Daily Blog • February 28, 2014

Covering college football as I do takes 52 weeks a year as it is and while I personally do not scout the high school games and rate each player I do compile my rankings based on the many different recruiting services across the country that follow and scout HS football year round. I not only like to use all of the biggest and best services, but I also use regional reports as well.

When we receive a recruiting magazine, we translate each player's ranking into a points system from 1-100 and then log each and every player into the computer and give them a point total from each source. Naturally, the more they are mentioned and the higher they are rated by each publication, the more total points they accrue. After months of entering all of this information, I sort the list by position and by total points and then rank the players from most points to least.

In today's blog I have included the top incoming freshman WR's and TE's for 2014. Each one of these players is ranked in the Top 500 prospects regardless of position and will appear in my preseason magazine. Since we want the college preview to continue to be the most in-depth and accurate magazine out there, if you find any information that is wrong or if you are questioning a player's ranking please contact brandon@philsteele.com. In Saturday’s Blog I will post the top OL and DL and the top LB’s and DB’s on Monday.

Top Incoming Frosh WR's

Rank Name College
1 Malachi Dupre LSU
2 Speedy Noil Texas A&M
3 Ermon Lane Florida St
4 KD Cannon Baylor
5 Josh Malone Tennessee
6 Travis Rudolph Florida St
7 Michiah Quick Oklahoma
8 Davion Hall Baylor
9 Drake Harris Michigan
10 Allen Lazard Iowa St
11 Trey Quinn LSU
12 Artavis Scott Clemson
13 Frank Iheanacho Texas A&M
14 Shaq Davidson South Carolina
15 Johnnie Dixon Ohio St
16 Justin Brent Notre Dame
17 Jalen Brown Oregon
18 Cam Denson Arizona
19 Jamil Kamara Virginia
20 Cam Sims Alabama
21 Noah Brown Ohio St
22 Saeed Blacknall Penn St
23 Parris Campbell Ohio St
24 Demarre Kitt Clemson
25 Armanti Foreman Texas
26 Trevion Thompson Clemson
27 Austin Roberts UCLA
28 Erik Brown California
29 Chris Godwin Penn St
30 Markell Pack Ole Miss
31 Corey Holmes Notre Dame
32 Tyler Whiley Arizona St
33 Dallis Todd Oklahoma
34 Terry McLaurin Ohio St
35 Lorenzo Joe Texas
36 Derek Kief Alabama
37 Ja'Von Harrison Florida St
38 De'Andre Thompkins Penn St
39 Jamoral Graham Mississippi St
40 Rahshead Johnson USC
41 KJ Williams Syracuse
42 Juwann Winfree Maryland
43 Dominique Booth Indiana
44 Dareian Watkins Wisconsin
45 Keenen Brown Oklahoma St
46 Adonis Jennings Pittsburgh
47 Braxton Berrios Miami, Fl
48 Shakenneth Williams Georgia
49 Stanton Truitt Auburn
50 Jay Scheel Iowa
51 JoJo Robinson Arkansas
52 Jalen Harvey Arizona St
53 Tony Upchurch LSU
54 Dyke Van UCLA
55 Raymond Wingo Missouri
56 Jesse Jackson Mississippi St
57 Monte Harrison Nebraska
58 Freddy Canteen Michigan
59 Thaddeus Snodgrass Kentucky
60 Lonnie Johnson Western Michigan
61 Nate Brown Missouri
62 Jeffrey Mead Oklahoma
63 Ryeshene Bronson USF
64 Terry Googer South Carolina
65 Trevon Lee Duke
66 Isaiah McKenzie Georgia
67 Trent Sherfield Vanderbilt
68 Troy Apke Penn St
69 Roderick Bernard Texas
70 Barry Ware Washington St
71 Emanuel Porter TCU
72 Jacob Mccrary West Virginia
73 Isaiah Ford Virginia Tech
74 Ishmael Zamora Baylor
75 Dorian Leonard Texas
76 Darrell Langham Miami, Fl

Top Incoming Frosh TE's

Rank Name College
1 Dalton Schultz Stanford
2 Mark Andrews Oklahoma
3 Jeb Blazevich Georgia
4 Bryce Dixon USC
5 Garrett Dickerson Northwestern
6 Tyler Luatua Notre Dame
7 Daniel Helm Tennessee
8 Jacory Washington LSU
9 Kevin Crosby South Carolina
10 Milan Richard Clemson
11 Nic Weishar Notre Dame
12 Mavin Saunders Florida St
13 Ian Bunting Michigan
14 Mike Gesicki Penn St
15 Deandre Goolsby Florida
16 Cannon Smith Clemson
17 Moral Stephens Florida
18 Ethan Wolf Tennessee
19 Ravian Pierce Unsigned
20 Sammie Epps Ole Miss
21 Jakell Mitchell Auburn
22 Chase Blakley Boise St
23 Gaelin Elmore Minnesota