Phil Steele Blog • August 20, 2015



College Fantasy Football: 2015 Preseason Player Rankings


For the fifth straight year, is teaming up with to help you navigate the College Fantasy Football waters and prepare for the 2015 season.

Whether you play Daily or Season-Long College Fantasy Football,  has you covered for all 128 FBS schools.  They’ve been doing it since 2008!  Click here to learn how you can subscribe to CFG for FREE!

Today, we’ll be releasing our college fantasy football preseason player rankings. See our Top 30 QB, RB, WR and Top 10 TE, DEF, K below.  To dig deeper into 800+ ranked players, as well as their complete statistical projections, check out!

Scoring system used for rankings:

Passing Yards, 25 yards = 1 point
Passing TD = 4 points
Rushing Yards, 10 yards = 1 point
Rushing TDs = 6 points
Receptions = 0.5 points per reception
Receiving Yards, 10 yards = 1 point
Receiving TDs = 6 points’s

Top 30 Fantasy Quarterbacks for 2015: Click Here for Top 30 QB's


Top 30 Fantasy Running Backs for 2015: Click Here for Top 30 RB's


Top 30 Fantasy Wide Receivers for 2015: Click Here for Top 30 WR's


Top 10 Fantasy Tight Ends for 2015: Click Here for Top 10 TE's


Top 10 Fantasy Defenses, Special Teams & Kickers for 2015: Click Here for Top 10 Def & K


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