Daily Blog • June 17, 2014

PhilSteele.com is a pure college and pro information site. There is no gambling information on this site. Any mention of the point spread of a game is to let you know who was favored and expected to win when the games were played.

Every year I do about 300 radio shows and a popular question this time of year is “Who do you think will be favored when XXX and XXX meet?” This is asked by callers and the hosts of the radio stations. I can always speculate during June but there is a casino in Las Vegas that is the first to put out some lines on the upcoming games for the 2014 season.

As you know gambling in Las Vegas is legal and the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas has released their numbers earlier this week. Below is a list of all the marquee games that the Golden Nugget has posted for the upcoming year. This information is posted for news matter only.

Golden Nugget Early Lines for 2014's

Marquee College Football Games

Thursday, August 28 Thursday, October 23
Texas A&M at South Carolina (-9) Miami, Fl at Virginia Tech (-1)
Boise St vs Ole Miss (-9) (Atlanta) Friday, October 24
Friday, August 29 Oregon (-34) at California
UNLV at Arizona (-23.5) USF at Cincinnati (-19)
BYU (-16.5) at Connecticut BYU (-3) at Boise St
Saturday, August 30 Saturday, October 25
Arkansas at Auburn (-24) South Carolina at Auburn (-7)
Colorado St vs Colorado (-4) (Denver) Oregon St at Stanford (-13)
Clemson at Georgia (-9) Ole Miss at LSU (-7.5)
California at Northwestern (-9.5) Michigan at Michigan St (-7.5)
UCLA (-21.5) at Virginia West Virginia at Oklahoma St (-19)
Ohio St (-14) vs Navy (Baltimore) USC (-10) at Utah
Penn St (-2.5) vs UCF (Ireland) North Carolina (-14) at Virginia
West Virginia vs Alabama (-27.5) (Atlanta) Arizona St at Washington (-6)
Florida St (-17) vs Oklahoma St (Arlington) Texas at Kansas St (-3.5)
LSU (-7) vs Wisconsin (Houston) Alabama (-20) at Tennessee
Monday, September 1 Ohio St (-9) at Penn St
Miami, Fl (E) at Louisville Thursday, October 30
Friday, September 5 Florida St (-17) at Louisville
Pittsburgh (-9) at Boston College Saturday, November 1
Saturday, September 6 Arizona at UCLA (-14)
USC at Stanford (-3.5) Florida vs Georgia (-9) (Jacksonville)
San Diego St at North Carolina (-21) Oklahoma (-22.5) at Iowa St
BYU at Texas (-6) Auburn (-7) at Ole Miss
Michigan St at Oregon (-13) Boston College at Virginia Tech (-16)
Michigan at Notre Dame (-3) Oklahoma St at Kansas St (-3.5)
Virginia Tech at Ohio St (-18) North Carolina at Miami, Fl (-1)
Colorado St at Boise St (-10) Notre Dame (-3) at Navy
Saturday, September 13 Stanford at Oregon (-10)
Boise St (-10) at Connecticut Tennessee at South Carolina (-18)
USC (-23) at Boston College Texas at Texas Tech (-1)
Tennessee at Oklahoma (-19) Thursday, November 6
UCLA (-8) vs Texas (Arlington) Clemson (-20) at Wake Forest
Louisville (-7.5) at Virginia Saturday, November 8
Nebraska (-4) at Fresno St Texas A&M at Auburn (-14)
Iowa St at Iowa (-9.5) Notre Dame at Arizona St (-4.5)
Georgia at South Carolina (-3) Michigan (-3) at Northwestern
Purdue vs Notre Dame (-21) (Indianapolis) Alabama (-2.5) at LSU
Thursday, September 18 Louisville (-15) at Boston College
Auburn (-13) at Kansas St Ohio St at Michigan St (-1)
Saturday, September 20 Iowa (E) at Minnesota
Clemson at Florida St (-17) Baylor at Oklahoma (-11)
Mississippi St at LSU (-12) Florida (-9) at Vanderbilt
San Diego St at Oregon St (-13) West Virginia at Texas (-13)
Virginia at BYU (-17) Oregon (-20) at Utah
Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech (-7) UCLA (-3.5) at Washington
Oregon (-23) at Washington St Kansas St (-4) at TCU
Oklahoma (-17) at West Virginia Thursday, November 13
Florida at Alabama (-21) California at USC (-34)
Miami, Fl at Nebraska (-3) Saturday, November 15
Thursday, September 25 LSU (-14) at Arkansas
UCLA (-7) at Arizona St Washington at Arizona (-5)
Texas Tech at Oklahoma St (-7) Utah at Stanford (-14)
Saturday, September 27 South Carolina (-6) at Florida
Oregon St at USC (-17) Clemson (-6) at Georgia Tech
Tennessee at Georgia (-17) Auburn at Georgia (-1)
Minnesota at Michigan (-12) San Diego St at Boise St (-7.5)
Florida St (-30) at NC State Pittsburgh at North Carolina (-10)
Notre Dame (-5.5) vs Syracuse (East Rutherford) Texas at Oklahoma St (-2)
Cincinnati at Ohio St (-21) Arizona St (-2) at Oregon St
North Carolina at Clemson (-4) Missouri at Texas A&M (-6)
Arkansas vs Texas A&M (-11) (Arlington) Nebraska at Wisconsin (-7)
TCU (-10) at SMU Florida St (-14.5) at Miami, Fl
Missouri at South Carolina (-11) Oklahoma (-10) at Texas Tech
Thursday, October 2 Northwestern at Notre Dame (-8)
Arizona at Oregon (-25) Thursday, November 20
Saturday, October 4 Kansas St (-7.5) at West Virginia
Louisville (-1) at Syracuse North Carolina (-3) at Duke
LSU at Auburn (-6.5) Saturday, November 22
Arizona St at USC (-11) Ole Miss (-5) at Arkansas
Miami (-4) at Georgia Tech Stanford (-17) at California
Vanderbilt at Georgia (-24) USC at UCLA (-4.5)
Wisconsin (-7) at Northwestern Cincinnati (-10) at Connecticut
Alabama (-9) at Ole Miss Oklahoma St at Baylor (-9)
Virginia Tech at North Carolina (-10) Arizona at Utah (-2)
NC State at Clemson (-23) Miami, Fl (-10) at Virginia
Baylor (-3) at Texas Oregon St at Washington (-7.5)
Texas A&M at Mississippi St (-3) Wisconsin (-6) at Iowa
Texas Tech at Kansas St (-7) Missouri (-4) at Tennessee
Boise St (-6) at Nevada Louisville at Notre Dame (-8)
Oklahoma (-14) at TCU Thursday, November 27
Florida (-4.5) at Tennessee LSU (-5) at Texas A&M
Stanford (-6) at Notre Dame TCU at Texas (-9.5)
Nebraska at Michigan St (-8) Friday, November 28
Saturday, October 11 Arizona St (-1) at Arizona
Alabama (-24) at Arkansas Stanford at UCLA (-3)
USC (-7.5) at Arizona UCF (-21) at USF
Oregon (-3) at UCLA Virginia at Virginia Tech (-14)
LSU (-9) at Florida Nebraska at Iowa (-1)
Georgia (-7) at Missouri Saturday, November 29
Florida St (-21) at Syracuse BYU (-11) at California
Texas vs Oklahoma (-9) (Dallas) Notre Dame at USC (-10)
Louisville at Clemson (-10) Florida St (-17) at Florida
Ole Miss at Texas A&M (-1) Georgia Tech at Georgia (-14)
Auburn (-9.5) at Mississippi St West Virginia (E) at Iowa St
Cincinnati at Miami, FL (-11) Illinois at Northwestern (-9.5)
West Virginia at Texas Tech (-10) Kentucky at Louisville (-15)
North Carolina at Notre Dame (-2.5) Arkansas at Missouri (-10)
Penn St at Michigan (-7) NC State at North Carolina (-20)
Thursday, October 16 Michigan at Ohio St (-8)
Virginia Tech at Pittsburgh (-1) Oregon (-13) at Oregon St
Fresno St at Boise St (-4.5) South Carolina (-3) at Clemson
Saturday, October 18 Tennessee (-3) at Vanderbilt
Georgia (-14.5) at Arkansas Washington (-4.5) at Washington St
Stanford (-6.5) at Arizona St Minnesota at Wisconsin (-13)
UCLA (-22) at California Auburn at Alabama (-6)
Notre Dame at Florida St (-24) Kansas at Kansas St (-25)
Missouri at Florida (-3) Pittsburgh at Miami, Fl (-7)
Nebraska (-2.5) at Northwestern Nevada (-5) at UNLV
Clemson (-18) at Boston College Baylor (-6.5) at Texas Tech
Tennessee at Ole Miss (-12) Saturday, December 6
Kansas St at Oklahoma (-14) Oklahoma St at Oklahoma (-11)
Baylor (-16) at West Virginia Kansas St at Baylor (-6)
Texas A&M at Alabama (-16.5) Saturday, December 13
Washington at Oregon (-20) Navy (-13) vs Army (Philadelphia)

Quick Notes:

Defending national champion Florida St, to no surprise, is favored in all of their games posted with the road trip to Miami, Fl being the closest spread at 14.5. The Seminoles are even favored by 24 points over Notre Dame!

Other teams who are favored in all of their games posted by the Nugget are Alabama, Oklahoma and Oregon. Alabama is only favored by 2.5 points on the road at LSU while Oregon is a 3-point favorite at UCLA. The Sooners are actually favored by at least 9 points in every game.

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