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Yesterday I talked about some of our advertisers in the 2013 College Football Preview and today I would like to talk about a new partnership involving Phil Steele Publications and Draft$treet.com.  Draft$treet is running a great promotion that will get you a FREE College Football Preview or a FREE NFL Preview Book or a FREE Subscription to Phil Steele’s Inside the Pressbox. All you have to do is make a deposit of $10 or $25 in the SIGN UP links below.

Draft$treet.com - The Future of Fantasy Sports

DraftStreet.com offers Phil Steele Fans
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Get a FREE 2013 Phil Steele College Footall Preview with Priority Shipping ($15.99 Value)

2. Deposit $10!
Get a FREE 2013 Phil Steele NFL Preview Book with Priority Shipping ($15.99 Value)

3. Deposit $25
Get a Subscription to Phil Steele’s Inside the Pressbox ($49 Value)

DraftStreet.com Information

Have you ever drafted the best fantasy football team you could possibly come up with, only to see your QB tear his ACL in week 1, and have two of your other top picks get benched/injured/suspended early on? Now your team is out of the playoff race and your fantasy football season is over. It’s happened to all of us, but now injuries, crappy QB play and bad coaching decisions don’t have to screw over your team and leave you in the cold each week.

Enter DraftStreet.com. They take everything you love about Fantasy Sports, while letting you play every single night in as many leagues as you want. At DraftStreet, you can choose your sport, your entry fee, the size of the league, and whatever kind of draft you’d like (they offer Snake, Salary, or Pick’Em). This also means that you get the thrill out of drafting every single week. And oh yea, you don’t have to wait until the playoffs are done to have your friends pay up. You can get your cash right after you win. With daily leagues that have purses over $100,000, this is your chance to make big money off your fantasy genius.

How about a user by the name of “hixvillehunk” at DS... He's just some college kid and he made one initial deposit of $60 and turned that into $100,000 playing on draftstreet.

DraftStreet.com FAQ’s

How is this legal?

The UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) of 2006 specifically defines fantasy sports as a “Game of Skill”. As a result, any wagering on DraftStreet leagues is not considered gambling and is fully legal.

What if I want to cash out some/all of my winnings?

It’s very easy! Head to the cashier and click WITHDRAW. You can select the form of payment (either PayPal or check) and enter the amount you would like to withdraw. Most withdrawal requests will be processed within 48 hours of request.  We reserve the right to investigate any account activity and withhold payment until investigation is completed.   Any request that brings your total earnings (withdrawals less deposits) over $600 for the calendar year will require a valid address and Social Security Number prior to processing.  This information will be used to file a from 1099-MISC at the end of the year.

How do I find a specific league?

DraftStreet offers hundreds of leagues ranging in many styles and formats. If you head to the Draft Lobby on the homepage, you can sort available leagues by a number of variables. Find the league style, size, and buy-in amount you are comfortable with and choose accordingly.

How do I enter a league?

Once you find the league you are looking for in the draft lobby, just click and you will be prompted to join that league.

How are scores calculated?

Certain stats have a fantasy point value which can be found in our scoring rules on the Rules page. Stats are provided by STATS Inc. Sometimes official stats might be adjusted within the scoring period by STATS. Once the scoring period is over no stats will be changed and DraftStreet league results are final.

How do I see who I am playing against?

Before the scoring period begins, you can see your opponent only in head-to-head leagues. Just hold your cursor over the “H2H” in the “Rank” column of your Active Leagues section to see your opponent's username. Similarly, you can see who is registered for H2H leagues that are not yet full in the Draft Lobby by holding your cursor over the “1/2” in the “Players” column.

For salary cap leagues of three players or more, you cannot see your opponents until the scoring period begins. Scoreboards become available at the start of the scoring period. You can access the Scoreboard from your Active Leagues section on the right side of the homepage by clicking the “Scoreboard” link next to the league you want to view. You can see your opponents' usernames and the players they selected on the scoreboard.

How late can I make a lineup change in a salary cap league?

In salary cap leagues, all rosters are locked, and no adjustments can be made after the scheduled start time of the first game of the scoring period. You can see when the first game of the scoring period is scheduled to start for a league in the “1st Game (ET)” column in the lobby and/or in the “Start” column in your Active Leagues section.

What happens if there’s a statistical change after a game has completed?

Any changes made after the final box score is submitted will not be taken into account. All players' stats are final within 20 minutes of the completion of each game.

What happens if a game is canceled or rained out?

If a game is rained out and not made up within a league's scoring period, then all players in that game will receive 0 stats.

How are players’ salaries determined?

Prices are recalculated for each scoring period based on historical statistics with more recent statistics weighted more heavily. Some aspects of each player’s matchup are factored into their price as well.
For MLB, NBA and NHL weekly leagues, matchups are not considered. However, the player's number of scheduled games for the scoring period is factored into their salary.

How do I get my deposit bonus?

Your deposit bonus is first set in your bonus money account and will be released into your real money account as you participate in cash leagues. The funds are added to your main account immediately after the leagues you enter fill up and are released at a rate of 5% of the league buy-in. For example, if you join a $22 league, $1.10 (%5 of $22) will be released from your bonus account into your main account once that league becomes full.
The reason this money is not immediately available for you to play with is as protection from users immediately withdrawing the bonus money without playing in a single league.

You can see your “Pending Bonus $” on the right side of your My DraftStreet section.

Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings?

Players are required to pay taxes on net earnings (withdrawals less deposits) totaling $600 or more for a calendar year.  DraftStreet will issue a form 1099-MISC for qualifying accounts.

The next time your reading my blog during the season with my Weekly Fantasy Sleeper Picks, it now may help you win some $$$ on Draft$treet.com

Only 16 Days Left Until the First College Football Game!