Daily Blog • November 5th

Top 25 Team Performances from Week 10

UCLA Arizona 309 302 66 120 135 10 3 356 121.3
TEXAS A&M AT Mississippi St 360 332 38 98 212 13 0 382 115.3
CLEMSON AT Duke 335 385 56 86 255 20 -4 379 108.8
GEORGIA Mississippi 149 384 37 46 188 10 1 299 108.7
LOUISIANA AT ULM 234 373 40 74 33 24 0 500 107.9
OREGON AT USC 431 306 62 131 489 51 2 117 105.2
LSU Alabama 139 296 17 166 165 21 2 104 103.4
OKLAHOMA AT Iowa St 188 405 35 99 191 20 -1 303 102.4
VIRGINIA AT NC State 248 198 33 19 197 6 4 230 101.4
STANFORD AT Colorado 206 230 48 -21 97 0 3 360 101.3
ALABAMA AT LSU 166 165 21 139 296 17 -2 -104 99.2
UTAH Washington St 205 248 49 -4 259 6 1 198 98.1
BAYLOR Kansas 299 367 41 246 96 14 2 324 97.9
OHIO ST Illinois 335 237 52 74 103 22 -1 395 96.9
MISSOURI AT Florida 118 235 7 163 105 14 -4 85 96.8
KANSAS ST Oklahoma St 191 290 44 87 417 30 5 -23 94.5
OREGON ST Arizona St 157 267 36 150 153 26 -1 121 94.3
TEXAS AT Texas Tech 162 264 31 112 334 22 0 -20 94.2
VANDERBILT AT Kentucky 227 220 40 101 159 0 -2 187 93.9
NEBRASKA AT Michigan St 323 160 28 231 123 24 -2 129 92.7
PENN ST AT Purdue 185 321 34 87 288 9 1 131 90.3
GEORGIA TECH AT Maryland 370 31 33 144 115 13 0 142 89.5
MICHIGAN AT Minnesota 155 234 35 128 147 13 0 114 89.3
UCF SMU 241 155 42 126 133 17 0 137 88.9




Ohio was coming off its first loss of the year and rolled up Eastern Michigan with a 555-305 yard edge. It was just 17-14 when OU took over with :55 left in the half and went 65/7pl and on 2&10 got a 19 yd td pass with :11 left to lead 24-14. EMU in the 3Q went on a 14pl drive but punted and OU got a 3&5, def pass interference for a FD and on the next play a 79 yd td pass, 31-14. OU drove 44/5 for a td after a 38 yd PR with 5:03 left and got a 29 yd td run with 1:33 left.



Middle Tennessee and WKU played on a Thursday and MT pulled the first upset of the weekend. MT settled for a 19 yd FG on a 73/13pl drive to open and after a punt the teams would score td’s on 4 straight poss. WKU settled for a 29 yd FG, MT on 4&1 was SOD at the WKU32 with :32 left in the half and WKU missed a 47 yd FG on the final play of the half and it was 17-17. The game was tied 27-27 after a 27 yd WKU FG with 6:17 left but MT had a 96 yd KR for a 7 pt lead. WKU went 57/10pl but from the 21 yard line on FD was int’d at the 2. MT on 4&9 ran the ball into the back of the EZ for a safety on the last play of the game. WKU finished with a 438-342 yd edge.


Tough loss for Virginia Tech. They had a 421-347 yd edge vs Miami, FL. UM did not convert on any of their first 9 third down conversions and VT had a 24-15 FD edge. Surprisingly it was special teams that let VT down. In the 1Q UM got 16 and 19 yd drives off of special teams as they blocked a punt to set up a 16 yd td drive then got an 80 yd KR to set up a 19 yd td drive. They led 20-12 at the half with VT blowing 5 chances inside the 20. VT was int’d at the 11, settled for 22 and 20 yd FG’s from the 5 and 3 yd lines and trailed 20-12 despite a 284-213 yd edge. In the 2H VT had a 1&gl at the 5 but on 3&gl from the 1, bobbled the snap and UM recovered. VT missed a 47 yd FG, was SOD on 4&1 at the UM39 trailing by 8. UM got a 3&12, 26 yd pass to key a 69/8pl drive for a td and some breathing room with 7:38 left to make it 27-12 and won 30-12.


Jeff Tedford’s chances of surviving the season got a little bleaker as Cal already is not eligible for a bowl, suffering their 7th loss. I figured they would have a rejuvenated home field edge after playing their home games at San Francisco Giants ballpark and now playing back in the refurbished Memorial Stadium. Amazingly they dropped their 4th home game and it was a game they could have easily done better in. It was 7-7 at the half and Cal went 65/7pl and 32/11pl but settled for 23 and 21 yd FG’s from the 6 and 4 yd lines to only lead 13-7. Washington had a 3&gl from the 29, an almost impossible conversion but got a 29 yd td pass to take the lead, 14-13. Cal missed a 41 yd FG, punted, fumbled at the UW48, was int’d at the UW39 and that was ret’d 33 yards to the Cal28. UW went 28 yards for a td as RB Sankey had a huge night with 189 yards rushing on 29 carries. Cal’s final drive had their QB Maynard injured and Bridgford took over. They went 44/10 but on 4&5 were SOD at the UW25. Cal had a 450-409 yd edge and 23-20 FD edge.

fans are not too happy with their QB as Munchie Legaux had thrown 5 int the previous 2 weeks and was booed by the 26,180 often in the game vs Syracuse. It was the smallest crowd in Nippert Stadium this season. Legaux hit 11-22-124 yards and was benched in the 3Q and Brandon Kay took over at the Syr 15 and hit a 15 yd td pass on 3&9 then guided a 47/4pl drive for a td and would QB the rest of the game. They were trailing 24-21 when he came in and his 2 td’s had UC win 35-24. Jones had said during the week he didn’t even consider benching Legaux. SU had a 24-23 FD edge and 479-470 yd edge. George Winn rushed for 35-165 for UC. SU fumbled the opening KO and UC went 28/4 for a td. UC fumbled at their own 11 but replay did not overturn it and they were able to punt a few plays later. Trailing 10-7, UC handed off to Winn who acted like he’d run but threw a jump pass forward that went for a 37 yd td to Kelce, 14-10. SU had a 25 yd FG blocked and UC fumbled at the SU11. SU went 89/10pl for a td to lead 17-14 at half with a 316-248 yd edge. Legaux fumbled at the goal line and it could have easily been ruled a TB but he was ruled down at the 1 and UC got a td on the next play. Legaux’s last play of the game was a 3&14 pass which would have been a pick 6 but it was dropped. SU, trailing 35-24, missed a 42 yd FG and was SOD at the UC42 on their final 2 drives.


Central Michigan led Western Michigan by 9 points entering the 4Q and in fact with 3:00 left, led 31-28 but WMU drove 67/5pl for a td with 2:51 left and CMU fumbled the KO and WMU went 47/3 for a 42 yd td run on 3&5 with 2:26 left. WMU had a 513-506 yd edge and 26-24 FD edge. There were 6 lead changes. Zurlon Tipton rushed for 112 yards for CMU and Titus Davis had 280 yards receiving. CMU dominated the first 3 poss but they had a 43 yd FG blk’d, settled for a 37 yd FG then settled for a 22 yd FG after a 79/12pl drive and only led 6-0 while WMU punted twice. WMU then got a 55 yd td pass to take the lead at the start of the 2Q and led 14-13 at the half.


At the half Buffalo had a 150-83 yd edge vs Miami, OH and a 7-6 FD edge. The game was tied at 3. Surprisingly after a MU punt to open the 3Q, the teams would score td’s on 4 consecutive drives to make it 17-17. MU fumbled at the UB35 and Buffalo went 65/8pl for a td including a 4&8 pass to the 21. MU25 went 75/15pl and appeared to force OT. One play after converting on 4&20 with a 22 yd pass to the 5, they got a 5 yd td with just :20 left but UB ret’d the KO 47 yards to the 35 and gained 5 yds and kicked a 47 yd FG to pull out the win on the last play of the game.


FIU snapped a 7 game losing streak with their win over South Alabama. Jake Medlock hit 9-13-153. At half the game appeared to be all FIU. They got 3 FD’s on their opening drive and were sacked and fumbled and USA went 53/9pl for a td to actually lead 7-0 but FIU dominated after that going 76/8pl, 67/4pl, 55/3pl and 74/10pl all for td’s and led 28-7 at the half with a 303-149 yd edge. They went into a “hang on” mode in the 2H and on the first play USA got a 75 yd td pass, 28-14. After a 36 yd PR, they drove -3 yards for a 39 yd FG, 28-17. USA fumbled at the FIU33, went 74/10pl and settled for a 23 yd FG, fumbled at their own 39, missed a 23 yd FG after a 69/11pl drive, was SOD on 4&10 at the FIU36 with 3:19 left and on 4&9 from their own 42 was int’d at their own 43.


Denard Robinson did not play for Michigan as he was injured. Devin Gardner who was a WR, had moved back to QB full-time after Michigan’s backup QB Russell Bellomy hit 3-16 the previous week. Minnesota looked like they were on their way to an upset as they jumped to a 7-0 lead when on 3&17, Gardner rolled out of the pocket and threw a bomb that went for a 45 yard td. Michigan took its next drive 90/13pl for a td, 14-7 at half with the Gophers missing a 55 yd FG. Minn faked a FG from the 19 and gained 5 yards at the start of the 3Q. The next 4 poss were all long scoring drives but UM got a pair of td’s, Minn got 27 and 19 yd FG’s and it was 28-13. Michigan recovered the onside kick and on 4&1 got a 41 yd td run by Toussaint with 3:05 left to make it 35-13 with Michigan finishing with a 389-275 yard edge. Minnesota has not beaten Michigan at home since 1977. The Gophers were also missing a key player as AJ Barker, their top WR, sprained his ankle vs Purdue the previous week and missed the game.


I know Mississippi St’s alternate uniforms were designed specifically for this “Snow Bowl” rematch but you know when I have to watch 12 games at once, I prefer schools to keep their normal color and this is a known pet peeve of mine. They also had some imposters show up on the defense one week after forcing Alabama to punt on 5 consecutive drives, MSU’s D was shredded by Texas A&M. It seemed like whenever a player got the ball there would be 5-10 yards after contact on each play. A&M rolled up 693 yards and a 36-15 FD edge. A&M took advantage of playing a team that was stoked up for Alabama the previous week and of course MSU runs into the same scenario this week taking on LSU off a big game vs Bama. A&M had 97 plays for their 693 yards. A&M had a 386-87 yard edge at the half and led 24-0. MSU passed up a FG with 6:39 left in the half and was SOD on 4&3 and trailed 24-0 but started a rally and actually got back to 31-13 thanks in part to A&M fumbling into the EZ for a TB and missing a 43 yd FG. MSU was int’d at the A&M13 but then A&M went 65/8 for a td to put it away.


Florida was clearly in a letdown spot after losing their key game vs Georgia the previous week. Maybe their team was focusing more on UGA’s chances of losing to Mississippi than playing Missouri. MO finished with a 23-11 FD edge and had a 335-276 yd edge. As has been the case many times this year, UF was outgained in the 1H 143-111. James Franklin returned for MO and hit 24-51-236 but had 4 int. UF was playing without LT Xavier Nixon and DE Lerentee McCray and K Caleb Sturgis was limited after getting injured on a blocked FG in the 2H. UF lost both starting G’s John Halapio and James Wilson in the 2H to injuries. The first 5 poss were punts. UF had a 47 yd FG blocked after an int but a UF fumble set up MO for a 27/6pl drive for a td giving the Tigers a 7-0 halftime lead. The 3Q opened with 3 punts. UF went 40/2pl for a td then blocked a MO 25 yd FG after a 68 yard drive. MO was int’d and ret’d 42 yds and UF got a 52 yd td pass 4pl later to lead 14-7. After 3 punts, MO was int’d at the UF35 but UF had a chance to ice it and lined up for a 24 yd FG with 1:49 left and missed it and MO would go 59/11 getting to the 21 but on 4&6 was int’d in the EZ.


East Carolina was a surprising underdog last week vs Houston and dominated. In fact, UH punted on their first 5 poss of the game and EC ran off a season high 98 plays and finished with a 550-369 yard edge and 31-16 FD edge. It could have been even worse as UH would get a late score at the end of the half, and at the end of the game to only lose by 20. EC in the 1H went 70/10pl, 26/3pl (after 41 yd PR), 76/8pl, 51/9 and 97/15pl for 4 td’s and they were int’d in the EZ from the 25. Their last td came with :48 left in the half and UH went 75/7pl and got a 10 yd td pass with :05 left in the half. That gave UH a little momentum for the 2H and they were able to pull within 31-13 mid3Q. EC settled for a 31 yd FG, missed a 47 yd FG but after UH was SOD at its own 20, on 4&10 with 3:37 left, EC got a 22 yd td run followed by a 28 yd IR td. UH went 61/6pl trailing 48-21 and got a 20 yd td pass with :02 left. At the half EC had a 17-5 FD edge.


Louisville moved to 9-0 for the first time ever in school history. Temple’s Matt Brown took the opening KO 93 yards for a td and set a school record with 227 KR yards topping Travis Shelton’s record set back in 2005 with 205. Temple led 14-7 in the 1Q. Brandon McManus also tied the TU mark for career FG attempts with 78. It was just 17-17 in the 2Q when UL went 87/7 for a td then 90/7pl for a td with 1:02 left in the half to lead 31-7 and had a 344-179 yard edge. Temple fumbled to open the 3Q and UL went 68/9pl for the clinching td, 38-17. After another fumble they drove 30/3pl for a td and the 28 pt win. Temple’s final 3 drives were SOD at the UL23, SOD at the UL34 and fumbled at the UL14. The Cards did finish with a 508-309 yd edge.


Well, the Army/Navy game will be played for the Commander In Chief’s Trophy as Army, despite having clinched a losing season the previous week with their 7th loss, knocked off Air Force and can now claim the Trophy with a win over Navy in the season final. AF might not have put the same importance on the game as they’re in the battle for the MW Title and Army rolled to a 41-31 win in a game they led 35-7. Army has not won the CIC Trophy since 1996. QB Trent Steelman is now 3rd in Army’s career rush leaders, passing the famed Glen Davis. While Army came in avg 383 ypg (#1 in NCAA) and AF was #2 with 366 ypg, AF was limited to 103 yards rushing while Army had 314. AF had actually only punted 15 times in its first 8 games but punted 4 times here. Cody Getz returned for AF after missing last week but had just 14-23 rushing (came in avg 133 ypg). Each team went on a long td drive to open and AF was SOD on 4&1 at the Army 1. Army went 96/11 and settled for a 20 yd FG then Army missed a 53 yd FG but after an int went 53/8pl for a td and after another int, added a 36 yd FG with :03 left to lead 20-7. Army did have a 265-260 yd edge at the half. With the momentum, Army went 54/12pl and 54/8pl for td’s and their 3rd drive was actually SOD at the AF32 as they opened it up to a 20 pt lead after 3Q’s. AF QB Dietz had a streak of 79 consecutive passes without an int end as he tossed two and he also fumbled into the EZ for a td with 2:50 left in the game, 41-21. That came one play after Army was SOD at the 26. AF went 63/15pl on its final drive getting to the Army3.


Coming into this past Saturday, Virginia had a 2-6 record but was outgaining their foes by over 50 ypg. They had only forced 4 TO’s in the first 8 games but forced 5 vs NC State and pretty much dominated the game with a 446-216 yd edge despite the fact they were on the road. NCSt’s previous 4 games came down to the final minute but this one was never really in doubt and Virginia led 16-0 at the half missing a 22 yd FG with :16 left. They opened up the 3Q with a 64/6pl drive for a td, added a 33 yd FG to make it 26-0 and coasted. Phillip Sims hit 8-10-115 but Michael Rocco also played hitting 12-23-83. An interesting play had Sims hand off to Perry Jones and Sims was wide open in the EZ but dropped an easy td pass.


Texas St gave Louisiana Tech a battle as the game was 14-14 with each team scoring a td on the first 2 poss then both punted, and were SOD. LT got a 79 yd td pass on 2&21 to take a 21-14 lead, missed a 37 yd FG and went 76/13pl and got a 23 yd td pass with :08 left in the half to make it 27-14. At the half LT had a 309-230 yard edge. LT will be ranked for a 3rd consecutive week. Each team scored a td to open the 3Q then after 3 punts LT settled for a 22 yd FG. TSU went 65/8pl and got a 14 yd td pass, 37-27. LT went 59/11 lining up for a FG but faked it and WR David Gru hit Lee with a 9 yd td pass with 7:33 left to finally get them some margin, 44-27. After TSU was SOD with 2:51 left, LT went 49/7pl and got a 6 yd td run on 4&4 with :14 left to win by 24 so 2 of their td’s came in the final :15 of the half/game.


Ryan Griffin threw for 476 yards for Tulane but Rice would have a 211-0 rushing edge. In the 1H Tulane fumbled a punt to set up a 33/7pl drive for a Rice td then gave up a 55 yd IR td early 2Q and trailed 28-7. Rice did fumble at the Tulane7 with 4:27 left in the half but TU got a 57 yd FG on the 1H final play to give them some momentum as they trailed 28-10 and were outgained 230-124. TU got a 74 yd IR td 2:00 into the 3Q then each team went on a 75 yd drive for a td. TU got a 62 yd td and then went on a 76/5pl drive to lead 38-35. Rice went 75/8pl for a td to go up by 4 and TU went 52/14pl settling for a FG with 8:34 left. Rice went 75/9pl and on 3&16 got a 36 yd pass to the 2 and a td 2pl later to go up by 8, 49-41 with 2:42 left but TU25 went 75/7pl and got a 33 yd td pass with :56 left but the 2 pt failed and Rice rec’d the onside kick.


The seat is probably getting a little hot for Purdue head coach Danny Hope as they dropped their 5th straight game. PU was a trendy pick by many to get to the Big Ten Title this year with Penn St and Ohio St both ineligible. PU returned the opening KO 47 yards but settled for a 21 yard FG and a 3-0 lead but PSU dominated from there rolling up 546 yards offense. Penn St led just 10-3 when PU missed a 45 yd FG with 6:07 left 1H. PSU got a 24 yd FG with 3:47 left and went 55/5 and got a 5 yd td run with 1:16 left to go up 20-3. PSU used that momentum to go 80/7p and 75/7pl on their first two 3Q poss for td’s. PU was SOD on 4&7 at the PSU37, 4&14 at the PSU11, 4&gl from the 18. Trailing 34-3, PU got a 2 yd td pass with no time left on the clock. The xp was not even attempted as the clock ran out with a 34-9 final.


Ohio St’s game vs Illinois was reminiscent of their game vs Miami, OH earlier in the year as they got off to a slow start in the 1H, their opponent settled for a couple of short FG’s after long drives and then they took over and dominated after that. Illinois settled for 43 and 28 yard FG’s in the 1Q and OSU did get a 79/10pl drive for a td and led 7-6. In the 2Q OSU went 61/10pl, 64/5pl, 61/3 and 50/5pl for 3 td’s and a FG and had a 310-138 yd edge at the half and led 31-6. IL got a td with 4:50 left, 45-22 and only trailed by 23 when OSU recovered the onside kick. With backup QB Guiton in, they got 2 FD to the 12 and on 3&1, got a 3 yd td run by Dunn which made a lot of OSU backers happy with 1:26 left. OSU finished with a dominating 567-170 yd edge and 32-15 FD edge.


Utah’s Reggie Dunn got a 3rd 100 yd KR td in just 2 weeks. It was his 4th career 100 yd IR. Utah finished with a 453-255 yd edge. Washington St did cross midfield 3 times in the 1H but missed a 49 yd FG and was stopped on downs on 4th & 12 at the UU37, 4&1 at the 34. Utah took their 2nd poss 49/2 for a td then went 69/8pl for a td on their 3rd, 68/11pl for a td on their 4th and added a 20 yd FG on their 5th and led 31-0 at the half. Dunn got the 100 yd KR to open the 3Q, 39-0. Utah got a 22 yd FG with 8:39 left and drove 79/7pl and got a td with 2:57 left to make it 49-0. In one of 3 games for the weekend that ended on the final play being a td, with a the team not attempting an xp, Washington St went 75/12pl and got a 5 yd td pass on the last play of the game and the xp was not attempted.


ULM had been having a dream season with their upset of Arkansas, near upsets of Auburn and Baylor and came in undefeated in the Sun Belt. Louisiana had struggled with Terrance Broadway at QB in their previous 2 games but piled up a 607-407 yd edge. UL led 21-10 when ULM got a 19 yd td pass with :48 left in the 1H to pull to 21-17 but UL did not let the momentum get to them. They took their opening 3Q drive 87/12 for a td and after being SOD at the ULM42 went 99/17pl for a td and a 34-17 lead. It was 34-24 when ULM was int’d at the UL15. On the last play of the game, UL on 4&6 opted to pass the ball with :04 left. Broadway hit Robinson with an 81 yd td pass with no time left and the xp was not attempted.


Nebraska never led vs Michigan St until the end of the game. Each team missed a FG in the 1H and it was 14-14 with the Huskers having an 263-208 yd edge. NU finished with a 474-361 yd edge. MSU opened the 3Q with a 67/11pl drive for a 25 yd FG and extended it to 24-14. The game appeared over when Nebraska went 75/10pl but on 2&gl from the 5 was int’d and returned 95 yards for a td. A personal foul block waived off the td and brought the ball back to the 10 and Mich St punted keeping NU alive. The Huskers went 58/6pl for a td but their dreams appeared to end when on 4&10 they fired incomplete with 3:12 left at the MSU40. The Spartans got 1 FD and punted with 1:20 left. NU went 80/8pl and on 4&10 they got a 38 yd pass to Reed then on 3&10, when it looked like they had to settle for OT and a FG, PI gave them a FD to the 5 and 2pl later a 5 yd td pass with :06 left gave them the win.


Florida needed Georgia to lose to get a spot in the SEC Title game and it looked like their chances were pretty good early. Mississippi blitzed often and had 5 sacks in the 1H but 2 big pass plays were the key to keeping UGA in the game and giving them momentum. Ole Miss was pretty much in control in the 1H. The Rebels settled for a 34 yd FG on their opening drive to lead 3-0. They opted to go for it on 4&4 and gained 3 yds to the UGA27 but their next drive went 70/6pl for a td, and a 10-0 lead. UGA faced a 3&1 and off a play action fake, a wide open 66 yd td pass got UGA back in the game, 10-7. The teams turned the ball over 4 times in a 6pl period but UGA took over with 3:32 left in the half. They appeared to have no shot as they faced a 3&25 but Murray scrambled around, launched a Hail Mary and the UGA WR got behind the secondary and got a 40 yd td with :03 left in the half to amazingly give UGA the lead at the half and that momentum spurred them on to a dominating 2H as they opened with a 79/6pl drive, 77/6pl drive for td’s and rolled to a 533-234 yd edge for the game. In the 2H thanks to that td pass at the end of the half and the momentum, Miss had just 53 2H yards and 2 FD’s while the Bulldogs had 334.


Navy has earned a berth to the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl in San Francisco which is remarkable considering the way they opened the season. Keenan Reynolds who has been a star of Navy’s resurgence, rushed for 159 yards on 26 carries and hit 8-15-147 vs Florida Atlantic. He was inured and now backup Miller (used to start) came in for 1 play and abruptly fumbled at the Navy39 with Navy leading 24-10 with 11:53 left. FAU went 39/7pl and got a td to pull within 24-17 and Navy missed a 51 yd FG with 5:31 left but FAU was SOD at the Navy 22 on 4&11 on their final drive. Navy finished with a 393-320 yd edge. Navy trailed 7-0 when they went 84/6pl for a td with 5:32 left 1H and after FAU was SOD at the Navy15 on 4&2, Navy drove 80/10pl for a td with :07 left to grab the momentum. They went 67/9pl for a td, then 47/12pl for a 20 yd FG to break out to a 24-10 lead.


While TCU and West Virginia put up a combined 77 points, 15 came in OT and TCU finished with a 405-338 yd edge so it was one of WV’s best defensive performances of the season. This one had some big play swings. TCU fumbled the punt at their own 9 with the game tied at 14 and WV got a td with :05 left to lead 21-14. WV missed a 50 yd FG on the final play of the half. TCU fumbled at the start of the 3Q and Tyler Bitancurt hit a 52 yd FG, 24-14. TCU took advantage of a mishandled snap by the punter and ret’d it 15 yards for a td to get back in it. WV was SOD at the TCU20 (6:12 3Q) but TCU went 70/7pl and was int’d in the EZ with 3:04 left 3Q. Tied at 24, Austin got a 76 yd PR td with 3:19 left and TCU punted on 4&4 with 2:31 left and it went just 33 yards. WV punted back with 2:07 left and on the key play of the game, TCU after a sack was pinned at their own 6 yard line. On 2&19 Boykin scrambled around and found Boyce wide open in the secondary and he outran 2 DB’s for a 94 yd td pass with 1:28 left. Bitancurt missed a 55 yd FG with :13 left. Each team missed a FG in the 1OT and both got a 25 yd td pass in the 2OT but just like last year when TCU upset Boise St, they went for 2 and got it on a very close play where the WR just got his arms under the ball.



As reported on Sunday, this will be Joker Phillips last year in Lexington. Last year Kentucky was dominated by Vanderbilt but now they had VU at home and needed to win to show any signs of hope. VU simply dominated with a 29-15 FD edge, 447-260 yd edges. At half VU led 27-0. UK missed a 50 yd FG but VU had a 71/11pl drive and on 4&5 they got a 34 yd td pass. They also went 67/9, 61/9, 59/7 all for td’s with only a missed xp with :38 left in the half making it 27-0. UK was SOD at the VU27 and 5 yd lines in the 3Q and then at the VU33 with 13:23 left and were shutout at home.



A lot of teams started changing QB’s, many of them out of desperation this weekend. Here are a few teams where the QB’s changed:


New Mexico St picked a bad time to go into Auburn but they did give the Tigers a good game in the 1H. At half NMSt had a 178-144 yd edge despite the fact that AU was desperate and Gene Chizik on the hotseat. Auburn started true frosh QB Jonathan Wallace and he hit 9-16-164 and rushed 3 times for 9 yards. The rushing totals were very surprising for the elusive Wallace. AU only finished with a 475-405 yd edge and 19-15 FD edge. NMSt was SOD at the AU29 and AU was int at the NMS2. NMSt missed a 47 yd FG and it was scoreless until AU got a td with 4:14 left in the half capping an 89/13pl drive. AU opened the 2H with an 80/7pl drive for a td then got a 62 yd FR td to go up 21-0. They went 96/7pl for a td and after a 38 yd PR, missed a 47 yd FG. NMSt went 69/9pl for a td, 28-7 but AU went 55/3pl, 77/6pl for td’s to open it up to 42-7 with 7:15 left.


Stanford opted to switch to Kevin Hogan as the QB. The switch is surprising because really the battle at the end of August was between Josh Nunes and Brett Nottingham. Hogan, a rFr who is 6’4” 224 (PS#18), sparked the SU offense and hit 18-23-184 while Nunes hit 3-5-23 and Nottingham 3-5-16. Even Robbie Picazo got in and hit 1-1-7. Keep in mind, they were taking on the woeful Colorado defense. This game was thoroughly dominated by SU as they finished with a 25-6 FD edge and 436-76 yd edge. SU did score its first 2 td’s off of TO’s. CU was without LB Jon Major and they lost DL Justin Solis, to a neck injury in the 3Q. SU got a 52 yd IR td and then another int set up a 40 yd drive for a td. At the half it was 35-0 and SU had an amazing 249-20 yd edge. They went 59/8pl for a 31 yd FG, 77/8 on the first 2 poss of the 3Q. Nunes started and played the first 3 series and it was 14-0 when Hogan came in. Hogan’s first 5 poss went 70/8pl, 65/10pl, 58/9pl, 49/8pl and 77/8pl for 4 td’s and a FG. His last poss ended in a punt with 1:23 left in the 3Q and SU ended the game at the CU40 taking a knee.