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Today I am going to switch my blog schedule up a bit and give you forecasts for all the FCS vs FCS games for week two. Tomorrow I will have all predictions for all the FBS games including the games involving FBS vs FCS teams. Now while I do not personally scout FCS players, Josh Buchanan who follows all the small schools does and he has been offering his picks on here for the past several years and helps me write my FCS magazine. His website is JBScouting.com

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FCS Predictions - WEEK 2


Florida A&M at Hampton

                                          Rush                  Pass                  Pts                  TO

FAMU                     106                    165                   18                   1

HU                           144                    230                   17                  3


Analysis: FAMU and Hampton were average in scoring offense last week but Hampton got a big game from Antwon Chisholm and FAMU had a monster day from Austin Trainor. Expect a good game but Hampton pulls the upset.

Josh’s Pick: Hampton 24 FAMU 20


Old Dominion at Georgia St

                                          Rush                      Pass                       Pts                         TO

ODU                                 186                        235                        39                          2

GSU                                  129                       285                        35                          2


Analysis: This should be a shoot out with ODU coming out on tape thanks to QB Thomas DeMarco.

Josh’s Pick: ODU 42 GSU 37


New Hampshire at Lehigh

                                          Rush               Pass                     Pts               TO

UNH                                 136                210                       24                  2

Lehigh                               94                  305                       26                  3


Analysis: This is a big game with two teams considered to be possible contenders to make real noise in the playoffs this year.  This could be a big upset in the eyes of most as Lehigh is not a team anyone would usually expect to win this game.  I see UNH in a close one though.

Josh’s Pick: UNH 24 Lehigh 21


Duquesne at Dayton

                                          Rush             Pass                  Pts                  TO

Duq                                   171                225                  28                  2

UD                                    174                175                  26                  2


Analysis: Dayton has fallen way off from where they were last year and neither team appears primed to be a contender in their respective leagues.  I still look for the home team to pull out the win.

Josh’s Pick: Dayton 31 Duquesne 27


Colgate at Holy Cross

                                          Rush               Pass            Pts                 TO

Colgate                              276                  90               26                  2

Holy Cross                        104                  260             28                  1


Analysis: Colgate’s rushing attack is led by RB Nate Eachus and should have no problem against Holy Cross.  While HC should do well in the air. I see Colgate winning a close one.  

Josh’s Pick: Colgate 31 HC 28


Wagner at Richmond

                                          Rush              Pass                Pts               TO

Wagner                              81                  140                  7                  3

Richmond                         249                 285                  43                1


Analysis: This should be a blowout as Richmond has proven to be a very good team after their win over Duke and Wagner doesn’t have the speed to hang in with them.

 Josh’s Pick: Richmond 45 Wagner 10


William & Mary at VMI

                               Rush             Pass               Pts             TO

W&M                    191                215                33               0

VMI                      89                  155                 5                 2


Analysis: After a tough loss by more than expected last week W&M looks to rebound and should easily against a weaker VMI team.  W&M wins in a blowout.

Josh’s Pick: W&M 38 VMI 7


Butler at Indiana State

                                        Rush            Pass               Pts              TO

Butler                                91                 80                 8                 3

Indiana St                         219              270                33                1


Analysis: If Indiana State is going to compete for a playoff berth this year this is a must win.  However, even an expevted big win will not tell us ho good ISU really is this year.

 Josh’s Pick: ISU 35 Butler 10


Jacksonville at Western Illinois

                              Rush              Pass                Pts                TO

JU                          86                  190                 16                  2

WIU                      249                 265                 32                  3


Analysis: Jacksonville QB Josh McGregor will have to play big to pull an upset here but I don’t see it happening. WIU by a couple scores.

 Josh’s Pick: WIU 31 JU 20


 Cal Poly at Montana

                                           Rush              Pass                Pts                TO

CP                                     216                  45                  25                  3

UM                                    164                 245                30                  3


Analysis: Montana is coming off a tough loss but should rebound nicely this week.  This is a big matchup with two future NFL corners in UM’s Trumaine Johnson and Cal Poly’s Asa Jackson both on the field.  Expect a close one with UM pulling out a victory.

Josh’s Pick: UM 35 CP 28


UC Davis at Montana St

                                          Rush               Pass                Pts                 TO

UCD                                 151                  185                  23                  1

MSU                                 174                  265                  26                  2


Analysis: QB Denarius McGhee had a rough debut but should bounce back and will have to or else the Bobcats could be in trouble.  Look for a close win by MSU.

 Josh’s Pick: MSU 28 UCD 21


Sacramento St at Southern Utah

                                          Rush               Pass                  Pts                TO

SSU                                   151                  255                  30                  1

SUU                                  119                  280                  26                  2


Analysis: After they pulled an upset over Oregon State, Sac State has the FCS world buzzing and QB Jeff Fleming looks to be primed for a big year. Sac State wins easily.

Josh’s Pick: SSU 35 SUU 21


N Carolina A&T at Appalachian St

                                          Rush             Pass                  Pts                TO

NCAT                               96                  115                  15                  4

ASU                                  294                250                  50                  3


Analysis: This game should not be close despite ASU looking unimpressive last week against the Hokies.  Expect WR Brian Quick to have another good game and ASU to win by a few scores.

 Josh’s Pick: ASU 38 NCAT 13




S Carolina St at Bethune Cookman

                             Rush                Pass                 Pts                TO

SCSU                   126                  155                  24                  5

BCC                     139                  150                  24                  2


Analysis: Bethune-Cookman notched a big win last week and looks to prove those who believed they would be down this year.  This is a big game early on and should affect the top of the MEAC standings.

Josh’s Pick: BCC 28 SCSU 21


Valparaiso at Youngstown St

                                          Rush               Pass                Pts               TO

Valpo                                -14                  145                  -2                  3

YSU                                  414                 330                  64                 1


Analysis: Valpo won’t have negative two points obviously but this should be a blowout either way. Expect YSU to play just about everyone who dresses out and completely shut down the Valpo rushing attack.

Josh’s Pick: YSU 56 Valpo 7


Murray St at Miss Valley St

                                          Rush              Pass                 Pts                TO

MSU                                266                  365                  52                 1

MVSU                                99                  155                  8                  4

Analysis: After a loss that knocked them out of the polls when Payton candidate Casey Brockman threw three picks they should rebound. Look for Mike Harris to have a big day. 

Josh’s Pick: MSU 49 MVSU 10


Lamar at South Alabama


                                          Rush               Pass                 Pts                 TO

Lamar                                126                  225                  28                  2

USA                                  149                  150                  15                  4


Analysis: This is a game to watch as Lamar WR Marcus Jackson is a player getting NFL looks.  This should be a close one but I expect Lamar’s passing attack to lead the way.

Josh’s Pick: Lamar 24 USA 17


E Washington at South Dakota

                            Rush               Pass                 Pts                 TO

EWU                   141                  305                  32                  2

USD                    139                  255                  21                  2


Analysis: This game features serious NFL talent with USD’s Tom Compton and EWU’s Renard Williams worth watching on the lines.  I don’t see this game quite as close as the computers do.  EWU wins by two touchdowns.

Josh’s Pick: EWU 35 USD 21


Marist at Bucknell

                                          Rush             Pass                 Pts                 TO

Marist                                46                  245                  17                  3

Bucknell                            159                185                  21                  1


Analysis: Bucknell DE Josh Eden is one of the best players you haven’t heard of.  Keep an eye on him and expect a Bucknell win.

Josh’s Pick: Bucknell 24 Marist 21


Jacksonville St at Chattanooga

                                          Rush              Pass                  Pts                 TO

JSU                                   111                  195                  30                  2

UTC                                  134                  345                  33                 3


Analysis: Everyone is picking UTC in a close one and I agree. QB B.J. Coleman should bounce back and get them their first win of the season.

Josh’s Pick: UTC 28 JSU 24




Missouri St at E Kentucky

                         Rush                  Pass                Pts                 TO

MSU                  166                  185                  17                  2

EKU                  119                  250                  31                  1


Analysis: A big time matchup to watch for is EKU CB Jeremy Caldwell against MSU WR Jermaine Saffold.  Both will be in NFL camps next year. I am picking EKU in a close one.

Josh’s Pick: EKU 28 MSU 24


Lafayette at Georgetown


                                          Rush              Pass                Pts                 TO

Lafayette                          161                 270                  27                  2

Georgetown                      59                  205                  20                  2


Analysis: An early Patriot League tilt worth watching.  I expect Lafayette to win behind their passing game.

 Josh’s Pick: Lafayette 31 Georgetown 27


Cent Conn St at James Madison

                                        Rush              Pass                Pts                TO

CCSU                               81                  85                  12                  2

JMU                                 264               205                  38                  1


Analysis: JMU didn’t pull off an upset as some thought they might but they should certainly rebound well this week and get a win.  I see JMU winning by double digits despite some media picking a close one.

Josh’s Pick: JMU 35 CCSU 21


Furman at The Citadel

                                      Rush                Pass                 Pts                TO

FU                                 101                  140                  23                  1

Citadel                           269                  100                  23                  2


Analysis: Citadel WR Kevin Hardy can fly and Furman CB Ryan Steed can shut down speedy and big receivers.  Look for that matchup and expect Furman to bounce back after a loss to CCU last week.

Josh’s Pick: Furman 28 Citadel 21


Alcorn St at Ark Pine Bluff

                                          Rush                Pass                 Pts                TO

ASU                                  126                  230                  27                  3

UAPB                               109                  230                  23                  3


Analysis: The SWAC always provides some interesting matchups early in the year and this is one of them.  I have Bluff winning a close one.

Josh’s Pick: UAPB 28 ASU 24


Robert Morris at Liberty

                                          Rush             Pass                  Pts                TO

RM                                    51                  120                  19                  3

LU                                     174                385                  43                  3


Analysis: Liberty will definitely fall out of the polls this week if they lose and thus making this a must win.  Look for WR Chris Summers and company to get it going as they win big against Robert Morris.

Josh’s Pick: LU 35 Robert Morris 17


St Francis PA at North Dakota St

                    Rush               Pass               Pts               TO

SF                  56                 85                  -2                  3

NDSU           329               180                49                  1


Analysis: NDSU RB D.J. McNorton leads a potent rushing attack.  Look for a blowout win.

Josh’s Pick: NDSU 42 SF 17



Alabama A&M at Southern

                                          Rush               Pass                Pts                 TO

A&M                                 206                 135                  23                  2

Southern                            149                 235                  28                  1


Analysis: I don’t expect a big year from either team this season and the loser of this game is really in for a long year.  I have Southern taking a close one.

Josh’s Pick: Southern 31 A&M 24


Northern Iowa at SF Austin

                                          Rush              Pass                 Pts                TO

UNI                                   241                185                  34                  1

SFA                                   79                  270                  24                  4


Analysis: This is probably the biggest game of the week with early playoff implications as the winner will have a good win on their resume.  SFA is having to replace Payton Award winner Jeremy Moses and I don’t see them pulling off the upset as they continue to look for someone to answer the call.

Josh’s Pick: UNI 28 SFA 21


Jackson St at Tennessee St

                                         Rush              Pass                 Pts       TO

JSU                                   21                  230                  19        2

TSU                                  219                225                  23        2


Analysis: Tennessee State has hope to be solid this year and Jackson State returns some talent but neither school has the horses to win their respective leagues in my opinion.  I have JSU winning behind the arm of Therriault. 

Josh’s Pick: JSU 27 TSU 21


Villanova at Towson

                                          Rush               Pass                 Pts       TO

VU                                    171                  110                  28        3

Towson                             134                  240                  25        2


Analysis: Villanova struggled big time last week and with a freshman quarterback that was expected.  This is a game they could lose but I see a close win.

 Josh’s Pick: Villanova 31 Towson 21


Morehead St at Illinois St

                                   Rush                  Pass                Pts                TO

MSU                            46                     255                 27                  2

ISU                             139                    350                 44                  3


Analysis: ISU QB Matt Brown threw two picks last week and will have to improve on turnovers if they are to have a successful season. I expect him to this week, as they win easy.

Josh’s Pick: ISU 42 MSU 17


Texas Southern at Prairie View A&M


                                         Rush                Pass               Pts                 TO

TSU                                  196                  85                  18                  5

PVAMU                           119                  150                18                  3


Analysis: Based on last week PVAMU is evidently going to struggle this year. I believe they do again this week losing to Texas Southern.

Josh’s Pick: TSU 28 PVAMU 17


Savannah St at SE Louisiana

                                        Rush               Pass                Pts                TO

SSU                                  81                  170                 25                  1

SELU                               229                360                 47                  2


Analysis: SELU must improve on defense if they are going to win, but in their defense they did play Tulane and their offense looked good. Expect a better performance this week with a big game from RB Zeke Jones.

Josh’s Pick: SELU 42 SSU 14