Daily Blog • August 9, 2014

College Football fans wait several months for the AP/Coaches preseason polls to come out in early August and buy several of the preseason magazines including mine. Naturally I have always found these polls to be interesting and for the last several years I have projected the preseason AP Top 10 prior to the season and have hit on at least 9 of the 10 teams each year! With the USA Today Coaches Poll already being released I thought it would be a good time to analyze how I did SIX months ago with my prediction.

First way back on February 3, I put out my projected preseason AP Top 10, I will mentioned it numerous times that this was NOT MY preseason Top 10 for next year, but it is where I project the AP Top 10 to come out at the start of the season.

With the coaches poll being released, I thought I would get a first analysis of how my projection did and was thoroughly pleased! For 6th straight year, I hit at least 9 of 10 teams and in fact, hit a perfect 10 for 10 for the second time in the last three years!!!!

The preseason AP poll is scheduled to get released on Saturday and you can now see that there is really no need to wait those agonizing six months prior to the season to see if your team will be ranked in the preseason Top 10…just make sure you are checking out my blog in early Spring for my projected AP Top 10!

Projected Poll Results

Team My Projected Rank
February 3
Coaches Poll Rank
July 31
Florida St 1 1 0
Alabama 2 2 0
Oklahoma 5 3 2
Oregon 3 4 -1
Auburn 4 5 -1
Ohio St 6 6 0
UCLA 7 7 0
Michigan St 8 8 0
South Carolina 10 9 1
Baylor 9 10 -1

10 for 10 this year and 56 of 60 the last 6 years!!!