Daily Blog •March 22, 2013

We have been in full magazine mode here at Phil Steele Publications for the past several weeks and currently I have gone through 70 of the 126 teams that are currently in spring ball with each of those team write-ups nearly finalized.

As I announced on Twitter today, you can now pre-order your 2013 Phil Steele’s College and NFL Previews online by going to the PhilSteele.com store.

Today, I thought I would wet your guys’ appetite with a sneak peek at one of the pages in this year’s College Preview.

Below are my rankings for pass efficiency defense. They take into account total yards, td’s, int’s and completion % just like the NCAA does. THE KEY DIFFERENCE between the NCAA pass D rankings and mine is that I also factor in the strength of opposing pass attacks.

If you would like to get my PDR updated weekly, go to PhilSteele.com on Friday during the football season and get my current pass D rankings, which take into account the strength of opponent faced, FREE.

Download This Year’s Pass Efficiency Defense
Actual Magazine Page!

Tomorrow, I will release another actual magazine page, so make sure you check out tomorrow’s blog.