Daily Blog • March 3, 2014

Covering college football as I do takes 52 weeks a year as it is and while I personally do not scout the high school games and rate each player I do compile my rankings based on the many different recruiting services across the country that follow and scout HS football year round. I not only like to use all of the biggest and best services, but I also use regional reports as well.

When we receive a recruiting magazine, we translate each player's ranking into a points system from 1-100 and then log each and every player into the computer and give them a point total from each source. Naturally, the more they are mentioned and the higher they are rated by each publication, the more total points they accrue. After months of entering all of this information, I sort the list by position and by total points and then rank the players from most points to least.

In today's blog I have included the top incoming freshman K's and LS's for 2014 and also the top incoming JUCO's. Each one of these players is ranked in the Top 500 prospects regardless of position and will appear in my preseason magazine. Since we want the college preview to continue to be the most in-depth and accurate magazine out there, if you find any information that is wrong or if you are questioning a player's ranking please contact brandon@philsteele.com.

Top Incoming Frosh Kickers

Rank Name College
1 Mike Knoll Boston College
2 Freeman Jones North Carolina
3 Cole Hedlund Arkansas
4 JK Scott Alabama
5 Aaron Medley Tennessee

Top Incoming Frosh Long Snappers

Rank Name College
1 Tanner Carew Oregon
2 Stephen Gabbard Florida St
3 Nate Adams Maryland

Top Incoming JUCO's

Rank Name College
1 D'Haquille Williams Auburn
2 Tyreek Hill Oklahoma St
3 Dominick Jackson Alabama
4 Von Pearson Tennessee
5 Chad Mavety Florida St
6 Davonte Lambert Auburn
7 Dontavius Blair Tennessee
8 Avery Gennesy Texas A&M
9 Terrell Clinkscales Kansas St
10 Jermaine Eluemunor Texas A&M
11 Derrick Moncrief Auburn
12 Tui Talia Oregon
13 Claude Pelon USC
14 DJ Pettway Alabama
15 Eric Lauderdale Arizona St
16 Chris Weatherd Tennessee
17 Dvonta Derricott Kansas St
18 Jordan Prestwood Unsigned
19 Shattle Fenteng Georgia
20 Tee Shepard Ole Miss
21 Cory Johnson Kentucky
22 Jarran Reed Alabama
23 Dalvon Stuckey Arizona St
24 Abu Lamin South Carolina
25 Christian Russell Ole Miss
26 Tarow Barney Penn St
27 Fahn Cooper Ole Miss
28 Josh Reynolds Texas A&M
29 Kareem Are Florida St
30 Akeem Judd Ole Miss
31 Torey Hendrick Unsigned
32 Alfonso Hampton Idaho
33 David Hedelin Unsigned
34 Jeremy Liggins Ole Miss
35 Kweishi Brown Arizona St
36 Joe Keels Nebraska
37 Jihad Ward Illinois
38 Casey Gladney Cincinnati
39 Larry Mazyck Maryland
40 Calvin Heurtelou Miami, Fl
41 Trevon Young Louisville
42 Edmond Boateng Arizona St
43 Lance McDowdell UCF
44 Blake Whiteley Texas
45 Jaylon Myers West Virginia
46 Nick Kurtz BYU
47 Demetrius Hill USF
48 Jarell Broxton Baylor
49 De'Chavon Hayes Arizona St
50 Darrius Caldwell Arizona St
51 Antonio Smothers Arizona
52 Geronimo Allison Illinois
53 Haniteli Lousi Oregon
54 Patrick Martin Middle Tennessee
55 Will Coleman Mississippi St
56 Devron Moore Iowa St
57 Quintavious Knight Marshall
58 Devon Blackmon BYU
59 Robert Lockhart Unsigned
60 Tyrin Stone-Davis Illinois
61 Kenya Dennis Missouri
62 Devante Averette Oklahoma St
63 Rika Levi Texas Tech
64 Luke Hayes Kansas St
65 Michael Wyche Miami, Fl
66 Frank Kee TCU
67 Joseph Turner Auburn
68 Josh Keys Texas Tech
69 Devante Bond Oklahoma
70 Skler Howard West Virginia
71 Darius White California
72 Dominique Harrison Oregon
73 David Moala Unsigned
74 Danzel McDaniel Kansas St
75 Anthony Olobia Kansas