Phil Steele Blog • February 27, 2018


Phil Steele's Projected AP Top 10.

Right now I'm halfway (65 teams) through the second write through process of the 2018 Phil Steele's College Football Preview. Generally I do all 130 teams, and can go through about 4 teams per day as it takes me anywhere from 3 to 4 hours per team.

Today I’m releasing my 2018 Projected AP Top 10, then in August I’ll release a blog giving you more detail on why I chose these 10 teams. It is important to make the point that this is NOT my preseason Top 10 for next season, rather what I am projecting the AP Top 10 will look like to start the season.

My predicted AP Top 10 was 9-for-10 in 2017! The NINE year totals are very strong. When I predict the AP Top 10 in February/March (about a HALF YEAR ahead of the actual AP poll), I have now hit on 85 of 90 teams. That means hitting all 10 teams in four of the nine years and missing by just one team in the other five years. Once again, predicting the top ten teams in the AP poll 5-6 MONTHS in advance, the record is now 85 out of 90 or 94%!

My 2018 Projected AP Top 10.

1.  Alabama
2.  Clemson
3.  Ohio St
4.  Georgia
5.  Oklahoma
6.  Miami
7.  Washington
8.  Wisconsin
9.  Auburn
10. Penn St


FIRST – The 2018 College Magazine will be out on June 26th!! About 10 years ago all the college football magazines wanted to be out by July 4th and I will accomplish that. PLEASE NOTE: Many newsstands only take 5 or 10 magazines and sell out the FIRST DAY! We can not make them reorder and with so many different titles to manage, the stores rarely do go thru the extra bother to reorder. The newsstand cost is $13.99, BUT IS THE RISK OF WAITING WORTH IT?


This year you will be able to find the magazine at these 7 US retailers. At EVERY Barnes & Noble & Books-A-Million, at 90% of CVS, Publix, Target, Walgreens and Walmart locations nationwide. Also available in Ontario Canada at other independent retailers in the area (limited quantities). However, we do not yet know how many magazines will be ordered by each store or by a particular store location.