Daily Blog • November 27th

Le’Veon Bell rushed for a career-high 266 yards as Michigan St pounded Minnesota 26-10. UM had already clinched a bowl spot while MSU was playing for its 6th win and the Spartans had a 421-96 yd edge. Coach Kill was not on the sidelines for the 2H due to suffering a seizure in the locker room at halftime. He was cleared to go home, without going to a hospital. MSU only led 16-10 in the 4Q and this had happened a few times in MSU game. Remember their opening game of the season vs Boise St, the Spartans had a 26-13 FD edge and 461-206 yd edge but somehow only won by 4. Only once since mid-September has UM scored more than 17 points in a game. UM was int’d at their own 34 on the opening drive and MSU settled for a 48 yd FG. MSU went 41/5pl for a 42 yd FG and missed it. MSU was int’d and ret’d 33 yds for a td and actually trailed 7-3 (4:43). MSU went 52/6pl for a 43 yd FG. MSU went 66/7pl but from the 22 yd line was int’d in the EZ (8:15 2Q). MSU went 82/10 and had a pass deflected off of Lippert which was hauled in by Fowler for a 41 yd td pass with 1:28 left 1H to make it 13-7. At half MSU had a 248-53 yd edge. Each team opened the 3Q with a 10pl drive with MSU getting a 43 yd FG (11:01) and UM a 48 yd FG (7:05). MSU got a 44 yd PR and added a 30 yd FG to lead 19-10 on the first play of the 4Q. After a UM int, MSU went 57/11pl for a td with 7:25 left. UM punted on 4&10 with 4:55 left and MSU on 4&5 with 3:07 left and UM was int’d at the MSU43 and ret’d 21 yds to the Gopher’s 36 with 2:56 left. MSU took a knee at the 12 yd line.

Troy had a 23-10 FD edge and 472-328 yd edge but Middle Tenn at home came away with a fortunate victory and Troy clinched a losing season. Troy was int’d on their 2nd poss and ret’d 22 yds to their 25 and MT got a 37 yd FG on a 20 yd drive. Troy went 60/9pl but fmbl’d at the 2 and on the next play, Parker got a 98 yd td run for MT, 10-0. Troy went 80/11pl for a td. Troy fmbl’d at the MT6 after a 42/5pl drive. MT got a 66 yd pass to Parker to the 28 but had a 43 yd FG blk’d. Troy had a punt blk’d 4pl later and MT got a 26 yd FG, 13-7 (6:26 2Q). At half MT had a 251-223 yd edge. Troy opened the 3Q with a 78/10pl drive and a 4 yd td pass put them up 14-13. 5 punts. Troy went 45/7pl but on FD from the MT33 fmbl’d and it was ret’d 59 yds to the 8. MT got a 21 yd FG on a 4 yd drive to lead 16-14. MT fmbl’d at the Troy44 on its next drive and Troy went 56/8pl for a td with 9:06 left for a 21-16 lead. MT was int’d on a deep pass and ret’d 43 yds to their 47. Troy got 1 FD and was int’ and ret’d 77 yds for a td with 5:48 left, the 2 pt conversion made it 24-21. Troy got 2 FD and on 4&4 fired incomplete at the MT27 with 2:46 left and MT got 1 FD and ran the clock.

San Diego St won its share of the MW Title with their first MW Title since 1998 and its 19th overall Title. The Aztecs had their first single season 7 game winning streak since 1981 and their first 9 win regular season since 1977. SDSt finished with a 29-22 FD edge and 564-382 yd edge against Wyoming. Each team fumbled on their first poss then punted on their 2nd and scored td’s on their 3rd and it was 7-7 with 3:32 left in the 1Q. SDSt fmbl’d and UW went 49/11pl for a td, 14-7 (11:54 2Q). SDSt on 4&3 got an 11 yd td pass capping a 75/11pl drive and UW got a 70 yd td pass just 3 plays later. SDSt went 75/11pl for a td to tie it 21-21 (1:28) but UW got a 48 yd td pass on the last play of the half to lead 28-21. The yards were even at 270. UW punted on their first three 3Q poss and SDSt went 64/7pl and 90/13pl for td’s and 84/1pl for a td run and a 42-28 lead. SDSt was int’d and ret’d 57 yds to their 31 but UW was SOD on 4&4 at the 14 with 4:21 left. SDSt punted with 1:29 left and UW got to the 19 where they were sk’d on the final play.

NC State’s David Amerson had a 56 yd IR td on a pass that deflected off the hands of Boston College WR Colin Larmond for his 18th int of his career. The FD’s were even at 17 and NCSt only had a 376-322 yd edge in what was Coach Spaziani’s last game at BC as they dropped to 2-10. Glennon threw for 3,648 yds which was #2 on the all-time list behind Philip Rivers. NCSt fmbl’d on their opening drive. They went 55/5pl and missed a 42 yd FG 10:17 1Q. 4 punts. BC went 65/9pl settling for a 20 yd FG on 4&3 with 2:09 left in the 1Q. 3 punts. BC was int’d at their own 36 and NCSt on 4&8 got a 28 yd pass to the 6 and 2pl later a td, 7-3. 4 punts. BC got 2 FD and was int’d and ret’d 56 yds for a td by Amerson with :27 left in the half to make it 14-3. At half NCSt only had a 177-171 yd edge. NCSt opened the 3Q with a 39/9pl drive but had a 46 yd FG blk’d. BC went 47/7pl for a td to pull within 14-10 (5:18 3Q). NCSt went 72/11pl and got an 18 yd td pass, 20-10 (1:14). BC was int’d and NCSt went 28/2pl for a td, 27-10. BC was SOD on 4&5 at the NCSt44 and NCSt was SOD on 4&2 at the BC28. BC was again SOD on 4&13 at the NCSt49 with 5:20 left and NCSt ran off all but :15 off the clock with 2 FD’s.

Baylor had a 32-27 FD edge and 674-567 yd edge but trailed a good portion of the game as RG3 was on the Bears sidelines after leading Washington to a win over Dallas 2 days before. BU became bowl eligible for the 3rd consecutive season for the first time in school history. As you would expect, Baylor and Texas Tech combined for 1,241 yards. BU missed a 42 yd FG on their opening drive and Texas Tech went 75/7pl and 80/10pl for td and a 14-0 lead. Each team went on a long td drive and BU went 55/13pl and missed a 2nd FG, this one from 37 yards. TT, however, leading by 14 was at the BU44 when they were int’d at the 4. BU went 91/8pl but was SOD at the 5. TT went 88/10pl and on perhaps the key play of the game on 3&8, Doege, rolling to his right, didn’t see the DL who hit him from behind and forced a fmbl with 4:42 left in half. BU went 93/11 and on 3&1 got a 39 yd Hail Mary with :05 left to pull within 7 and give them momentum. TT opened the 3Q with a 63/11pl drive but settled for a 39 yd FG. 2 punts. BU went 68/9pl for a td, 24-21 but Mackey ret’d the KO 97 yds for a td, 31-21. BU went 57/7pl for a td. Leading by 3, TT got 1 FD but on 3&3, Doege’s pass bounced off an OL’s helmet was int’d by Lackey and ret’d 55 yds for a td, another huge swing and BU had its first lead 35-31. The next 3 poss were all for td’s and TT led 45-42 with 6:19 left. BU went 65/11pl and got a 22 yd FG with 2:48 left. TT had a FD but was int’d at their own 38 and ret’d 6 yds with 1:48 left but BU missed their 3rd FG, from 48 yds. BU needed 4 plays for a td and OT and TT on 4&5 fired incomplete.

I had Ohio St as my #2 Most Improved Team in the country and mentioned about 15 times in my Surprise Article that they would have been my #1 had they been eligible to win the National Title. I gave them a great shot at an unbeaten season and OSU delivered with a perfect 12-0 record and 105,899 were on hand, the largest crowd to witness the rivalry matchup in Columbus. Denard Robinson had 122 yards on 10 carries in the 1H playing at QB and RB but had -2 yards on 4 carries in the 2H and Michigan did not cross midfield in the 2H with OSU leaving numerous points off the board. OSU finished with 22-13 FD and 396-279 yd edges. OSU took their opening drive 75/6pl for a td. UM got to the OSU22 but fmbl’d and UM went 83/3pl for a 75 yd td pass from Gardner to Roundtree, 7-7 (7:10 1Q). OSU went 47/11pl for a 41 yd FG, 10-7. UM got 1 FD and punted and OSU was called for roughing the Punter but also fumbled the punt and UM took over at the 25. After a 3&5 roughing the passer on an incomplete gave them a FD, they went 25/5pl for a td, 14-10. 2 punts. OSU went 59/6pl and got a 14 yd pass to Corey Brown for a td and led 17-14 but UM25 on 2&2 had Robinson take off on a 67 yd td run, 21-17 with just :40 left. OSU grabbed the momentum (35) going 30/5pl getting a 52 yd FG on the 1H final play. At half OSU had a 240-219 yd edge. The momentum continued when UM went for it on 4&3 and were SOD at their own 46 on a Robinson QB draw. OSU got 2 FD and nailed a 29 yd FG. Robinson was hit, fmbl’d and at their own 37 but OSU after a 2&1, Miller took a sack on a blitz and on 4&19, they missed a 39 yd FG. OSU9 went 55/7pl but fmbl’d at the UM36. 2 punts. UM was sacked and fmbl’d at its own 10 but OSU settled for a 25 yd FG with 6:26 left. UM31 got 1 FD but on 2&20 was int’d at their 48 and OSU got 2 FD’s and took a knee and got their unbeaten season. At halftime the 2002 team was honored and they hoisted Jim Tressel up on their shoulders.

Oregon lost its unbeaten season and a berth in the national champ the previous week but didn’t suffer from the normal bubble burst as they really needed Notre Dame loss to USC and perhaps a Florida loss to Florida St, both were well within the realm of possibility. The Ducks benefitted from a 6-0 TO edge vs Oregon St to win the Civil War 48-24. Kenjon Barner appeared to hurt his ribs late 1H but rushed 28-198. Sean Mannion hit 31-49-311 and just like in the Washington home loss earlier this year, he had 4 int’s. There was a Reser Stadium record 47,249 on hand. It was the 4th time both teams were ranked for the Civil War with the last being in 2009. UO opened with a 62/5pl drive and got a 42 yd td run (2pt failed). They went 62/9pl but missed a 33 yd FG. OSU got 3 FD and punted. OSU went 55/4pl and got a Wood 7 yd td run, 7-6. UO went 68/12pl for a td but OSU43 had a FD and then from the 34 yd line of UO, opted to go for it on 4&2 and were stopped which was like a 7th TO in the game. UO got a FD to the Duck38 and was int’d at the 5. OSU then went 63/12pl and got a 36 yd FG. At half UO had a 312-198 yd edge and led 20-10. OSU went 77/9pl and got a 2 yd td run to pull within 20-17. UO on 4&2 got a FD and 2pl later a td on a 66/13pl drive. Then OSU fmbl’d the KO at their own 36. On 4&5 the Ducks got a 31 yd TD run by Thomas. 3 punts. Mannion was int’d and the Ducks went 36/8pl for a td. Mannion was int’d and the Ducks went 23/4pl for a td, their 3rd td drive of 36 or less after a TO. OSU went 35/6pl and was int’d at the Duck4, the 2nd time they turned it over inside the 5 yd line. UO went 62/9pl and was SOD at the OSU34 and OSU went 66/13pl getting a 6 yd td pass with :20 left.

Oklahoma never led during regulation vs Oklahoma St overcoming double digit deficits in both halves getting a big play at the end of the 1H and a big play at the end of the game which forced OT. OU kept alive its chances for at least a share of the Big 12 Title. It was the first OT Bedlam game and OU celebrated and charged the field after. Jones had his 2nd straight 500 yard passing game hitting 46-71-500 and became the first FBS QB to throw for 3,000 yards and 26 td’s in 4 seasons. OU finished with a 618-490 yd edge. OU opened with a 60/10pl drive and missed a 32 yd FG and surprisingly each team punted. OSU went 55/6pl for a td then got a 46 yd IR to the 9 setting up a 2pl td drive, 14-0. OU went on an 11pl drive and OSU on a 12pl drive each for a FG, 17-3. OU went 57/8pl for a td and OSU from the OU27 was int’d at the 19. OU went 81/7pl for a td to tie with 2:42 left but OSU went 75/7 and got a 4 yd td run with 1:23 left. OU retook momentum with a 73 yd drive and on 3&10 the pass was almost picked and returned for an int’d but bounced off the DB’s hands and was caught by Stills in the EZ for a td with :13 to tie. At the half OU had a 337-239 yd edge. OSU got a 75 yd td pass on the first play of the 3Q. OU went 23/6pl for a 45 yd FG then went 55/6pl but fmbl’d at the OSU14. OSU went 86/16pl for a 38-27 lead. OU went 67/10pl but settled for a 30 yd FG and then got an 81 yd PR td with 14:36 left to tie. 2 punts. OSU went on a 77/7pl drive for a td with 10:41 left and OU went 42/11pl but was SOD on 4&16 at the OSU33 in no man’s land with 7:07 left. OSU punted with 6:18 left and OU went 86/17pl and got a Bell 4 yd td run on 4&1 with :04 left. OSU got a 26 yd FG and OU on its 2nd play, an 18 yd td run by Clark.

It was the final home game in Robertson Stadium and Houston went out with a bang winning 40-17 despite having been eliminated from bowl contention the previous week. Ryan Griffin did hit 36-66-346 for Tulane and UH stuck with Crawford Jones who hit 25-46-363 and 3 int’s. UH opened with a 75/4pl drive getting a 22 yd TD pass then after an int, went 80/8pl for a td, 14-0. They went 56/13pl for a 32 yd FG and a 17-0 lead. Jones was int’d at the UH24 and ret’d 5 yds but TU fmbl’d it back on the next play. UH13 went 67/5pl to the TU20 but was int’d in the EZ for the TB. TU went 80/11pl for a 10 yd td pass to get back in it at 17-7 (11:06). 3 punts. TU was int’d and UH went 36/10 for a 29 yd FG with :29 left in the half for a 20-7 lead. UH did have a 337-151 yd edge. UH got a 48 yd pass to the TU37 but was int’d at the 10. 2 punts. TU went 74/12pl for a 32 yd FG, 20-10 (5:17 3Q). UH on 3&1 got a 72 yd td run by Jackson, 27-10 (4:32). 2 punts. TU on 2&7 got a 51 yd td pass to Van Hooser 27-17 (1:39 3Q). UH went 39/9pl for a 34 yd FG with 14:24 left. 2 punts. TU was int’d and ret’d 38 yds to their 24. UH got 1 FD and a 23 yd FG, 33-17. TU24 was sk’d and fmbl’d at their own 11 and UH got a td 2pl later, 40-17 and TU went 50/13pl but was int’d at the 16 with :47 left.

It was a titanic battle between two 1-loss top 10 teams. Florida St was favored by a td at home and Florida’s offense came in struggling but Jeff Driskel looked solid hitting 15-23-147. Mike Gillislee running against the #1 rush D in the country had 24-140. Manuel struggled vs Florida as he only threw 65 yards last year and this year hit 18-33-182. The key play happened in the 4Q when FSU had the lead but he was hit and fmbl’d and that turned the entire perspective of the game. UF did dominate the 1H leading 13-0. The Gators opened with a 54/14pl drive for a 39 yd FG, 3-0 (9:13). FSU suffered a 5-1 TO deficit. FSU got 2 quick FD’s to the 27 but was int’d at the 12. UF on 4&1 had an open receiver but Burton threw a bad pass to his brother and it fell incomplete. 3 punts. UF18 went 54/10 for a 45 yd FG then FSU fmbl’d the KO and UF tacked on a td on a 21/3pl drive. Manuel was int’d at their own 36 but they forced a punt. FSU went 56/9pl for a 50 yd FG on the final play of the half. UF had a 192-90 yd edge. That FG gave FSU momentum but Manuel, on the 2H first drive was int’d at the UF30. After a 26 yd PR by Shaw, FSU went 25/4pl for a td. UF fmbl’d and FSU went 17/3pl for a td and the crowd was into it and they led 17-13. A 21 yd PR and face mask set up FSU at the UF48 and they would nail a 53 yd FG for a 20-13 lead with 4:24 left 3Q. UF went 64/13pl incl a 3&14, 21 yd pass and got a 32 yd FG to get back to 20-16. Then the key play of the game happened. FSU got a FD and Manuel was hit from the side and fmbl’d. UF got a 37 yd td run by Gillislee on the next play and Trickett came in for FSU and they went 3&out. UF got a 50 yd PR to the FSU42 and 5pl later a td with 7:00 left made it 30-20. Manuel ret’d and they got 3 FD’s but he was sk’d and his 4&26 pass fell incomplete at the 44. UF went 56/4pl for a td with 2:33 left and FSU went 77/11pl for a 22 yd Manuel td run on the last play.

Utah St players had the word “never” written in black marker across their wrist bands as Utah St had never had a 10 win season in their 114 years. Do keep in mind, it was rare for teams to play more than 10 games in a season for the majority of that time. They were taking on an Idaho team with an interim HC but Utah St will be playing in the famous Idaho Potato Bowl vs a MAC foe as WAC Champions in their final season in the WAC. Surprisingly Utah St only had a 250-210 yd edge and 19-15 FD edge and were playing without FS McKade Brady who broke his jaw last week. UI which suspended its starting QB a few weeks back, struggled at that position and Gesser said, “The QB position couldn’t get it done.” The 2 QB’s combined for 12-26-52. After an exchange of int’s, Utah St drove 11/3pl with a 3rd & 18 19 yd td pass. 2 punts. UI was int’d again and Utah St went 23/8pl for a td. Utah St got a 59 yd IR td and led 21-0 (13:03 2Q). UI went 54/11pl for a 38 yd FG 21-3 (7:59) then after a Utah St int, UI went 37/12pl for a 36 yd FG, 21-6 with Utah St’s 3 td’s on drives with a comb 34 yards offense. At the half UI had a 142-90 yd edge. UI22 went 43/11 for a 52 yd FG. The drive was kept alive by a roughing the P penalty at midfield. Utah St went 55/2pl for a td. 4 punts. UI fmbl’d at their own 27 and Utah St gained 0 yds and got a 45 yd FG. Utah St, after a 13 yd PR, drove 39/3 for a td, 38-9 then finally put together their first offensive long drive of the game going 65/9pl for a td with 1:47 left.

Mississippi was playing for bowl eligibility and taking on Mississippi St’s Dan Mullen who had a perfect record vs Ole Miss in his first 3 tries. UM finished with a 527-333 yd edge and 28-17 FD edge. UM went 71/4pl for a td on their opening drive and MSU got a 100 yd KR td by Lewis. UM went 79/8pl and on 3&gl at the 3 was int’d in the EZ. It was originally ruled a 54 yd return but then a TB. MSU went 41/10pl and missed a 21 yd FG 5:23 1Q. MSU went 58/4pl and got a 43 yd td pas, 14-7 (2:46). UM was int’d 2pl later at the MSU27 on a deep pass. UM went 58/9pl for a 43 yd FG. 2 punts. MSU on 4&2 was SOD at the UM19. On 2&5 UM got a 48 yd td pass, 17-14 (5:19). MSU went 75/5pl for a 23 yd FG, 17-17 (3:21). MSU33 was int’d at the 2 and ret’d 29 yds with 2:29 left in the half. At half UM had a 306-218 yd edge. UM went 50/11pl for a 41 yd FG, 20-17 10:08. MSU was int’d 6pl later and UM went 50/4pl for a 21 yd td pass, 27-17. After a 35 yd punt and 9 yd PR, UM went 41/3pl for a td, 34-17. UM then went 87/11pl for a td with 11:44 left to ice it 41-17. UM missed FG with 3:27 left and MSU went 75/9pl getting an 8 yd garbage td pass with :07 left.

Colorado St had a 26-17 FD edge and 413-342 yd edge vs New Mexico. They started out strong going 75/6pl and 61/9pl on their first 2 poss for a 14-0 lead (6:30 1Q). CSU was int’d and ret’d 35 yds to their 3 and NM got back in it 3pl later with a td, 14-7 (:51). CSU went 65/11pl for a 48 yd FG with 2:14 left in the half, 17-7 (2:14) and at half CSU had a dominating 253-58 yd edge. NM took their 2nd 3Q drive 58/6pl for a 38 yd FG, 17-10 then NM9 went 3&out but offsides on the punt gave them a FD they would continue on a 91/16pl drive for a 30 yd FG, 17-13 (10:28). NM then went 97/8pl and got a 55 yd td pass to Pressley with 3:12 left to take the lead, 20-17 (3:12). CSU went 76/6pl and converted on 4&2 then got a 30 yd TD pass with 1:23 left to go back up 24-20 (1:23). NM25 went 59/10pl getting down to the CSU16 yd line but on 3&10 their pass into the EZ was batted away incomplete.

Louisiana only had a 538-414 yd edge and only led 24-16 at the half. South Alabama opened with a 78/8pl td drive. Each team went on a 50 yd drive for a FG but UL made a 27 yd’r and USA had a 22 yd’r blocked. UL got a 75 yd td pass 2pl later, 10-7 (4:17). USA on 2&4 fmbl’d and UL went 39/2pl for a td, 17-7 (3:18). USA got a 45 yd FG, 17-10 (14:08). USA went 24/6pl for a 33 yd FG, 17-13 then after a 13 yd PR went 2 yards for a 50 yd FG, 17-16 (6:13). UL fmbl’d at the USA38 but then drove 98/5pl and with :16 left got a 27 yd TD pass to lead 24-16 (:16) and UL had a 286-204 yd edge. UL opened the 3Q with an 82/4pl drive for a td then went 75/12pl for a td incl 4&5 and 4&1 conv 38-16 (8:25). 2 punts. Each team went on a long td drive, 45-23 (13:50). 2 punts. USA12 went 88/6pl and got a 28 yd td pass 45-30 (2:27) but UL recovered the onside kick, went 46/7pl and got a td with 3:33 left to go back up by 22. USA punted on 4&14 with 2:20 left.

Amazingly one year after arguably their best season ever and CUSA Championship, Southern Miss finished 0-12 and was an underdog to 3-8 Memphis on the road. UM fmbl’d a punt at their own 39 and SM25 got a 49 yd FG for a 3-0 lead on a 9pl drive. UM went 36/10pl but was SOD on 4&1 at the 27 with 2:58 left in the 1Q. UM got a 35 yd PR and went 34/7pl for a td and the lead. They went 89/13pl for a td then after a sk and fmbl, went 35/6pl for a td with 1:08 left in the half and a 21-3 lead. SM did go 70/7pl getting a td with :32 left to get back in it, 21-10. UM had a 199-123 yd edge at the half. UM opened the 3Q with a 49/4pl, 59/4pl and 72/6pl drives for td’s to lead 42-10 with 5:21 left 3Q. SM converted on 4&9 during a 75/11pl drive for a td with 14:01 left and UM got 2 FD and punted (8:36) and SM went 92/9pl getting a td with 2:58 left but UM got 2 FD running out the clock.

Rice opened the season 2-6 but Coach David Bailiff did a fine job leading them to a 6-6 finish for the season. It was a sad finish for UTEP as Coach Mike Price was in his final home game after announcing his retirement and UTEP lost. UTEP took their 2nd drive 76/3pl with a 65 yd td pass, 7-0. Rice went 72/11pl for a 43 yd FG then 91/13pl for a 4 yd td run, 10-7 (14:54 2Q). UTEP went 75/8pl for a td and Rice fmbl’d at the UTEP17 after a 9pl drive. Rice went 65/8pl and got a 6 yd td run with 6:47 left in the half, 17-14. On the final play of the half, UTEP got a 52 yd pass to the Rice 2 yd line but the clock expired. At the half Rice had a 283-253 yd edge. The 3Q opened with 3 punts. UTEP went 65/4pl for a td, 21-17. Rice got a 56 yd KR to the UTEP39 and on 4&5 a 51 yd FG, 21-20. Rice went 95/20pl for a td with 9:22 left, 26-21. Rice fumbled a punt at their own 46 and UTEP, after 2 FD’s, got a 35 yd FG to pull within 26-24 and Eddington returned the KO 97 yds for a td, 33-24 with 6:32 left. UTEP, down 9, punted on 4&4 5:29 and Rice went 65/9pl getting stopped on 4&6 for a 4 yd loss. UTEP gained 48 yds on the final 4 plays. Nick Lamaison hit just 8-22-249 yards and Blaire Sullivan was 1-4-51.

FIU’s QB was injured and EJ Hilliard hit 22-31-226. Kolton Browning returned to the lineup for 31-38-218. ULM went 51/11pl for a td. FIU fmbl’d on the next drive. 5 punts. FIU went 88/16pl for a td with 1:08 left in the half, 7-7. ULM26 went 44/7pl for a 46 yd FG, 10-7. FIU did have a 189-130 yd edge at the half. FIU was SOD at the ULM41 on 4&1 (9:57 3Q). 3 punts. FIU33 went 64/9pl settling for a 22 yd FG, 10-10 (1:58). ULM got a 36 yd FR td with :08 left 3Q, 17-10. 3 punts. ULM went 40/11pl but fmbl’d at the FIU42 with :28 left on 3&13 and 2pl later, FIU got a 58 yd td pass with :14 left to force OT. FIU had a 41 yd FG blk’d and ULM needed 3pl for a 15 yd td pass.

Missouri was fighting for bowl eligibility but had a backup QB with Corbin Berkstresser starting as the often injured James Franklin was injured again. Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel was playing for the Heisman Trophy and broke the SEC record for total offense in a season topping both Cam Newton and Tim Tebow. Manziel even left with an injury for a series but A&M scored td’s on their first 6 poss going 83/8, 87/15, 64/3, 89/11, 54/11, 68/7pl for td’s to lead 42-0 with 3:33 left in the half. MO faked a punt and went 79/12pl getting a 4 yd td run with :16 left but A&M had a 435-154 yd edge at the half. MO went 56/9pl for a 43 yd FG and A&M went 75/12pl for an 18 yd td run, 49-10 then went 49/8pl for a 50 yd FG, 52-10 3:25. MO went 75/2pl with a 75 yd td pass, 52-16 then after a Manziel int, went 44/8pl for a td, 52-23 (13:48). A&M went 75/6pl for a td with 12:07 left, 59-23. MO got a 25 yd PR and got a 25 yd td from Berkstresser to Green-Beckham, 59-29 (7:33). MO’s next drive ended on an int at the A&M9 with 2:15 left.

Notre Dame had its first perfect regular season since 1988 and earned a trip to the National Title game. ND did have a 24-19 FD edge and 439-281 yd edge but had a crucial goal line stand with USC having 6 plays from the goal line towards the end of the game. Max Wittek hit 14-23-186 and it could have been more. ND went 65/9 for a 27 yd FG. USC got 2 FD’s and then on 3&10 Wittek’s pass into the EZ split the 2 defenders but was dropped by Lee who couldn’t locate the ball and it bounced right off his chest. ND went 89/12pl for a td, 10-0 (1:48). USC went 75/5pl for an 11 yd td pass. ND went 67/13pl for a 29 yd FG, 13-7 (9:19). USC went 55/9pl and settled for a 39 yd FG, 13-10 (3:50 3Q). Wittek was int’d at the ND17 with 1:25 left in the half and the Irish went 58/9pl and got a 52 yd FG to go up by 6 on the last play of the half. At the half ND had a 277-128 yd edge. Wittek was int’d by Te’o on the 2nd play of the 3Q but ND missed a 34 yd FG. 3 punts. ND went 70/9pl for a 33 yd FG, 19-10 (:31). USC went 80/13pl and had a td but Kiffin had called time-out prior and they fired incomplete when they resumed and settled for a 21 yd FG, 19-13. ND went 64/8 for a 19 yd FG and USC went 53/6pl. On 2&gl from the 4 pass interference gave them a FD at the 2, another PI gave them a FD at the 1 and then they ran it 3x and on 4th down, hit the td pass but it was dropped with 2:33 left.

You’ve got to hand it to South Carolina. They were not in a great situation. They were playing a backup QB in Dylan Thompson, trailed Clemson 14-7 after 1Q and 14-10 at the half but they shut down the Tigers in the 2H and won by 10 on the road. Earlier in the season Thompson filled in for Connor Shaw and had a great game vs East Carolina and had that type of effort here. He hit 23-41-310 and also had 38 yards rushing, many of them crucial. Jadeveon Clowney disrupted the CU offense after the 1Q and Steve Spurrier won his 65th game in 8 seasons at SC topping Rex Enright among the career wins list. CU came in avg 535 ypg and were favored at home but had just 165 yards over the final 3Q’s. It was SC’s 4th consecutive win over CU. In the 2H SC ran 51 plays to just 19 for CU as they couldn’t stop them on 3rd down. Each team punted to open. CU went 85/16pl for a td with 5:27 left in the 1Q. SC went 63/7pl for a td but CU quickly went 75/2pl with a 43 yd td pass to Hopkins 14-7 (1:22). 4 punts. SC12 went 79/12pl and got a 27 yd FG with 2:41 left in the half. CU was int’d at the SC24 with 1:32 left. At the half CU had a 237-188 yd edge. SC opened the 3Q with an 85/10pl drive incl a 3&16, 34 yd td pass, 17-14 (11:48). SC went 42/7pl for a 43 yd FG again converting on 3&10 on the drive. CU got a 38 yd pass and a FD to the SC25 but settled for a 37 yd FG and a 56/5pl drive, 20-17 (5:07). SC went 50/15 incl a 4&11 pass interference call which killed the drive. They had a 4&9 PI call even though he never touched the guy but on 3&18 they were int’d in the EZ. CU, however, got 1 FD and was int’d right back. SC went 65/13pl including another 4&1 conversion and a 6 yd td run iced it with 4:17 left. CU opted to punt on 4&16 with 2:59 left. SC got 1 FD and punted with :23 left.

De’Leon Eskridge rushed for 217 for San Jose St in a game that was tight all the way and Louisiana Tech ended the regular season with 2 straight losses. SJSt had a 30-27 FD edge and 610-541 yd edge. Things started well for the Spartans as they went 43/4pl for a 45 yd FG, 80/8pl for a 42 yd td pass, 10-0. LT punted on their first 2 poss then went 51/8pl for a td, 10-6 (2:38 1Q xpng). SJSt went 74/10pl for a td, 17-6 (13:22). SJSt was int’d at midfield and LT went 50/8pl for a td, 17-13 (8:42). Each team went on a long td drive with LT getting a 52 yd td pass with 1:57 left to pull within 24-20 then after SJSt fmbl’d at the LT34, LT went 66/5pl for a td with :26 left for a 27-24 lead and a 299-236 yd edge at the half. The first 4 drives of the 2H all went for scores with SJSt getting 2 td’s and LT a FG and a td and SJSt led 38-37 with 5:52 left 3Q. 2 punts. LT was int’d at the SJS44 and SJSt went 56/10pl for a 1 yd td run, 45-37. LT went 76/8pl for a td, 45-43 (2ptng). SJSt went 60/8pl for a td, 52-43 to get 2 scores up. LT went 36/8pl but was int’d at the 5 (4:56) and SJSt punted with 1:43 left after 2 FD’s incl a 45 yd run and punted with 1:43 left on 4&23 and LT was int’d at their own 39 and went 28 yds to the 11 where SJSt took a knee.

Hawaii came in with an 8 game losing streak but amazingly UNLV who has lost 26 straight games on the road and was favored by over a FG in this game. UH had an 18-11 FD edge and 340-203 yd edge. UH did dominate. They went 71/9pl for a td. After a shanked punt by UNLV, UH missed a 38 yd FG. UNLV on 4&1 was SOD at the UH49 and UH went 59/9pl for a td then 89/9pl for a td, 21-0. UH had a 73 yd punt and 2pl later UNLV was int’d and 2pl later UNLV was int’d and ret’d 38 yds for a td, 28-0. LV had another bad snap on a punt and UH took over at the UNLV8 with :29 left but settled for a 23 yd FG. At the half UH had a 194-35 yd edge and led 31-0. UH’s P dropped a snap and was tkl’d at their own 46 but LV, after a 9pl drive was SOD on 4&1 at the UH14. UH went 77/8pl for a 26 yd FG. 5 punts. UH after a 22 yd punt started at the UNLV35 and gained 3 yds and missed a 50 yd FG but got a 69 yd PR td with 12:04 left. UNLV went 45/9pl for a 43 yd FG and UH recovered the onside kick, got 1 FD and was SOD on 4&9. UNLV went 75/12pl for a td, 41-10. UH recovered the onside kick again and this time went 44/4 for a 12 yd td run with 1:31 left for the 48-10 final and UNLV was int’d at their own 32 and UH took a knee.