Daily Blog •March 14, 2013

Covering college football as I do takes 52 weeks a year as it is and while I personally do not scout the high school games and rate each player I do compile my rankings based on the many different recruiting services across the country that follow and scout HS football year round. I not only like to use all of the biggest and best services, but I also use regional reports as well.

When we receive a recruiting magazine, we translate each player's ranking into a points system from 1-100 and then log each and every player into the computer and give them a point total from each source. Naturally, the more they are mentioned and the higher they are rated by each publication, the more total points they accrue. After months of entering all of this information, I sort the list by position and by total points and then rank the players from most points to least.

In today's blog, I have included the top incoming freshman OL and DL for 2013. Each one of these players is ranked in the Top 500 prospects regardless of position and will appear in my preseason magazine. Since we want the college preview to continue to be the most in-depth and accurate magazine out there, if you find any information that is wrong or if you are questioning a player's ranking please contact brandon@philsteele.com. In tomorrow's blog I will post the top LB’s and DB’s.

Top Incoming Frosh OL

Top Incoming Frosh DL

Rank Name College
1 Laremy Tunsil Mississippi
2 Ethan Pocic LSU
3 Kent Perkins Texas
4 Darius James Texas
5 Grant Hill Alabama
6 Dorian Johnson Pittsburgh
7 Patrick Kugler Michigan
8 Kyle Bosch Michigan
9 Ira Denson Florida St
10 Evan Lisle Ohio St
11 Steve Elmer Notre Dame
12 David Dawson Michigan
13 John Montelus Notre Dame
14 Hunter Bivin Notre Dame
15 Chris Fox Michigan
16 Austin Golson Mississippi
17 Derwin Gray Maryland
18 Tyrone Crowder Clemson
19 Denver Kirkland Arkansas
20 Khaliel Rodgers USC
21 Josh Boutte LSU
22 Logan Tuley-Tillman Michigan
23 Nico Falah USC
24 Dj Park South Carolina
25 Ishmael Wilson Texas A&M
26 Mike Mcglinchey Notre Dame
27 Evan Voeller Oregon
28 Brandon Kublanow Georgia
29 Na'Ty Rodgers South Carolina
30 Colin Mcgovern Notre Dame
31 Jake Campos Iowa St
32 Shamire Devine Georgia Tech
33 Alex Redmond UCLA
34 Caleb Benenoch UCLA
35 Brendan Mahon Penn St
36 Deon Mix Auburn
37 Kenny Lacy UCLA
38 Andy Dodd LSU
39 Cameron Hunt Oregon
40 Reeve Koehler Arkansas
41 Dennis Finley Michigan St
42 John Lopez UCLA
43 Christian Morris UCLA
44 Brayden Kearsley BYU
45 Austin Sanders Tennessee
46 Andrew Nelson Penn St
47 Devondre Seymour Georgia
48 Dorian Miller Rutgers
49 Jackson Keeler Wisconsin
50 Kenneth Santa Marina Tulane
51 Bradley Bozeman Unsigned
52 Scott Quessenberry UCLA
53 Joe Fennell W Kentucky
54 Roderick Johnson Florida
55 Colin Goebel Iowa
56 Marcell Lazard West Virginia
57 Cameron Dillard Florida
58 Rj Prince North Carolina
59 Maurice Porter Baylor
60 Josh Cardiello Georgia
61 Rami Hammad Texas
62 Josh Outlaw Texas Tech
63 Dane Crane Washington
64 Jake Thomas Mississippi St
65 Brad Henson North Carolina
66 Jp Vonashek South Carolina
67 Alan Knott South Carolina
68 Braxton Pfaff Virginia Tech
69 Poasi Moala UCLA
70 Erik Bunte California
71 Dan Samuelson Michigan
72 Aaron Cochran California
73 Ryan Hoefeld Florida St
74 Bryce King South Carolina
Rank Name College
1 Robert Nkemdiche Mississippi
2 Montravius Adams Auburn
3 Eddie Vanderdoes Notre Dame
4 Kenny Bigelow USC
5 Carl Lawson Auburn
6 Chris Jones Mississippi St
7 A'Shawn Robinson Alabama
8 Dee Liner Alabama
9 Jonathan Allen Alabama
10 Elijah Daniel Auburn
11 Demarcus Walker Florida St
12 Alquadin Muhammad Miami, Fl
13 Joey Bosa Ohio St
14 Justin Manning Texas A&M
15 Jake Raulerson Texas
16 Kelsey Griffin South Carolina
17 Isaiah Golden Texas A&M
18 Kylie Fitts UCLA
19 Dj Ward Oklahoma
20 Henry Poggi Michigan
21 Greg Gilmore LSU
22 Frank Herron LSU
23 Isaac Rochell Notre Dame
24 Taco Charlton Michigan
25 Caleb Brantley Florida
26 Greg Webb North Carolina
27 Elijah Qualls Washington
28 Garrett Sickels Penn St
29 Andrew Billings Baylor
30 Billy Price Ohio St
31 Darius Latham Indiana
32 Keith Bryant Florida St
33 Michael Hill Ohio St
34 Joe Mathis Washington
35 Jordan Sherit Florida
36 Jason Hatcher Kentucky
37 Wyatt Teller Virginia Tech
38 Scott Pagano Clemson
39 Josh Augusta Missouri
40 Darius Paige Alabama
41 Ebenezer Ogundeko Clemson
42 Kerrick Huggins Oklahoma
43 Tashawn Bower LSU
44 Jaynard Bostwick Florida
45 Jason Carr Tennessee
46 Daeshon Hall Texas A&M
47 Kenneth Clark UCLA
48 David Kenney Indiana
49 Hardreck Walker Texas A&M
50 Dajuan Drennon North Carolina
51 Maurice Hurst Michigan
52 Chikwe Obasih Wisconsin
53 Marcus Farria Washington
54 Vincent Taylor Oklahoma St
55 Tyquan Lewis Ohio St
56 Christian Lacouture LSU
57 Lowell Lotulelei Unsigned
58 De'Asian Richardson Louisville
59 Jay Woods Vanderbilt
60 Naim Mustafaa Oklahoma St
61 Devin Washington South Carolina
62 Deadrin Senat USF
63 Stacy Thomas Louisville
64 Alec James Wisconsin
65 Nazair Jones North Carolina
66 Donovan Munger Ohio St
67 Tevin Lawson TCU
68 Derrick Calloway USF
69 Davin Bellamy Georgia
70 Maquedius Bain LSU
71 Jarrod Clements Illinois
72 Joey Ivie Florida
73 Aj Natter Nebraska
74 Matt Dimon Oklahoma
75 Jacob Matuska Notre Dame
76 Michael Patterson LSU
77 Tracy Sprinkle Ohio St
78 Tyler Lancaster Northwestern
79 Alvonte Bell Kentucky
80 Antonio Riles Florida
81 Dane Rogers Clemson
82 Ben Hughes Oklahoma St
83 Jay Arnold Texas A&M
84 Antar Thompson Missouri