Daily Blog •April 6, 2013


Advertising Opportunity in
Phil Steele's 2013 College Football Preview

For years my entire staff has been devoted to football and football only and we do not have a separate advertising sales staff. I believe most other major magazines have those type of staffs. I have often wondered why any major company would advertise in one of the competitor’s magazines and not mine. Let’s face the facts. When you purchase one of the competitor’s magazines, you buy it, do a quick read thru and it finds itself on the bookshelf or trash and unread after that. Their magazines may get opened 3 to 5 times during the year.

My magazine is used almost daily during football and I can tell from everyone’s comments that it is used from the summer thru September, October, November, December and even into January and the next spring and the pages get dog-eared (see pic below)! I would estimate the average buyer of my national magazine opens it up during the year somewhere between 500 and 1000 times giving the advertiser greater exposure.

You will notice in this year’s magazine that I have added eight more pages to my College Football Preview making it the largest ever produced in its 19-year history (352 pages)! Georgia St and Old Dominion took up four of those new pages, but the publishers only allow us to add eight-page blocks at a time so that freed us up for some additional advertising space.

Recently an advertiser has decided to switch some of their advertising from the College Preview and put it into the NFL Preview. This means that there is a late opening for some additional advertisers to take advantage of getting their company or brand viewed by hundreds of thousands of football fans and is used DAILY!

From ESPN to Radio Row, to the Universities themselves, get your brand in their hands and associate yourself with the nation’s foremost authority and most accurate analyst in college football.

If you have any interest or questions with regards to advertising in our 2013 College Football Preview please contact marketing@philsteele.com or call 1-800-553-9801 prior to April 20th.