Most of you purchase my College Preview year in and year out. However, as the magazine’s fan base continues to explode, I get many of the same questions asked multiple times. Let me hopefully answer your questions now, and if I missed one, feel free to ask it on Twitter: @PhilSteele042.

This year, my magazine will be the last of the major magazines to hit the bookstores but it might be the first to be available on your iPhone or Google Play.



I know that most Phil Steele fans are college football junkies and would love my magazine to come out in April or May. First off there are several teams that don’t finalize their spring practices until the first week in May, and this season the NFL Draft was also the first week of May. I am aware that I lose sales not being among the first on the newsstands, but it is much more important to me to remain the “Most Accurate Preseason Magazine the Last 17 Years!” Check out the link with last year’s final

rankings:  Stassen Prediction Accuracy 2014.


Once all the spring camps ended, I spent the month of May reading all the spring notes, making my projected lineup changes and fine tuning my projections before sending the magazine to the press. You may be surprised at how many changes occur with injuries, transfers and, unfortunately, disciplinary measures. A big example from this past year was Everett Golson going to

Florida St in the middle of May and there were numerous other big transfers that we were able to capture during May.


WHEN DOES IT COME OUT?  There are actually four different answers to this question.


FIRST – The 2015 Magazine should be on newsstands by July 1st, 2015. If you can wait until July 1 for the magazine, then this is a decent option. Sometimes the magazines hit the bookstore shelves a week earlier depending how fast the truck gets from our printer to the distributor then to the individual stores…BUT PLEASE NOTE: Many newsstands only take 5 or 10 magazines and sell out the FIRST DAY! Bookstores often just sell what they have on the shelves and don't take the time to reorder. The newsstand cost is $12.99, BUT IS THE RISK OF WAITING WORTH IT?


SECOND – By ordering through our office at 866-918-7711. We will start shipping out our orders THE DAY WE RECEIVE THEM from the printer which may be as early at JUNE 8th, 2015. The cost is $12.99 for each magazine plus $6 USPS Priority Shipping (note: absolutely no handling cost; our Priority shipping cost is actually $6.10) OR, take advantage of my 2 magazine

special. If you call the office and order a pair of the 2015 PS College Football Previews shipped to the same address at the same time, you will save $8.99 with the 2 magazine special and pay just $28.99. You can also order at philsteele.com right now using this link: PhilSteele.com


THIRD - If you want to get the magazine early without shipping costs and you live in the Cleveland area, then please stop by the Cleveland Pizza Fest on Saturday June 13th. I will be there with magazines that you can purchase for just $12.99 and I will sign them for you at no cost if you’d like. I will have a Phil Steele Sports Pavilion and be there from 1:00-6:00 ET on Saturday.

The Cleveland Pizza Fest is at the Berea Fairgrounds. More info at

clevelandpizzafest.com and @CLEpizzaFEST.


FOURTH BUT THE EARLIEST – To be the earliest to get your hands on the 2015 information, you can download the APP for the 2015 Phil Steele College Football Preview from either the App Store or Google Play for ONLY $9.99. I will announce on Twitter (@philsteele042) or right here on philsteele.com exactly when it is available. If you are like me and need to have the magazine in your hands during the year, this is a great option to get both. If you download it to your iPhone

or Android you can have it where ever you go. Stuck waiting in line somewhere? Just open up the magazine on your phone!


The app will also save your magazine a lot of wear and tear. Almost everyone who reads the magazine tells me how worn out, beaten up and dog earred it is by the end of the year but this option will allow you to keep it on your desk or coffee table and not carry it around so often. We had a version for iPhones two years ago that had several bugs but we switched providers last year and I was SUPREMELY HAPPY with the new version, which had ZERO bugs and worked like a dream. The NFL magazine will also be available that way but not until July (we are working on that now).



Unfortunately, that’s a tough question for even me to answer. I will list the stores once the final contracts are signed. However, we do not yet know how many magazines will be ordered by each store or by a particular store location. As it gets closer to the actual bookstore release date I will have

a blog listing all the outlets that carry it.



WHY BUY 2?  FOR A FRIEND, A GIFT, OR FOR WHEN YOUR FIRST ONE FALLS APART FROM OVERUSE! If you get the magazine in your hands on July 1 (or earlier) and take 2 full months to study for the season, then odds are high that you’ll want a fresh version for in-season use, which is why we offer the two magazine discount special for just $28.99.  Also, if you have a buddy with a birthday in July or August, then this is the perfect gift!


My next three months are my radio months and I should be on Twitter each day @philsteele042 and happy to answer your questions over there as well. There are four different ways to get your hands on this year’s magazine, which is once again 352 pages with 3 to 4 times as much information as any other college football preview out there!