filled with red-clad NU fans. The game was even a bigger blowout than the final score as at the half NU led 34-0 with a 330-88 yd edge and it was 41-7 when Minnesota took over at their 11 with 9:40 left and went on an 89/16pl drive for a garbage TD with 1:41 left.

Kansas St is off to their best start since 1999 when they won their first 9 games. KSU jumped out to a 21-0 lead but it was trimmed to 31-14 at the half. KSU ret’d the opening 3Q KO 97 yds for a TD then rec’d a pair of fumbles and went 8 and 48 yds for TD’s to blow it open 52-14. They led 59-14 when Kansas went on a 72/13pl drive in the final 3:10 getting a garbage 2 yd TD pass on 4&gl with :01 left.

Indiana/Iowa was tied at 14 after each team scored a TD on their first 2 drives. Iowa scored TD’s on all 3 of their 2Q drives to lead 35-14 at the half. Trailing 38-17, Indy was SOD on 4&gl at the 5 and Iowa got a TD with 3:10 left to lead 45-17. Indy went 78/9pl and got a 1 yd TD run with :50 left. Marvin McNutt became Iowa’s career leader in TD rec’s with his 3 in the game putting him at 24 in his career as he’d been tied with Tim Dwight and Danan Hughes.

The key for UTEP in their win over Colorado St is the FD’s were even at 18. CSU had a 42 yd FG blocked early and later went on a 41/11pl drive but settled for a 22 yd FG. CSU was at the UTEP23 trailing 14-10 when they were int’d at the goal line and returned 74 yards to the CSU26. UTEP got a 36 yd FG to lead 17-10 at the half. In the 1H Frazier got a 48 yd TD run and in the 3Q on 2&4 from their own 17, got an 83 yd TD run to make it 24-10. It was 31-17 when UTEP punted 55 yds and it was ret’d 17 to the UTEP44. CSU got 2 FD’s and were at the UTEP9 but on 4&6 fired incomplete with 2:41 left and UTEP got 3 FD’s and were able to run out the clock.

Middle Tennessee QB Logan Kilgore hit his first 19 passes as MTS jumped out to a 21-0 lead over Florida Atlantic. FAU did not score any points in their home opener, but finally scored in the 2Q to pull within 21-7. FAU did miss an open receiver on what would have been a TD on their opening drive but MT went 63/8pl, 80/10pl and 68/6pl for TD’s to lead 21-0 after 1Q. FAU went on a 10pl drive and had a FD at the MT28 but on 4&25 punted for a TB. FAU went 79/5pl and got a 5 yd TD pass with 9:57 to go in the 2Q. FAU fumbled at the MT48 but MT was SOD on 4&1 at the FAU32. FAU fumbled at the MT44 and MT drove 48/8pl and on 3&gl from the 8 was int’d at the 7 with :23 left in the half. FAU fumbled at the MT35 early 3Q. 2 punts. MT was at midfield and was int’d at the FAU41 and ret’d 33 yards to the MT26 but FAU returned the favor on the next pay when they were int’d in the EZ and returned 79 yards. MT got a 32 yd FG. 2 punts. FAU fumbled at their own 13 and MT got a TD 2 plays later, 31-7. MT fumbled at their own 27 (14:23 4Q) and FAU went 27/5pl for a TD (12:59). MT went on an 12pl drive but on 4&3 lost 17 yards to the 20. MT then went 54/10pl and on 2&1 got a 1 yd TD run, 38-14. FAU fumbled at the MT37 on their last drive.

Central Michigan finished with 569-455 yard edge but blew a 20-3 3Q lead. CM went 61/12pl settling for a 45 yard FG. CM went 93/8pl and on 3&10 got a 19 yd TD pass, 10-0. Ball St went 51/9pl. They faked a punt for a FD to the 24 but after a FD to the 19 were int’d at the 9. CM went 91/7pl and got a 60 yd TD pass on 3&8 and looked firmly in control, 17-0 (10:25 2Q). 6 punts. BS18 got a 46 yd pass with :38 left in the half on the first play and would get 2 more FD’s to get a 25 yd FG to take momentum into the locker room. CM went 46/8pl for a 38 yd FG, 20-3. BS went 88/12pl for a TD, 20-10 (6:42 3Q). CM fumbled and BS went 38/4pl for a TD to get within 20-17 (5:14). BS went 77/5pl for a TD with 1:18 left in the 3Q and the lead, 24-20. CM went 85/8pl and on 3&9 got a 10 yd TD pass, 27-24 (11:45). BS went 60/6pl for a TD, 31-27 (9:41). CM went 56/7pl and they had a FD at the BS27 but fumbled on the play. BS got 3 FD’s and punted with :56 left. CM got 3 FD’s to the BS35 but was int’d on a Hail Mary.

Sean Mannion threw for a career high 376 yards for Oregon St hitting 26-34 as Washington St’s front 7 put little pressure on him. OSU finished with a 29-19 FD edge and 551-315 yard edge. WSU went 46/11pl but fumbled on 4&2 at the OSU24. OSU got a 37 yd pass on the first play and a 31 yd TD pass 3 plays later, 7-0. OSU went 34/6pl and had a FD at the 16 but on 1st & 25 from the 41 was int’d in the EZ for a TB. WSU, would start Tuel at QB, went 60/8pl for a TD, 7-7. OSU went 89/9pl for a 12 yd TD pass, 14-7. WSU got a 48 yd pass and a face mask to the 10 and on 2&1 a Tuel 1 yd TD run tied it at 14. OSU went 78/9pl and got a 3 yd TD run, 21-14. WSU got 1 FD and was sk’d and fumbled at their own 31. OSU got 1 FD and settled for a 26 yd FG, 24-14 with :30 left in the half. OSU had a 300-193 yd edge at the half. OSU opened the 3Q with a 75/8pl drive for a 25 yd TD pass then went 91/15pl settling for a 25 yd FG, 34-14. WSU was led by Loebestael in the 2H and he guided them 61/9pl for a TD with 11:00 left, 34-21. OSU went 72/7pl for an 18 yd TD pass. WSU on 4&2 at their own 25 fired incomplete and OSU got 1 FD and tacked on a 25 yd FG with 3:31 left, 44-21. WSU got a 55 yd KR to the OSU36 but was int’d in the EZ with 3:14 left. OSU punted for the first time 4pl later with :55 left.

The first 3 poss were punts. Hawaii went 67/8pl and on 3&17 got a 24 yd TD pass, 7-0. New Mexico St got 1 FD and UH blocked a punt and rec’d for a TD, 14-0 (1:55 1Q). NMS went 79/4pl with a 47 yd WR pass from Lee to Franklin, 14-7. UH went 43/9pl and missed a 41 yd FG. NM went 45/8pl but was SOD at the UH31. 2 punts. UH went 57/6pl for a 25 yd TD pass. NMS went 64/6pl for a 41 yd TD pass, 21-14 (1:29 2Q). UH went 61/4pl for a TD, 27-14 (xpng). NMS QB Matt Christian hurt his arm and missed a few series. The 3Q opened with 4 punts. UH went 56/7pl and got an 18 yd TD run. NMS had Christian back and went 67/2pl with a 46 yd TD run by Turner, 33-20. 2 punts. UH went 52/5pl for a TD with 11:32 left, 39-20. NMS went 58/6pl for a TD, 39-26 (9:10). UH went 69/5pl for a TD with 6:50 left, 45-26. UH brought in backup QB Graves in with 6:27 left and fumbled with 3:21 left and NMS went 53/8pl and got a 9 yd TD pass on 4&4 with 1:48 left.

Rice QB McHargue threw 2 int’s and fumbled in Rice’s first 3 poss and Tulsa went 26, 34, and 6 yds on their first 3 poss to lead 17-0. Rice went 32/8pl for a 32 yd FG (17-3). TU went 77/11pl but fumbled into the EZ for a TB from the 1. 3 punts. TU took over with 1:12 left in the half and got 1 FD then a 64 yd TD pass made it 24-3 but Rice went 66/6pl and on 2&10 got a 40 yd TD pass to Wilson, 24-10 at the half. TU only had a 226-161 yd edge. TU went 62/13pl for a 35 yd FG to open the 3Q but missed. 2 punts. Rice got 1 FD and nailed a 36 yd FG, 24-13. TU went 43/6pl but on 4&8 from the Rice33 in no man’s land fired incomplete. TU went 80/9pl for a 3 yd TD run, 31-13 (11:41). 2 punts. Rice went 76/10pl and got a 2 yd TD run, 31-20 with 5:47 left but TU went 76/7pl and got a 41 yd TD pass with 2:36 left to go up by 18. Rice got to midfield but fumbled with 1:33 left.

Every week on National ESPN radio on Saturday at 9:15 they ask me for an upset pick and those upset picks have been perfect so far this year, all winning outright. This past week my upset pick was Michigan State. Wisconsin took their opening drive 80/11pl for a TD, 7-0. MSU got a 5 yd gain but fumbled. UW went 30/3pl for another TD, 14-0. MSU got 2 FD’s and punted. UW23 got 2 FD’s to midfield but then Wilson was int’d at the 25. MSU got a 32 yd run by Bell punted pinning UW at the 5. On 2&13, Wilson was called for intentional grounding in the EZ for a safety. MSU after the free kick went 72/4pl and a double reverse to WR Martin went 34 yds for a TD, 14-9. UW got 3 FD’s but had a 30 yd FG blocked (5:55 2Q). MSU went 80/8pl and got a 35 yd TD pass on 4&2, 16-14 (1:20). UW went 3 &out and MSU blocked a punt and recovered for a TD with :37 left for a 23-14 halftime lead and 213-201 yd edge. MSU got 1 FD and punted to open the 3Q and UW went 58/8pl for a 33 yd FG, 23-17. 2 punts. MSU went 80/13pl and on 3&11 got a 15 yd TD pass and 2pt conversion, 31-17. 2 punts. UW got a 33 yd PR and went 43/3pl for a TD with 8:10 left to pull within 31-24. MSU went 3 & out. UW was int’d at the MSU39 with 6:54 left but the Spartans went 3 &out again punting with 4:28 left. UW went 87/8pl and got a TD with 1:26 left to tie. MSU got 1 FD but then lost 10 yds. UW Coach Bielema smartly called time-out with :42 left as they had good success on PR’s and came close to blocking some punts and then after MSU gained 12 yards they used their 2nd time-out forcing a 3&8. MSU got a key 11 yd pass with :23 left and then on 3&1 a Hail Mary pass to the EZ was hit in the EZ, caught by Nichol at the 1 and he bowled his way into the EZ. It was originally ruled down but was clearly a TD and the Spartans pulled off the upset, 37-31.

Oklahoma was a massive favorite but there was a 1 hour and 35 minute rain delay and the sitting around in the locker room seemed to affect Oklahoma more than it did Texas Tech. TT opened with a 41 yd KR and went 54/4pl for a 44 yd TD pass, 7-0. OU got a 55 yd run by Finch and on 2&11, a 15 yd TD pass to Stills, 7-7. 5 punts. OU4 went 74/15pl but settled for and missed a 39 yd FG, the first of 2 key FG misses. TT went 78/10pl and on 4&1 they snuck it in for the TD, 14-7. OU fumbled and TT went 69/8pl for a TD and a shocking 21-7 lead (8:56). 3 punts. TT, after a 29 yd OU punt, started at the OU47 and got 2 FD’s and nailed a 40 yd FG, 24-7 (1:26). At half TT had a 329-205 yd edge. OU punted to open the 3Q and TT went 72/4pl for a commanding 31-7 lead. OU then went 70/4pl with a 58 yd TD pass to Stills. Tuberville took 2 chances for TT which appeared to keep OU in the game. They went 69/7pl but on 4&1 were SOD at the OU8. OU got 1 FD and was int’d on a tipped pass. TT (OU44) punted and Broyles returned it 25 yards. OU went 50/8pl but settled for a 22 yd FG, 31-17 (2:38 3Q). TT faked a punt and came up inches short and OU quickly went 44/7pl for a TD on the first play of the 4Q to pull within 7, 31-24. TT surprisingly answered again going 54/10pl getting a 37 yd FG, 34-24 (12:06). OU went 3 & out again. TT went 74/6pl and the OU crowd was stunned on a 14 yd TD pass which made it 41-24 (7:38). The Sooners still had a chance. They converted on 4&3 then got a 55 yd TD pass on the next play, 41-31. OU forced a punt with 4:22 left. OU started at the TT45 and got 2 FD’s but on 3&10 threw too high in the EZ and would settle for a 28 yard FG to pull them within 1 score but the FG bounced off the upright with 2:52 left. TT20 punted with 1:45 left and OU40 went 60/4pl and got a 22 yd TD pass, 41-38. They brought in 2 kickers for the onside kick but Crawford hauled it in, TT took a knee and got the upset.