Daily Blog •March 12, 2013

Covering college football as I do takes 52 weeks a year as it is and while I personally do not scout the high school games and rate each player I do compile my rankings based on the many different recruiting services across the country that follow and scout HS football year round. I not only like to use all of the biggest and best services, but I also use regional reports as well.

When we receive a recruiting magazine, we translate each player's ranking into a points system from 1-100 and then log each and every player into the computer and give them a point total from each source. Naturally, the more they are mentioned and the higher they are rated by each publication, the more total points they accrue. After months of entering all of this information, I sort the list by position and by total points and then rank the players from most points to least.

In today's blog I have included the top incoming freshman QBs and RBs for 2013. Each one of these players is ranked in the Top 500 prospects regardless of position and will appear in my preseason magazine. Since we want the college preview to continue to be the most in-depth and accurate magazine out there, if you find any information that is wrong or if you are questioning a player's ranking please contact brandon@philsteele.com. In Wednesday's Blog I will post the top WR's and TE's with the top OL and DL coming on Thursday and the LB’s and DB’s on Friday.

Top Incoming Frosh QB's

Rank Name College
1 Max Browne USC
2 Christian Hackenberg Penn St
3 Shane Morris Michigan
4 Kevin Olsen Miami, Fl
5 Brice Ramsey Georgia
6 Cody Thomas Oklahoma
7 Troy Williams Washington
8 Cooper Bateman Alabama
9 Asiantii Woulard UCLA
10 Tyrone Swoopes Texas
11 Jt Barrett Ohio St
12 Ryan Burns Stanford
13 Jeremy Johnson Auburn
14 Aaron Bailey Illinois
15 Malik Zaire Notre Dame
16 Hayden Rettig LSU
17 Matt Alviti Northwestern
18 Joshua Dobbs Tennessee
19 Bucky Hodges Virginia Tech
20 Jared Goff California
21 Kohl Stewart Texas A&M
22 Cord Sandberg Mississippi St
23 Jason Smith Auburn
24 Anthony Jennings LSU
25 Mitch Trubisky North Carolina
26 Kenny Hill Texas A&M
27 Connor Mitch South Carolina
28 Tra'Von Chapman Pittsburgh
29 Tyler Bruggman Wash St
30 Austin Allen Arkansas
31 Johnny Mccrary Vanderbilt
32 Damion Terry Michigan St
33 Johnny Stanton Nebraska
34 Danny Etling Purdue
35 Ryan Buchanan Mississippi
36 Kyle Bolin Louisville
37 Shane Cockerille Maryland
38 Davis Webb Texas Tech
39 Riley Ferguson Tennessee
40 Anu Solomon Arizona
41 Sefo Liufau Colorado
42 Chris Johnson Baylor
43 Devante Kincade Mississippi
44 Trent Hosick Missouri
45 Carlis Parker Virginia Tech
46 Corwin Cutler Virginia

Top Incoming Frosh RB's

Rank Name College
1 Derrick Henry Alabama
2 Derrick Green Michigan
3 Thomas Tyner Oregon
4 Ty Isaac USC
5 Kelvin Taylor Florida
6 Greg Bryant Notre Dame
7 Keith Ford Oklahoma
8 Altee Tenpenny Alabama
9 Ryan Green Florida St
10 Tyren Jones Alabama
11 Alex Collins Arkansas
12 Taquan Mizzell Virginia
13 Justin Davis USC
14 Ezekiel Elliott Ohio St
15 Alvin Kamara Alabama
16 Cornelius Elder Miami, Fl
17 Kailo Moore Mississippi
18 David Williams South Carolina
19 Tarean Folston Notre Dame
20 Tyshon Dye Clemson
21 Dontre Wilson Ohio St
22 Terrell Newby Nebraska
23 Kyle Hicks TCU
24 Aj Turman Georgia
25 Corey Clement Wisconsin
26 TJ Logan North Carolina
27 Ashton Shumpert Mississippi St
28 Chase Abbington Missouri
29 Jordan Wilkins Mississippi
30 Mark Dodson Mississippi
31 De'Veon Smith Michigan
32 Adam Taylor Nebraska
33 Wayne Gallman Clemson
34 Wyatt Shallman Michigan
35 Khalfani Muhammad California
36 Adam Lane Florida
37 Johnathan Ford Auburn
38 Corion Webster Oklahoma St
39 Johnny Jefferson Baylor
40 Godwin Igwebuike Northwestern
41 Pierre Cormier Arizona
42 James White Texas A&M
43 Craig Lee Unsigned
44 DJ Reid Virginia Tech
45 Peyton Barber Auburn
46 Eugene Brazley Mississippi
47 Lavon Coleman Washington