Phil Steele's Daily Blog - Wednesday June 24th

This year we have expanded the NFL magazine to 6 full pages on each NFL team. If you have seen any of my magazines, you know that expanding the magazine does NOT mean full page pictures and information spread out to fill up pages. It means 6 meaty pages of NFL information. We actually have a little space left on the 6th page for each team. Is there an interesting chart or graph that you do not find in other NFL magazines that you would like to see in mine? There is still time. We send the magazine off to the presses at the start of next week. If you have an idea then email

I am not sure if you checked out my blog this past weekend but we have some openings for conference coordinators, graphics department and even in web design. Click on the Weekend blurb below for June 20th and 21st. As far as being a conference coordinator goes, that is reading and studying football on your conference. If I was looking for a job, I would not even consider that work. I know before I started my business, when I was working in other jobs, I would come home and read and study football in my spare time for fun. They say the ideal job is working on something you love.

Today I will be on my Facebook Fan Site. My goal this year is to answer every question that is put up on the site and there have been a lot so far. I really appreciate everyone who checks out my website and the fan Facebook site. I have two Facebook sites where I would also like to be a Friend on Facebook. I have a media only Facebook site and if you are a member of the media (TV, radio, newsprint) then click here and let me know your affiliation. If you are not a member of the media you can click HERE for my public site.

Once again I have all the questions answered and up to date here and if you are not already on the fan site, click here.



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