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Phil Steele 2015 FCS Magazine is Available to Order Now!



OK, FCS fans- it is your time to step up to the plate!  In May I put out a tweet asking about the interest in an FCS football magazine and I received some impassioned pleas from FCS fans on Twitter.  I am able to monitor my Twitter activity and this tweet was viewed by 342,608 people, retweeted 2,127 times and favorited 556 times as of today. I was hoping for more people to take the extra few seconds to retweet it (2K out of 343K) but those were the results.

My first thought was that if only 2,127 retweeted it, which costs nothing, then how many would actually spend $9.99 to BUY the magazine? Given these results, I don’t think there is a magazine publisher in the world that would decide to spend the dollars that you have to spend to produce a quality magazine for the FCS. Luckily I think out of the box. I LOVE football as you know and I enjoy watching the FCS, as well as the FBS. For those not familiar with the term FCS, it is what was known as Division 1-AA football.

Even if you are purely an FBS fan, you should have an interest in this magazine because there are 106 games between FBS teams and FCS teams this year.  For those who love to read about and scout the games, don’t you want to know more about the FCS opponents on the schedule of your favorite team?  As we have seen in recent years, FCS teams are more than capable of beating, or at least putting a major scare into, FBS opponents.  Some recent highlights include James Madison beating eventual ACC Champion Virginia Tech in 2010 and, of course, Appalachian State (now FBS) notching a historic victory at Michigan.  This year has several intriguing matchups as well, led by Eastern Washington potentially facing its record-setting QB, Vernon Adams, who is now playing for Oregon. North Dakota State has of course has won back to back to back to back FCS championships including beating Kansas State in 2013 on a late TD. Did you know that ND State has now beaten an FCS team each of the last 5 seasons and 4 were P-5 opponents? ONLY TWENTY ONE FBS TEAMS HAVE BEATEN MORE THAN FOUR NON CONF POWER 5 FOES!

There are 125 FCS teams, most of which are well known to me because I have done FCS magazines in the past. Teams like Delaware, William & Mary, Sam Houston State and the 4 time defending champ North Dakota State (ESPN has had GameDay in Fargo the last 2 years and it has been a smashing success with a third trip likely in 2015) are also well known. Each of these teams has a solid fan base and last year the average FCS team drew 8,130 fans to its home games.  In total, over 5.76 million people attended FCS games in person, so many of those fans should have an interest. There are plenty of players in the NFL who attended FCS schools and there are big time transfers from the FBS who play FCS football.

This year, I will produce an FCS magazine with at least 150 pages and it will have:

  1. 6 year history (both games and stats) for each team.
  2. Individual leaders from 2014 with bold names returning.
  3. Game by game stats from 2014 color coded green (good) & red (bad).
  4. 2015 schedule.
  5. Coaches information .
  6. 2015 rosters (for teams that have released one).
  7. Returning starters.
  8. Depth charts.
  9. A 2 page recap for each of the last 5 FCS seasons.


This publication is available to view on your computer, android devices, iPhone or iPad using their browsers and you can flip through the full color pages right on your screen. I will not be printing a 2015 version, but if FCS Nation rises up and shows me that there is a market, then I would definitely plan on doing so for 2016.

Now if you an FCS fan or and FCS school, it is time for you to step up to the plate and display your passion! Starting today, you can purchase the FCS magazine right here from
. It will be available so you can view it on your computer for just $9.99. Once you order it you will soon recieve an email from cfbmatrix with your codes to take a look at the digital version of our magazine.

If you are indeed interested in FCS football, then I would encourage to buy a copy for this year and, more importantly, spread the word to FCS fans across the country. This will not be a profitable endeavor for me at first; in fact, I am just looking to break even the first 3 years or so. What I would like to do is to produce a quality national FCS magazine to promote the FCS and its players. I am doing my part by having my staff’s full attention on producing this years FCS publication. Now it is your turn to show me that there is an interest among FCS fans in having such a publication annually in print!



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