Daily Blog •June 20, 2013

2013 FBS Injuries - Out for Year!

These are some noteworthy changes to the Projected Starting Lineups that took place AFTER the magazine went to press in May which was AFTER all spring practices were complete. Here is an example of one team that had a lot of deletions off the roster last year. This is how Phil updates his magazine and it allows you to see all the players that are out for the year and note teams with a lot of injuries. You can also tell if teams are fairly healthy when you have a team with little to no circles.

Here is an example of what my Washington St magazine page looked like at the end of 2009. I chose the Cougars because they suffered 67 starts lost to injury in 2009, the most in the NCAA. Remember when Oklahoma won the National Title in 2000? Not a single OU starter lost a single start due to injury!

In 2010 with the heavy sanctions the NCAA had put on USC, naturally the Trojans suffered some attrition. Here is what my magazine page looked like for USC prior to the season.

Here is the current list for players that have been lost for the year since the middle of May. This includes injuries, transfers, suspensions and dismissals. This list will be updated DAILY so check it often. Any player that will not suit up for 2013 when they were expected to in May needs to be on this list.  If you see any players missing in this list please email brandon@philsteele.com and we will get those players on there ASAP.  Also during the season we will provide an updated starts lost list for each school so you can see which schools are banged up and which fall into the zero starts lost category. This section will also update late additions. Here is the current list.

Date Conf Team Pos Name Injury/Reason
5/20/13 SEC Alabama WR Danny Woodsen Tran to South Alabama. Sit out 2013.
6/20/13 SEC Alabama WR Marvin Shinn Left team
6/21/13 SEC Alabama WR Phillip Ely Transferred to Toledo
6/1/13 Pac-12 Arizona RB Daniel Jenkins Transferred to Wash St but back to Zona
6/12/13 Pac-12 Arizona St S Andres Garcia Kicked off team
6/1/13 SEC Auburn LB Chris Landrum Transfer to Jacksonville St
6/1/13 SEC Auburn LB Harris Gaston Transferred to Jacksonville St
5/21/13 Big 12 Baylor DE Sam Ukwuachu Transferred from Boise, sit out 2013
6/20/13 MW Boise St FB Jamal Wilson Transferred to Montana
6/5/13 ACC Boston College DT Max Ricci Left program
6/21/13 Pac-12 California DT Keni Kaufusi Left team
5/20/13 AAC Cincinnati TE Jake Golic Grad Transfer from Notre Dame, immediately eligible
5/28/13 AAC Cincinnati QB Brent Stockstill Released from LOI and signed w/Middle Tenn
6/3/13 AAC Cincinnati K Andrew Gantz Transfer from Tennessee, eligible immediately
6/20/13 AAC Connecticut TE Jordan Fuchs Will attend prep school this year
5/31/13 MW Fresno St QB Marcus McDade Transfer
6/21/13 SEC Georgia DB Reggie Wilkerson Tore ACL
6/20/13 MW Hawaii QB Aaron Zwahlen Going on mission before enrolling
5/27/13 CUSA Houston RB Charles Sims Left Team
6/4/13 AAC Houston WR DeWayne Peace No longer on team
6/21/13 AAC Houston QB Rex Dausin Transferred to Lamar
6/21/13 Big 10 Illinois WR Michael Hermosillo Opted to play baseball instead
5/28/13 Big 12 Kansas RB Darrian Miller Rejoined team
6/17/13 Big 12 Kansas DE Chris Martin Dismissed from Team
6/7/13 SEC Kentucky WR DeMarcus Sweat Transferred out
6/7/13 SEC Kentucky WR Bookie Cobbins Transferred out
6/7/13 SEC Kentucky DB Shawn Blaylock Transferred out
6/7/13 SEC Kentucky DB Sterling Wright Transferred out
6/21/13 SEC Kentucky LB Demarius Rancifer Transferred
6/21/13 SEC Kentucky OT TJ Jones Dismissed from Team
6/20/13 Sun Belt Louisiana WR Bradley Brown Transferred
6/20/13 Sun Belt Louisiana DE Jalen Fields Left team
5/30/13 ACC Maryland WR Marcus Leak Withdrawn from school, back in Jan '14
5/27/13 MAC Miami, Oh WR Nick Harwell Dismissed from Miami, Transfer to Kansas will try to become immed elig
6/20/13 Big 10 Michigan St WR Juwan Caesar Granted release
6/20/13 Big 10 Michigan St WR Jay Harris Posted rap videos and school parted ways
5/24/13 CUSA Middle Tennessee OT Roberto Loya Dismissed from Team
5/24/13 CUSA Middle Tennessee QB Shaun White Dismissed from Team
5/28/13 CUSA Middle Tennessee QB Brent Stockstill Released from Cincinnati LOI and will go here
6/20/13 CUSA Middle Tennessee LB Justin Jones Late spg toe inj, will not return
6/1/13 SEC Missouri RB Chase Abbington DNQ off to JUCO
6/21/13 SEC Missouri LB Torey Boozer Dismissed from Team
6/21/13 Indep Navy SB Trey Miller No longer on roster
6/21/13 Indep Navy DE Danny Ring No longer on roster
5/20/13 ACC NC State QB Brandon Mitchell Grad Transfer from Arkansas, immediately eligible
5/27/13 Indep Notre Dame QB Everett Golson Academically Inelgible
6/4/13 Indep Notre Dame DT Eddie Vanderdoes Transferred to UCLA, was not released from LOI
5/31/13 Big 10 Ohio St LB David Perkins Transferred
6/20/13 Big 10 Ohio St P Cameron Johnson Signed from Australia
6/3/13 Big 12 Oklahoma St CB Tyler Patmon Graduated from Kansas-Eligible immediately
6/18/13 Pac-12 Oregon St QB Richie Harrington Transferred to Southern Utah
6/20/13 ACC Pittsburgh RB Demitrious Davis Transferred to Kentucky
6/20/13 ACC Pittsburgh WR Chris Davis Transferred to Kentucky
6/20/13 Big 10 Purdue CB Tyvel Jemison Will not join team in fall but instead go to Grand Valley St
5/27/13 AAC Rutgers DE Michael Larrow Kicked off Team
5/27/13 AAC Rutgers OL Matt McBridge Kicked off Team
5/27/13 AAC Rutgers OL Jorge Vicioso Kicked off Team
5/27/13 AAC Rutgers P Anthony DiPaula Kicked off Team
6/21/13 SEC SMU OL Thomas Ashcraft Grad Transfer from Texas, eligible immediately
6/21/13 ACC Syracuse WR Corey Cooper DNQ
6/21/13 Big 12 TCU DB David Jenkins Dismissed from Team
6/21/13 SEC Texas A&M QB Kohl Stewart Decided to play baseball instead
6/5/13 Big 12 Texas Tech DT Delvon Simmons Transferred to USC
6/21/13 Big 12 Texas Tech OL Kyle Clark Graduated and left team
5/18/13 CUSA Tulane WR Wilson Van Hooser Transfer
6/5/13 MAC U Mass TE/WR Ricardo Miller (PS#27) Graduated from Michigan - Eligible immediately
6/7/13 MAC U Mass DE Justin Anderson Graduated from Maryland- Eligible immediately
5/20/13 Pac-12 UCLA DE Owamagbe Odighizuwa Orig thought to be OFY, now expected to play
6/21/13 MW UNLV WR Jerry Rice, Jr Grad Transfer from UCLA, eligible immediately
6/7/13 Pac-12 USC WR Steven Mitchell Tore ACL
5/23/13 AAC USF QB Steven Bench Transferred from Penn St, immediately eligible
6/21/13 AAC USF WR/DB Terrence Mitchell Left program
6/20/13 Pac-12 Utah WR Quinton Pedroza Dismissed from Team
5/16/13 ACC Virginia RB Clifton Richardson Transferred
5/31/13 ACC Virginia QB Phillip Sims Ineliglble left school.
6/20/13 ACC Virginia QB Corwin Cutler Will go to Fork Union and return in '14
5/28/13 Pac-12 Washington RB Erich Wilson Transferred to San Jose St
5/30/13 Pac-12 Washington WR James Johnson Retired wrist inj
5/31/13 Pac-12 Washington WR Jamaal Jones Asked for release
6/21/13 Pac-12 Washington LB Evan Zeger Released from scholarship
6/21/13 Pac-12 Washington DB Darien Washington Released from scholarship
6/1/13 Pac-12 Washington St RB Daniel Jenkins Grad transfer from Zona changed mind and will go back to Zona
5/17/13 Big 12 West Virginia QB Chavas Rawlins Left team
6/20/13 Big 10 Wisconsin S Donnell Vercher Denied Admission will go to Fresno St
6/20/13 Big 10 Wisconsin S Reggie Mitchell Transfer to Pittsburgh
6/21/13 Big 10 Wisconsin QB Danny O'Brien Left program