Daily Blog •May 15, 2011

Phil Steele's 2012 College Football Preview
Advance Copy Ordering Information

The official on sale date of my magazine is June 5th! Trucks should be here in Cleveland with copies ready to ship on May 29th a full week before it hits the newsstands. The cost is $14.25 and that includes Priority Mail ($5.30) with an estimated delivery time of 3-5 days, THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED BY THE POST OFFICE. You can place your order through our office at 1-866-918-7711 or at PhilSteele.com. You have your choice of 11 different covers and the website is your best option. (PhilSteele.com store)

Personally when I know something is available, I want it NOW. If you are like me and cannot wait for things you can order one of our very special autographed copies NOW! I am getting 4 cases of 22 magazines delivered in advance of our truck delivery. That means I will have 88 copies in my office by Tuesday, May 22nd at the latest. If you take advantage of this special offer you will receive the 2012 Phil Steele College Football Preview Magazine with our National Cover. Since you will be paying a premium price you can have it autographed with a personalized message and we will rush it out to you via Priority Mail so you should have your hands on the magazine by the end of next week to enjoy over the Memorial Day Weekend! (delivery time is not guaranteed by the Post Office)

We are limited on the amount of early copies available to us so be one of the first in the country to have a copy. Your cost for the SPECIAL ADVANCE COPY of the magazine is $39.95 and you can place your order with us at 1-866-918-7711. This special is NOT available at our PhilSteele.com store and can only be ordered through our office, as the website cannot accommodate for autographed copies (you can tell me what you want me to write on it). While the cost may seem exorbitant, most of you know shipping and fuel costs have increased and we are only passing those costs onto you since we are getting them sent to us in advance of the regular shipment.

Also while we could probably sell 1,000 early copies at face value, the fact that there are only 88 copies does increase the value so be one of the first 88 people in the country to have their hands on the Phil Steele 2012 College Football Preview!

Please check PhilSteele.com everyday to get my Top 40 Countdown which started yesterday with #40 Rutgers and #39 Georgia Tech. Every day from now thru June 12th, I will post both magazine pages on each team that day and you can get an early look on how I breakdown your favorite team. Remember I will make those magazine pages available for only 24 hours for you to download. Today Iowa and Kansas St come in at #38 and #37 respectively.